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Rosa Golijan hung out with 42 people.jose ricardo silverio, YODA GZ, Marcos reis fera, Emanuel Escudero, Kevin Gault, Nick Scholl, Paul Stern, Sammy Pettinichi, Dave Hiro, sean pianko, Jake Gross, Clay Compton, Abhishek Kalra, ryan satterfield, Aleksej Cizov, hodaa hodaa, Angelo Manucci, Sicario Azoulay, kåre fyhn, Chien-Yu Lin, Samson Chan, Mike Zuniga, Tom Haflinger, Justin Lacy, mohend rodreek, maged yosef, عبدالقادر دهلوي, أيمن أناسي, cristiano mendo, günter piwecki, Dave Besbris, Lucas Hall, ahmed elshentenawy, Julio Balay, Roger Thompson, محمد الشمراني, Rotten Dj, Abdulallh Baspren, Madison Munsell, رباح كمال, Равшан Арниязов, and Daniel Tuyisenge
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Rosa Golijan was in a video call with 42 others
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Weak. I got booted am can't get back in.
You just jump right in freezing cold water too, dontcha?
We got back in, then booted again. My son thought it was cool
Yay, I got in for a bit. Rosa, I posted the screenshot of that issue and tagged you, hopefully you can find it.
Happy to participate for ten seconds. ;p
"Rosa Golijan hung out with 42 people."

That is amazing. Completely wonderful.
It was fun to take part. Rosa is no longer a noob to hangouts. ;)
Agreed. Was fun to take part. I'm no longer a noob to them either! 
Would you like me to Google that for you, Jason?
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