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Do the YouTube Shake
• Go to YouTube
• Search for "do the harlem shake"
• Wait
• Giggle

Alternative: Just watch the clip attached to this post.
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stop with the Harlem shake!!! JUST. STOP. INTERNET.
But I am so tired of the Harlem Shake!  I will just look at more cats.
Here what I want to know: who gets to create these Easter eggs at Google? Is there an Easter Egg Department where all they do all day is come up with more cute pranks? How do I get that job??? :-)
I'm sorry but when is this meme going to end!
Dope. Though Youtube/Google Employees have too much time on their hands.
Jay R
Trying to get my family to join me and make a video of the #harlemshake  
fair enough, hopefully more videos are coming from you, congrats on the first upload to your channel
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