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Look, we've all thoughtlessly put our iPhones into dangerous situations — on the edge of a sink, right next to a kleptomaniac monkey, on the roof of a moving car, and so on — and had the little gadgets live to tell their tales. But these strokes of luck are no reason to suddenly start using a freakin' soup bowl as an iPhone stand.

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Photo by MisoSoupDesigns.
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Oh, look! A nice, easy way to simultaneously eat and throw away at least $200.  

+Rosa Golijan Also, when did you get a klepto monkey?  ;)
Craig M
 I freakin' love it! LOL
I can only imagine how much gunk would be on that screen by the time he is done eating!
Why not put ya phone down while u eat.. Its cheaper & safer with no risk of food contamination lol....

What about oatmeal? This could be the perfect breakfast bowl for catching up on the stuff you missed while asleep.
Iphone, what is that? You mean the once famous now obsolete small gadget with a tiny screen? 
Plug the bowl in and it will keep your soup warm and charge your phone!
Another useless invention my wife wants... How much does this one cost me.
I will wait to get the galaxy note 2 version where I don't have to squint my eyes to see the screen
Anybody who thinks this is a Good Idea needs to put the electronic device down and Get Outside More Often.

And I'm writing this as somebody who often munches on food while reading e-mail. :)
Hey!  You're funny.  Nice one.
The angle is all wrong for taking a picture of your Ramen for Instagram.
I don't like to use my phone while eat! 
+Chris Scott-Spezak I still don't get why there is no minus 1 or dislike or equivalent on these services. Surely we don't have to like or be neutral on everything in the world. 
There's probably an app it connects to,that count the amount of calories consumed.Just kidding!
another i* concept that has no real purpose at all.. Put down your phones and talk to someone. Go to a friends house and talk to them. Even call them.

People these days are seem to anti-social. Thank you i* for making this possible.
smart phones are somewhat responsible for society's increasing antisocial behavior, but I'm pretty sure the right apps will also be responsible for increasingly social behavior in the next few years.  (At least that's my goal).
Put an Apple logo on it and it people will wait outside in the cold for it. Then wait a month and come out with a slightly better version. Lather, rinse & repeat until anxious crowd outside of stores becomes murderous horde. Then come out with the first version again but this time in a better color at a reduced price. Accessories are sold separately.  
brilliant, I could see doing that while eating a nice bowl of pho, but my phone would be too big for that one.l
iPhone will really kill some people one day!
You're obviously not asian.
Way to go Rose! Not to mention having them fall into a Taco Bell sack and accidentally throwing them in the trash and having to get a new mobile device due to stupidity, and everyone has been "stupid" at one time or another with something of this nature haven't they?
Always jackasses commenting on why they think they're phone is better they're just fn phones get over yourselves already anytime I come to almost any post some jackass is goin android sucks or iPhones suck maybe you suck you ever think of that fn jackasses 
Until the phone breaks down due to moisture...!!! 
Common how much soup can a man eat :) 
I do this everyday ... without the nifty bowl. 
why would you even need that unless your a business man
thats rediculouse why would you do that
Jay Tee
I think some of you need to look up the definition of antisocial. The word you're looking for is asocial not antisocial.

