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The five stages of iPhone 5 grief

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Benson Firdy
Or you know, buy android.  No grief.
Of course the Note has a bigger screen - it's a tablet that can make phone calls! ;-)
It forgot to mention the anger of the former iphone sims being useless as well as the former ecosystem for playing music in docks being useless unless you throw more money at apple for the convenient adapter they have ready for you to buy
On a side note, now that the iPhone has native Panorama support, all 3rd party camera apps that have this feature will be conveniently removed from the AppStore for violating policy. 
nah, although I don't find the iPhone series meet MY personal needs, I was actually very excited to see what innovative features it would come with...but I am quite disappointed with what has been said about it so far..all that hype for nothing ..I'm sure it will still be a hit though..which is kind of sad...maybe the video reviews will be more exciting...
Running a custom ROM on my GNex and I get 7 rows and columns on my screen. I choose to have less on my home screen so all my apps fall into grouped categories on the dock. I love it! Apple's announcement was really nothing special except welcome to 2012. Sadly Apple has done nothing innovative here except disappoint for the first time in its phone history.
+Kevin Williams I didn't have to root or rom for that (though I am rooted).. GO Launcher does the same, and you can change grid and icon size.
+angel marcial Between the new iPhone, iPod and new accessories the iSheep need to buy most of them will be broke for the next few months. At least let them collect a few paychecks together before the Mini is announced. Besides, if the Mini has a sixth row of apps it could eat into the 5’s sales too much. After all Apple will want people to buy both. dumb...and yes, I am prepping for the throwing money portion of the equation. lol
Not trolling here, but serious question.  Why buy an iPhone5 when there are better smartphones with other OSs on them on the market?
I rather enjoyed the presentation this morning. And the iPhone five is really not that much like the iPhone 4S which I have no.
And no matter what one thinks of the iPhone 5 compared to an android phone you're stuck with android as opposed to iOS 6! Have you actually seen anyone use a Samsung note II make a phone call? It's actually really clunky even if you do have more photos of icons for apps! I'm not sure, what people expected from Apple today. It is just a phone with more features it's not that easy to make great leaps in technology these days as Samsung and others have found out recently. I know I plan to upgrade sometime later next month and I think I'll enjoy the new iphone !
+Jeffrey Hamby I guess at the end of the day it is about the ecosystem we are most comfortable with...yes, Android does have some better current features (which is why I have a Nexus as well), but again, the iPhone may not be the best smartphone out there, but it does flow well for your average user (my humble opinion)...especially when you are so tied in with iTunes and movies...etc.
If I was not in an ungodly amount of pain I would definitely get on my soapbox. A lucky day for y'all, I guess. 
ecosystem we are most comfortable with

+Ruben Garcia fair enough.  Change is difficult and more so than many folks want to deal with.
I got the gs3 and I love it 
That is funny.....thanks for the laugh. Time to borrow
Not sure if +Steve Costa is brilliantly satirical, or mind bogglingly brainwashed. Surely no one can actually be impressed with this?
Denial correction: Steve Jobs is spelled with two bs
Tim Black
This is the exact reason why the new iPhone sucks, Apple knows that no matter what they release millions will line up to buy it anyway.  There's no need for Apple to innovate anymore and they know it.  All they have to do is make little changes every year and then sit back and laugh why they listen to everyone justify why they're going to upgrade anyway.  It really is amazing.   
+Nicholas Kwok: Either you made a joke that flew over my head or you've been spelling the name of Apple's late co-founder wrong for a long time. His surname is "Jobs," with one B.
The «This is the end of Apple» stage is missing between «anger» and «bargaining».
that's the EXACT same pattern as one facing DEATH.

Coincidence? I think not.
Happy I switched to the Galaxy iii ....the specs are better almost on every point...the actual feel is unimportant as most people use a case anyway!

