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A swordsmith keeps Google safe from barbaric hordes. No, seriously.
"+Niels Provos is a Google software engineer who spends his weekends forging Viking weaponry. And that’s only appropriate.

Google, you see, is caught up in a never-ending arms race. It began in the late ’90s, when criminals started using Google’s search engine as a tool to find vulnerable websites, and in the years since, it has mushroomed into a battle of enormous scale, with the bad guys trying to flood Google search results with phishing sites, marketing campaigns, and — worst of all — webpages that try to attack and install malicious software on any machine that visits them.

Provos is the man charged with keeping those web barbarians at bay — all of them."

More details:

Photo by Ariel Zambelich/Wired.
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I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS wanted to learn how to smithy swords and weapons in my spare time... sigh
I bet Google has an army of employees moonlighting as smithys in their spare time, working to rediscover the secret of Damascus steel. It's only a matter of time.
New and old high-tech combined. Pretty cool.
Why don't I trust this?
Well Done Provos! The world needs more Good Guys fighting for the weak against injustice and corruption! A bit A-Team(ish) but you get my point!!
+Rosa Golijan , re: your comment, I work at El Goog, and I do fire breathing/eating :). I'm not nearly as 1337 as Niels though, generally speaking ;)
this is breat ... blacksmithart is a great job and i want to go far on it ;)
Everyone needs to take a closer look at the picture. Take a really good look.
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