If the iPhone made people antisocial there would be a lot of psychopaths running around killing people or what not. 
get a freaking TV man!!!! you killing your tiny chinese eyes.
does it also charge the phone? If so, WIN!
omg looks so cool
It is so tempting to correct a blatant grammar mistake. Must... not... point out obvious...
looking at an iphone while trying to eat would make me lose my appetite
Yes, Katie... looks cool, up to the moment the device is covered in Ramen and broth and the display will only show random pixels... then the poor user would really be in the soup, so to speak...
Like it.Thx Rosa, often offer good idea. 
sad when we can't even take time out to eat away from electronics - what a dull life!
Creative.....but Would soup
very sad its like we need electronics all the time whats next toilet iphone holders
Waiting for toilet bowl with iphone slot
I guess if you really eat noodles or soup that much...
This I probably the saddest thing I have ever seen. Anyone who has this obviously doesn't have any friends to talk to or eat with 
why do the Japanese  get all the cool stuff >.<
An iphone stand for people who hate their iphone!
What will it costs to use that kind o bowl?
It's the TV tray of the 21st century. Interesting, yet sad, really.
Humans invent things. It's what we do. Good, bad or stupid, it's what we do.
But the phone is upright? Wouldn't it make more sense to have it sot sideways for videos? 
its cool even though it is it dangerous
Dang I wonder if that guy would sell that bowl at an auction. Let's start at $110
Re-affirms my resolve to never buy any phone off ebay! Never know where the unit may have traveled!!
+Steven Moss He's on facebook, the screen is on. Hope it falls into his noodles, one less iCrap.
This iBowl thingy is an excellent complement to iPotty.
I wonder is he eatting with a pair of stylus or chopsticks?
Not for me.... I eat like a bloody hiena lol!! 
That guy should say oh no my iphone is ruined with this dumb bowl that wont let my phone out of the GLASS pockett
I could get down with this if the soup bowl also featured built-in speakers. The edible iPod dock (TM)!
That looks like a great way to have some spaghetti and iphone for dinner. I wouldn't do it.
Not conducive to drinking the broth at the end.
Ryan Ng
What if your iPhone falls into the bowl... while you're eating
The bowl could also be used as an I-Blurghhh! Oh Apple how I despise your tiny, unimaginative mobile devices.....
I've never wanted an iPhone...
haha i wish i had that for my brother
Ryan Ng
Hmm... I guess an iPhone falling in a soup bowl is a good thing after all.
I need this and gangnam style song in order to eat.
Youve got an apple in your ramen, gross.
This product makes me seriously question the mental state of the majority of society.
Oh boy! Where are we heading with this?
Ji Qi
Haha, looks good, but don't do it if you don't want to ruin your phone
it's no dumber than relying on it so much. Might as well do something as stupid as perch it near a hot liquid if you're going to spend that much time with it in the first place. 
This is just stupid. There's time for eating and time for fiddling with your gadgets. People who can't let go of their phones/tablets 24/7 need to consult some specialist to cope with their addition.
You know... you could do a urinal version of this (minus the soup, of course.) Anyone want to fund me on Kickstarter?
Do you think the iPhone keeps the soup hot or the soup charges the iPhone? 
haha cool... I want one of these for my girl friend.
Hai, do u like me? I need frnd sheep wth u. 
Good job its not an android phone what with ice cream sandwich and jelly beans in it you would probably eat it for desert. 
Looks pretty damned convenient to me!
wtf i want that if i had a iphone i have a samsung galxey s 3
how, if the soup get touch to the skrin?
No need for this Apple is already in a dangerous situation
Good idea, poor design.

I love how people comment 'get a life, go outside, talk to people, what is society coming to' ect... I'm sure most of us use our phones more than we think we do; How is this any different than, say, watching TV while you eat? 
The sad thing is this will probably be for sale on the Thinkgeek website by the end of next month.(and sold out)
If the soup is splashing on the screen +Hilmi Ahmad,  chances are you will have it all over yourself as well. So this bowl could double as a great tool to force a messy eater to improve. #Optimism
Doesnt look like an iphone adapter will fit in there. Uh oh!!! 
I have had first hand experience eating Roman Noodle and I am wondering where is the splash shield. Noodle juice will be flying everywhere. LOL!!
with the way technology is going thanksgiving is going to be very interesting on the dinner table!!!!! 
yeah, what about a stand for while having sex,or another while take a leak or dumping..
the xperia z is water resistant...
All the more reason Google Glass needs to be boxed and sold!
si japon !!!!!!!!!!! graciass gracias
in today's  ! no soup for them , don't bet on it !    )         Why- monkey ? could'ev been - a - a male primate,   or   !   )
Ke Zeng
I love the noodles!
This has the makings of a disaster– if you accidently press too hard on the phone, the bowl might tip back and get all the food spilled on it.
That looks like the perfect place to put an Apple product, if you ask me ^_^
Their lap, thank's for the pharse- no damm ! soup for them. i meent the monkek's   j-k    )
Consider that most smart phones have traces of coliform bacteria on them from poor hygiene practices, do you really want your phone that close to your food?
Does it take the lighting adapter?????