My iPhone is now packed away!
Avoid five stages of iPhone 5 grief get a android GS3 or Note2 
Nail on the head. I am at the acceptance stage already. *sigh*
Craiglist iphone 4s prices safe at yesterday's price points!
Would've been funnier without the swear words...
I am wot ppl call an iSheep, product would have been good if every feature wasn't leaked before hand! Still getting it! Can't understand turning into a google robot (see what I did there) like most on g+, as i have invested alot in iTunes!
If only we could eliminate that last stage...
My thoughts and prayers go out to all the iPhone users going through these stages of grief. I feel for you. You are strong and will make it through. Apple has a plan for you..... LMAO
The last step should be to buy a Samsung Android phone, since Samsung is functionally equivalent to the iPhone at half the price ;)
I like the new iPhone. The 4s has been great, having one a little longer with LTE is really nice. Really like the form factor, quality, and ecosystem. The new iOS and phone features have me stoked. Can't wait to upgrade.
Some like it hot..  Some not.
Guess I made the right move switching to android, I still think my samsung galaxy s3 is the best. (had all the previous iPhones and just got bored with the slight innovations and closed environment)
Wait till your standing in line
+Steve Costa I can't tell if you are sarcastically trolling or have taken that lethal dose of Kool-Aid.
Have any devs here tried to partition the drive on either an android phone or iPhone and attempted to run both iOS and android OS. Or maybe a virtual machine on one or the other?
Don't ever drop your Samsung or your going to need a new one. I also want to know if you ever have a problem with your Samsung calling people in the middle of the night while you are sleeping.
The five stages of bereavement...funny take on it :)
Also, I wonder how long it will take for Apple to get sued by HTC and Samsung for violating their patents and licenses for using LTE tech without permission. So, yeah, I would wait to pre-order after the soon to come banning takes place. Oh yeah, that is if they can even import them from China, because the Goophone makers patented the entire phone before Apple announced the 5. $40bn in the bank is gonna start getting hit pretty hard soon.
I like it so I'm buying it. Next you'll be telling me how I'm wasting money on my car, clothes, WIFE, or life in general. If you like something then buy it. Simple. 
At least the new iPhone doesn't make my Droid RAZR maxx look outdated. My phone has a bigger screen, LTE, SD card, Kevlar, gorilla glass... should I keep going?
I still have never had an I-Phone wich means I have saved the money it would cost to buy all Five
Break the cycle, get a nexus ;)
Omg so true...but I still love ya apple :)
Lol glad I get them free :-) my way 
This is so true...I already went through all 2 first stages today!!!
Let's just buy it 😞
"Its funny because its true!" - Home J. Simpson
This doesn't apply to those people with a functioning brain.
Nope, it ends at the second step.
I never understood why there's so much hate for Apple products. If you don't like it, fine. Does the fact that someone else likes it effect your life in any way? No? Then why make a big deal about it? People use whichever device works best for them, whether it be phone, tablet, or computer. I prefer Apple products, but I readily acknowledge that there are products out there with better hardware and software. If you want to make fun of it, fine. I do that all the time. But some people out there seem to genuinely hate everything that does not conform to their preferences. Seriously, #getalife!
I don't get the the thinking in the last step. I really don't understand.
eRc oRt
In celebration of the lack of iPad mini announcement, I just bought a nexus 7pad. My first plunge into android territory. I'm liking it so far.
You could skip all these stages and get the Samsung Galaxy SIII (best phone out there)
The arguments used now for still buying an iPhad are down to being tied in closely with iTunes. I have a hard time taking seriously the reasoning from someone using iTunes at all , it is the a major reason to stay away from Apple to me. You were being trapped and you keep paying the trapper?
All these posts about how Apple sucks. Android fanboys sure have a lot of time on their hands. 
Sad, but true. Also sad that so many uninformed consumers will pay $199+ for a phone that really should be $99 on contract. 
Here's the tag line: Apple --- Technology for people who don't know technology.
+Mark Brasher most of us are previous iPhone owners who finally mustered the courage to switch and realized that the grass actually is greener on the other side and could not imagine going back - to iPhone, iTunes, or any other. iPhone was good when it pulled together all of that technology in their first phones, but now they really do pale in comparison to the all of the options and choice consumers have with phone options today. Glad I left and glad my iPhones allowed me to have an unlimited data plan that I now use on Galaxy Note
I would like to see the specs and a performance comparison.

I have a Galaxy GS2.  Until today I had better performance than all iPhones.   I wonder if the GS3 still does.
What's so sad you refuse to take the blinders off. Will it be the blue or red pill? If your not sure just leave your wallet upon exit.
A bit disappointing, if you roam internationally, which I do quite well on the 4S and enjoy stateside Verizon service, I'd have to buy a different device to go abroad if I went with the CDMA version of the 5, which lacks any GSM radios. Maybe I'll hold off till the 5S when Apple figures this out like the move from 4 to 4S.
Im sorry.. I dont like the phone because its too long. If i want to watch a video on in widescreen ill use my computer. I mean or an ipad. But like wow i can watch a video while i go to the park i got that takes soooo much ram oooo
Apple may not have anything on androids operating system but by the end of the month most apple users will be running iOS 6 and less than 5% of android users will be on jelly bean. The iPhone 5 also has a better or solid looking construction compared to every android phone on the market. I had a S3 and it looks and feels cheap next to a iPhone.
man if only if could offord a smartphone at all very jealous
A moment of silence for our friend the Braun.... Errrrr I meant the iPhone. 
As a Vulcan I am not possessed of a sense of humor ... but if I were, I am certain that I would find this positively hysterical.

