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Most. Fun. Coffee. Mug. Ever.
LEGO bricks and coffee sold separately.

More details:

Images via +ThinkGeek.
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cool I need a couple of those mugs

The top is jagged, wouldn't it be hard to drink from it?? 
Imti B
Excellent. Didn't know you could buy it. Any UK suppliers of this product? 
Your unrestrained glee always makes me smile. Never lose that! :)
This led me to the stunning realization that K'NEX has a LEGO rip-off called K'NEX Bricks, and that K'NEX owns Lincoln Logs.
Phil K
Probably leakier than a baby's diaper.
wow that is really great, i love to drink tea and coffee
hi this is odell and that right there is fancy
That is so cool can u actually drink from it with our it coming out

hopefully you get a nice drink before you choke on a red rectangle.
Cool - this could maybe work with Mindstorms Legos too?!? This would be so much fun to play with - coffee would get cold.
That's a really cool coffee mug yeah I was in the hospital for 3 months a broke my leg real bad getting better I'd love to hear from you
Shouldn't leak. The mug isn't made of individual bricks, it just lets you attach bricks to it.
I've gotta get me one of these.
...great with a wax paper cup insert & leather handle...
but drink is by the way tacking cup
Very Nice! Thanks for sharing it.
Jee van
Rosa its too good to share
I want one for those unproductive mornings.
café motorizado, muito maneiro!!!!! :)
My Best Friend is a Lego FREAK!! Where can I get one of these mugs??~~~C~~~
Vl Sk
supeeeer bowl  with a motor)))
this is so freakin' cool!
Are you serious?? Lol Gotta have one!!
Would be nice in my collection for cups.
Disclaimer reads: Cup Will Melt When Contents is Hot!
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