I won't buy it unless it does.

Now if only they made chopsticks to interact with the screen LOL!!!
More worried about slurping spray
What a waste... that iphone can ruin da soup.
Most ridiculous thing I heard. Way to go IPhone...
wow brand new future live with android Samsung Galaxy s3 and Tab 10.1 I want this from future better live South Korea wow more clever with asian people.
I wanna see a little plank added with an Android dressed as a pirate pushing the iPhail in with a tiny Cutlass
what about when you get noodles on your iphone.
They say a cell phone is dirtier than a public toilet seat. So do you really want that right next to your food. Just saying
I'd end up getting Sriracha all over my phone.
Good way to give your device water damage....
Can I eat cold cereal in it too?
I guess "thoughtless" is very much the key word here...
There is a time to talk & a time to eat, my opinion you never have to do both at the same time, when ae they going to get off this oh this is neat shit & start doing something that is what I call really useful with this technology , All I can say is I hope it falls into the soup & get ruined
Thank god, now I can stop looking at my ugly family while I eat.
I think i'd rather that nice looking soup; than an piece expensive fruit.
Our mobile devices are filthy. Considered dirtier than toilets by many. 

You may as well be eating your soup or noodles out of the toilet bowl itself.
For one I believe that people can live without an iphone or other devices for enough time to eat a simple meal with friends, family or by yourself. I am ALL against this bowl.    
So stupid. Do people really have to be on the phone while they are eating? 
Now he needs bluetooth enabled chopsticks 
This has to be a complete troll either that or manufacturing companies have lost any common sense
It's the latest euthanasia device from Switzerland for the over 50 year-olds. I like it.
It actually took me a minute for my eyes to adjust, but I finally got it!! Lol :)
You'll have to wait another couple of decades before you'll be able to use it in Switzerland though +Andy Ramirez !
Ive had a iPhone and it sucked gs3 is better !
Haha good comment Andrej Vlasimsky.... finally someone I can agree with :-D
Ever noticed that Japanese game shows are strangely sado-masochistic?

... So are Japanese eating habits
Hopefully the iPhone 6 will be water "proof" like the Sony Android phone.
This looks like a purely Japanese thing, but that doesn't mean I don't still love it and want it!
With some seran wrap it should be ok. future apps should have "soup bowl" ready functions that would automatically scroll up/down based on the movements of your eyes.
True but most are a waste of money and are only distractions with a shelf life of 6 months
I just wonder if those are actual chopsticks or stylus pens chopsticks.
Imagine it being a charging dock and hitting the bowl with a metal spoon and getting a jolt in life. he he he
does this bowl charge the iphone? if so send me one :P
If you slurp your noodle, you need a splash screen. Ha, ha.
Lol do they have a soup bowl for android phones!??
It should be a power station so it charges your phone while you eat [further adding to the eminent danger].
Does it connect to FB to update your status with what's in your bowl? :p
Eating with my friends, one of them proposed to put all mobile phones on the table, facing down.  The first to pick up his phone had to pay the meal bill.  That's a sacred idea.  We spent a very nice season communicating nice feelings and good ideas, just among us!...
what if the soup gets on the phone?
This is pretty neat, people wouldn't need to hold the phone with their hands anymore when they need both hands to eat.
I think I will label this as the most useless gadget ever. What is the point of this thing.
I think I get it now. Apple made the iPhone bigger so it could be a bigger splash guard.