Now you know why Apple sues..I don't care how u feel about Apple,this should let u know that Apple is no longer an innovator but a litigator,Apple steals ideas and says it was their innovation that brought it to market.Everything that Apple introduce is old tech,but apple does if with flair.
I think bigger screen, the payment wallet system, better integration of my digital life like Jellybean's Google Go, better contact management - these would go some way, but really, I can't think of anything I need beyond my Galaxy Note right now? Not a dig at all, but seriously - I can't think of anything that would be an extra "killer app" or "killer use" for me?
It's still guaranteed to sell 50 zillion units thanks to the mindless izombies, Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank.
Well now both Galaxy and IPhone are equal and boringly the same. Will one of them actually innovate something. Bring on Apple v Samsung II battle of the most boring tech companies.
Getting turned off using Google+ by all you Apple hating Android flag wavers. Is this some kind of war that I'm missing? 
People! Get a life, it is just a phone. If you don't like it get one of the many copy cats out there. So many more things to worry about in this short life.
Sad but true for so many......... lol
Just checked upgrade pricing. No deals for many current iPhone 4S customers! No eligibility for cut price upgrade until May of 2013! Of course this is AT&T. Maybe the other companies are better.

So much for rewarding loyal customers. Others on here said as much. Guess I owe some Android fans an apology ...
Oh, and for those of you posting about iZombies, iSheep etc. etc, show some class. You do not know me, or these other so called, "stupid" Apple product purchasers. The beauty of this world is that people have choices- and your opinion is no better or worse than anybody elses.....
+Steven Penman if Apple had their way, you wouldn't have that choice. That's the problem most people have with the company. It's usually not the hardware, it's the business practices and the software policies that draw the ire of most people. 

As an Apple consumer you have the unfortunate stigma of being an iSheep. You can thank Apple for that, seeing how they feel that their consumers don't know the difference between a Galaxy Phone and the iPhone (see the lawsuit against Samsung). 
It's true, I mean apple does usually just make small changes to their next product
people im knew at you tube videos so i want all of use to subscribe and tell me what you would want me to talk abou
Too bad.. Apple lost it this time. This new iPhone is no where near the GS3.. and the patent court battle has just shown how good the Samsung phones are.
Innovation for some people is the result of their lack of information.

Apple can sell this iPhone 5 (called '5' because it has 5 rows now?) because most of their customers never saw anything else before (Android for instance).

The only ones calling this "revolutionary" new modela joke, are those that are aware of competition.

Just like what religions do to our brains (and scientifically proved on fanboys)
IPhone would fee useful if the phone itself could cure something dramastic in the world.
Facebook needs a Love button and Google+ needs a +100 button for posts like this.
Say what you want. I want one. Consistently for more than 20 years Apple has made my life easier and my day more productive. Not one other company has done that more reliably. Not one.
Ill never buy a apple phone again... :/
Who was copying who? I could swear ive seen the features the iphone 5 has somewhere before. Aahh stupid me of course ive seen them on every dam android phone for the last 2-3 years, and to think they actually won a copy cat trial! I hate bullies.
CyanogenMod master race!
like they said in tron, "whats the difference this year?""this year we put a 5 on the box"
Put an sd card slot, (none of that proprietary BS), on their 5 series and I might be interested. 
Just another RIM same look for 20 years now your nobody lol!
Min Lee
My wife uses an iPhone while I use an Android. IOS is perfect for her because she just wants things to work seamlessly. I like the freedom of Android. I do get to laugh when she can't sync our add new items on different computers.
Marginally better?  I heard it's processor is twice as fast.  How is that marginal?
People will pour money into it because it's an iPhone though and sadly Apple can do their least and they'll still be making loads of it.

