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Most. Fun. Coffee. Mug. Ever.
LEGO bricks and coffee sold separately.

More details:

Images via +ThinkGeek.
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cool I need a couple of those mugs

The top is jagged, wouldn't it be hard to drink from it?? 
Imti B
Excellent. Didn't know you could buy it. Any UK suppliers of this product? 
Your unrestrained glee always makes me smile. Never lose that! :)
This led me to the stunning realization that K'NEX has a LEGO rip-off called K'NEX Bricks, and that K'NEX owns Lincoln Logs.
Phil K
Probably leakier than a baby's diaper.
wow that is really great, i love to drink tea and coffee
hi this is odell and that right there is fancy
That is so cool can u actually drink from it with our it coming out

hopefully you get a nice drink before you choke on a red rectangle.
Cool - this could maybe work with Mindstorms Legos too?!? This would be so much fun to play with - coffee would get cold.
That's a really cool coffee mug yeah I was in the hospital for 3 months a broke my leg real bad getting better I'd love to hear from you
I've gotta get me one of these.
...great with a wax paper cup insert & leather handle...
but drink is by the way tacking cup
Very Nice! Thanks for sharing it.
Jee van
Rosa its too good to share
I want one for those unproductive mornings.
café motorizado, muito maneiro!!!!! :)
My Best Friend is a Lego FREAK!! Where can I get one of these mugs??~~~C~~~
Vl Sk
supeeeer bowl  with a motor)))
this is so freakin' cool!
Are you serious?? Lol Gotta have one!!
Would be nice in my collection for cups.
Disclaimer reads: Cup Will Melt When Contents is Hot!
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