Finally the innovation shows.
Noodle Splatter Everywhere! Terrible Idea.
That is awesome! If you really wanted to mess up your phone
You know your a facebook addict when you need a I soup stand. Only china could come up with an invention like this. 
prefer udons much better...and its japanese...
Give 8 to go, for my whole family!... :o)
I want the bowl, the chopsticks and the spoon. I'll pass on that other thing.
nice! I actually love the innovation :)
Haha, agreed!  But to the noodles, or to the phone???  
@kamurin SAHIN it ends in ese. Good enough for me 
Like the wannabe brushing her teeth over her ipad in the commercial.
It's teetering on the edge just like Apple's stock price. 
If you can wash the bowl as normal bowl and have no trouble dislodging food stuck from in the socket, just knock yourself out......

Seriously, it is a stupid solution. Just buy a case with a kickstand already!
You think that's wanna see where I balance my phone when I'm in the bath
My wife would definitely love that bowl.
Leo T
Wooaahh !!!!! That guy have money .. he can afford other cell ..( he s " eating " maruchan soup 20cents each !!! No drink . No dessert tip !! $$$$ 
Wow never that close next thing it will be a mount on kitchen sink? full of technology.. haha.. uniqe bowl..
Ou Ija
i would buy an iphone it if blew on my noodle 
Mike C
What happens when it spills LOL
Why not buy a case with a kick stand? 
Jae Lim
japanese invention?
Now that's what I call innovation, with a side of ramen!
Next version might come with a charger. 
if the phone falls i'm going to fricking burst
yup.. can use the chopstick to navigate the Iphone..
Situation: soup spots spilling; simultaneously, steamingly, spontaneously. Super soaking someone's
Why this yaar..
While eating why with phone be with family
cool... but if you think about it what have we come to?
Hello what is going on in this picture
what's an iPhone?
I could not help but think of my adult son, so in love with his iPhone 5.  Went kayak fishing, put the phone in his life jacket pocket, got pulled out of his kayak by a 36" redfish when he tried to land it.  He was NOT happy.  ;o)  I don't own one, but I am fine with my dinosaur flip phone.  But, that is just me.  They are pretty cool phones, though.  ;o) because we aren't totally addicted to our devices.
I could actually use a couple of these as gifts for some people I know...
+Rob Anthony I would have to second that thought. It's a great idea but at this point in my life as I've become aware of how far detached the human mind body and soul has become. I'm all for technologies that help ADVANCE human-kind but truth be told we live in a world (more-so a nation) that as time goes on we become more desensitized to what being human and being spiritual is....what have we come to? a majority who has been groomed to worship more material than nurturing their spiritual...but good thought.
the USA no longer leads the world in innovations,
if it did this would be a pizza & iphone holder
Do they have one for the toilet maybe there's a app that will let you voice remote flush
The technology fuck our like... Lololololol ha ha
what if the soup gets on your then youre in trouble.... what idiot made this thing anyways a phone
Is the need to do the whole social network thing that great for some people that they can't even eat without looking at their phone?!
Its awesome and all but people be putting too much time into their phones sometimes just saying =)
That is a good fate for any iJunk.
What The Actual Fuck! 
he must love them noodles to risk getting his i-phone messed up
I'd laugh when someone One freakin spills soup on it and ruins it.
Why is it geared toward the iphone? The iphone is terrible, buy a galaxy S3 if you want something modern.
When I see this I kinda remember ipotty
and i phone wins this super bowl!!!!! again
Debe ter alguma privada comsuporte para o Iphone tb ne? Nemq
quando a gente caga ta tranquila...cada dia a tecnologias nas consome..nois deixamos ja de consome-la...
The big problem is that it is a Ramen bowl - really, with all the info, people are still eating this often enough to need a special bowl!!  Curing loneliness with an iPhone may be far less damaging!
amazing just technol stuff who came up with that?  
People bought the pet rock
This just screams destroy my phone and do it on a full stomach!! 
This is getting ridiculous.....everywhere somebody has something in their hand in the form of technology...epidemic 
How do you clean the contacts after you've schlopped soup down in there?
My sister once microwaved my phone, as it turns out u can't do that...same reason this idea is VERY STUPID 
yes,  but   all  we   are   stupid   some   time
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