I's lost a whole 20 grams and a few other useless bits and bobs? Damn, I hated putting my phone in my trousers and they use to fall down because of them 20 grams - and being weighed down when texting. Such relief. 
Romney saw Obama with an iPhone once. Ever since, Romney has complained that Apple is socialist company that hates America.
Gnex all the way. 4g is solid and its rooted running jb and it powers my ipad. Best of both worlds.
Iphone 5 can't post video on You Tube like iPhone 4, a big no for business owners building backlink traffic. Will I phone 4 updates delete You tube easy post capabilities? New OS app allows video and picture lock down by police/government. Annoying.Will I get an I phone 4S instead??? Sigh
It's not the phone, it's the iOS 6 that matters. If it was a bigger, faster whatever hardware, Apple would be bankrupt and not the biggest company in the world.
I went straight from stage 0 (already own an iphone I'm disappointed with) to stage 6 (closure). I had an iphone. It sucked. I got a Droid. It didn't suck, so I kept it.
Obama suffers from an ailment I call "upper class entitlement syndrome" and will bankrupt this country if he can.  
Those complaining about Obama or Romney on social networking sites are just annoying.
Something tells me that there'll be a lot less of that this time around. Word on the web was that they would sell 10 million the first week. I must have misunderstood that because there is no way they can do it with that phone or Apple buyers are really... well, I'll leave it at that.
Apple, instead of suing everyone, why don't you try some INNOVATION? That's what you're all about, right?
Am i the only one that thinks the specs upgrade is good enough reason to update?
YAWN... seems Android fans are more upset about the iPhone 5 than anyone else. Android losers need to get a life, if you have time to care about what others are spending their money on, I feel sorry for you.
Use to have iphone wasn't THAT bad, especially if jailbroken. Loved it up until galaxy note came out. Yes its big but i like it, don't feel awkward at all making calls.Kinda miss iphone because of the simplicity of downloading mp3s with a certain app from site, but now used to downloading zip files and unpacking etc etc. People always give attention because its big, its whatever. Buy whatever you like and works for you and what you can afford. Big fucking deal if its android or apple. Shit happens, grow up and move on. They dont give two shits about anyone complaining, so long as you buy their stuff. So many people crying about fucking phones sheesh theres more important things in life. If your complaing about how "stupid consumers will line up to buy" why not be smart and invest. Take advantage of the situation.
@ +Jim Steps , Yes, all 500+ million android users need to get a life. How many iPhone users are there in comparison?
And on side note, and iphone can do a shitload of thjngs if you know how to work it. Its called researching, you can import export music from iphone to a computer or phone. Before people start talkig shit about any phone learn how to use it for your own preferance, the same goes with any android phone.
what's with the "F" word, does that really add to this? Give me a break.

That just made my day. I just went through this the moment I heard the iphone5. The difference is that I'm holding out to see how it really is or for the next NEXUS phone.

Nice one. 
Im not getting any Iphone 5 untill i see a S at the end of it.
+Fred Vera You are absolutely correct. I hate that people are so attached to a brand. Just buy whatever you like.
+Mafer Yu keep in mind, there are fanboys, then there are folks who are just kind of locked into the walled garden.
@Mike Gover ... Comparing number of Android users to # of iPhone users is like comparing the number of people with cars to the number with a mustang.
So +Fred Vera you miss an i phone because of the simplicity of downloading mp3s from an app?
And you claim to know about phones.
LOL I bet that's what the people saying who really wanna keep being kool becuz of it...smh
Jim El
Stage 6: Lie to us about how fantastic it is.
They need to come up with a cure for "cellphone zombie disease" this is where the new user wanders around aimlessly in traffic, city streets and other public walkways trying to figure out all the technical in and outs of his new cell phone. I wonder how many fatalities have occurred because of this phenomenon?
Half of the people that buy all of the nice phones or new "innovations" throwing money or whatever dont have a clue how to use all of the features to their potential. All these phones are the same. Buy what you can afford and are happy with.
+Jason Kennedy Yea dude, i used one app to dl mixtapes for dj. On android its alittle different and you have to use a different browser. Once you figure it out its not so bad.
Android people just dont get it. Iphone is just making them believed their ahead until they released the totaly new revolutionary iphone 5s, with a display of 4.01 in or 6 with the black cable conectot or 7 with a new revolitionary capability of adding an extra sd card for storage or 7s.... 
I have an EVO 4G LTE and I will never get it up for an iPod with a phone on it :-)
I guess the next step is  to tell the iSheep,that theses spec's are innovative.Now the iSHEEP will coral at the APPLE watering hole.The next step for Apple is to beat their chest in court,so they can be cheered on by the iSHEEEP and the US courts.How fast can you say iSUE.Go,Go  APPLE,sorry I meant iSUE.
it's not an iphone, it's a LOLphone... They're trolling their customers
Over hyped. I would like to see if the battery utilization, they it last longer.. and the it better than Google maps? Don't make if u cant be the best!
noyon n
Zomg! A boring iphone? The world is really ending soon! Mayans were right
Now introducing the icatchup. lmao apple is terrible
+Jared Harder I think to call Samsung the equivalent of Apple is like an insult... maybe if you're talking about the first series of Galaxy S's...
Dear Apple,

Go back to selling iPods. You're not fooling anyone but the iSheeple...


Android wins everyday. I use a HTC one x and use it more than my ipad.
+Jon Cook most of the posts don't appear to be of the fanboy type. You must be seeing something I'm not.
+Fred Vera So many different ways, through different torrents on the play store, browser. You can straight buy from Amazon mp3 just like i tunes.
Why so many people are crazy now because of iphone 5
the thing is there is nothing truly new and innovative about the new iPhone.
isn't inovation the reason we all were attracted to apple in the first place ?
+Jon Cook don't be mad because every smart person knows that apple sucks balls... Embrace it get an sIII. 
+Daniel Perry Don't know which Samsung you're referring to, but I have it on good authority that the S3 can take a fall from three feet onto rough concrete, and emerge with nothing more than a few scuffs on the case (battery cover sets you back $15).
iPhone 5 just released their latest and greatest and its specs wooed noone. I have never seen so many dissapointed iUsers before. It shows... there are still some iSheep users though. Its sad the day we see Apple's lack of innovation and they revert to more lawsuits rather than focusing on what they were good at.... RIP Jobs..
Who the hell gave them a patent for square with round corners, 
Ditch the iphone. The Galaxy S2 and S3 are far superior. I don't understand what the big draw to iphone is. Small screen and a far too structured environment. 
Get a samsung, LG, Moto, HTC, Xiaomi, Or Nokia or Mighty SONY
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Jesus Christ, am I the only one here who actually likes iOS? I don't need a full 20ghz computer in my pocket, I need something to text, call, play games, and browse the web with. I like the UI, I like the functionality. I don't need my full desktop with me the whole time. And things like NFC are nice, but not really fully supported yet. I don't get why all of you are so fully biased against something that works for what I need on a day-to-day basis. 
I own an HTC Evo 4G, a Samsung SIII iPhone 4.  Guess what I carry for my everyday phone?  iPhone 4.  Would I use the iPhone 5 as my everyday phone if the screen was 4.8 inches instead of 4"???  NOPE.  Size matters.  (form factor matters)
And I'm ok with the "walled garden" because I don't need every single degree of control over my device. As somebody not too far into the rabbit hole of coding, I don't want to risk bricking my phone. And all the android users whine about how Apple is 'all UI and no real functionality' but as a previous android user, the only difference I noticed was that it had slick widgets. And if you want to overclock like you can on android, just jailbreak your iPhone. 
Wait until they roll out something like projected touch screen. They probably just need to to change to 30 pin connector for the next gen battery they will probably need to run it.
A phone with build in Microwave oven is the next new things with mobile phones, Only Samsung can do that, with they bricks of a phones!!!!! 
Only reason I still use/buy iPhones is that I get unlimited global data as there is a stipulations on my plan is that my device has to be and iPhone or blackberry. So I officially still have an iPhone. I just pull the sim out and stick it in my galaxy. Anyone seen the price for international data holly cow. 
oh look there's a new connector and wider screen... lets go waste our hard earned money to Apple again... 
Now I understand why they were so intend on getting their money from suing Samsung...They had absolutely nothing fresh to offer.
funny, the apple sheep I know have consigned themselves to new phones other than the 4s+.  one, who owns at least one of every iproduct released to date, put in a work req for an S3 today.
I think the suitable name would really be iPhone 4S ( S for stretched)
Where is the dislike button 
i hope there was one for this post :P
I bought a galaxy s3 3 days ago and I'm not regretting it. Even after the iPhone 5 launch
Ha ha acceptance! Throws money at apple. Have fun with yr wanna be galaxy 3s. Lol!
I use my note to make phone calls hehe
You know, a lot of folks don't want to be "saved" from buying a phone you dislike. Take your bed sheet capes off and save something important
'one extra row of icons' - enough reason to buy one.
'new smaller connector, work both ways' - thats something to cheer about, you can connect it even with your eyes closed.
'thinner, lighter, more display real estate' - #justbuydontaskwhy  
Apple fanboys will definitely convert to android soon.
iSheep buy an iPhone. Mode of payment: iPay
Lmao, So true it's pathetic. I'll happily stick with my s3.
Reality will soon dawn on the consumption society of the west. For me no apple is worth my 12 mpx Nokia N8 with 32G storage.
And that is why so many morons that "hate" Apple end up buying their products. Either you don't like Apple or you do, make up your mind. I don't like Apple and I don't buy any of their crap. It's that simple.
Apple's answer to all the competition is to sue everyone to try to protect every idiotic patent instead of innovating. Looks like the competition is taking a bite out of the Apple
Ok Apple. I really need you to do better than this in upcoming releases. There is literally NOTHING here for Android to improve upon. 
This should hasten the day that landfill becomes self-aware.
I love my galaxy note 5.3 in Beast you get use to it fits in my pocket fine and no i dont put it up to my ear when talking lol thats what speaker is for or headphones with mic how many people do you see talking with a phone to there ear anymore
Fanboyism has increased dramatically especially for the unveiling of the iPhone 5. It has caught more attention by Apple haters and lovers due to the recent trial that occured where Apple won. But come to think of it, if there were no trial, there would be less immense criticism and trolling for this matter. In short, Apple started it.
Not gonna happen this time! I've got the IP4S. I'm getting either the SG3 or the Note2 this year. Still trying to figure which one?! 
+Greg Pyatt  lol no worries the battery life means it will only have time for fleeting regrets
Or, you know, skip all that and root your android.
But wait? I thought the iPhone 4S was already the fastest, thinnest, lightest, most magical phone. It already had the best screen, the right size and pictures looked amazing, while Samsung phones were just big over saturated copycats.

Oh well, enjoy your letterboxed apps.
hahahah... 5 stages of steve jobs apple decline :P
it's only previous iPhone better than current iPhone. The comparism is simple..
Got a HTC one x. Using nova launcher where u can change the number of icon rows to suit yourself
a month later comes out with new, exactly the same phone. repeats process and throws more money at apple.
This didn't happen with the 4s :-/.. 
"Throws money at apple again" Hilarious! The anti-apple lynch crowds should be aiming their outburts at misinformed consumers who are suckered in by advertisers i.e. your mothers, fathers, cousins, cat. Simple.
It's not so much that people hate Apples products, it's there bad business practices that are starting to alienate people, they shouldn't just copy Androids features all the time they should innovate again or lose customers and market share
Now all we need is for the lightning connector to start giving people shocks ;)
+Stephen Ward  This time Innovators at Apple are so bored of bad business practices that they actually innovated a technology which has been practiced by all other major phone makers and all major carriers around the globe and They are still calling it Revolutionary Iphone 5 with implemented legendary innovative technologies. Trust me that's all I heard all day today, all those heavy words but nothing new under the hood but just an one year behind in technology stretched length wise iphone 4. They should had come out with iphone 5 last year Oct 3, 2011. Seriously Siri, retina display and better camera with better graphics? that's all apple had to offer in 2011?  where was 4g integration last year with 4" screen? Oops wait,   Then what would apple had done in 2012?    
Apples have always been made for mindless masses who have NO idea how to use a computer. I've had 1 virus in almost 27 years of owning a computer. Phones for people who don't want to worry. That simple purple. Besides, iPhones ate just polished versions of the old ones.
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this is  cancer patients psychological stages and you compared it with i phone... LOL.. :)... Apple people will be very angry
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Apple need someone can take risk on innovative and creativity like Psy, gangnam Style. Haha...
+Neil McCafferty, it's a good phone the one x isn't it
ro rafu
Well its all fairytales
+Jason Kennedy nahhhh i stopped buying music since middle school lol And i never use torrents. Only buy if i cant find it online. Theres sooo many ways to do it, your right. Idk ti his their own. Whatever works for you.
Great!  I never had to experience all of this.  I waited for Android to come out and been there ever since.
+LoCHy BroWn no?  Why would everybody shut up about Samsung? It's better soooo... Go Samsung?
I'm still proud with my Sony Xperia Arc ;)
I love that I am so unconventional.
loltz android apps cost money sometimes
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