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How Facebook and a Pixar artist are reinventing the emoticon
"Facebook wants an awful lot from its emoticons: They should be able to convey complex emotions, for example, like contemplation, admiration, affirmation, maternal love, determination, devotion, resignation, and gratitude.

But how, in a tiny digital image, do you depict something as subtle as shame as opposed to remorse, or shyness as opposed to modesty? Current emoticons can't do that, or anything close to it. So Facebook has turned to Pixar story illustrator and former Wallace and Gromit storyboard artist Matt Jones, to help make something entirely new. He's charged, basically, with reinventing the smiley."

More details:

Image via +BuzzFeed.
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These are actually really great. Almost perfectly conveying subtle emotions. 
bish s
I think in 10000 years there won't be any written languages left. Everything will be stored digitally in a readily accessible form and we'll communicate with each other electronically, a process that we have already started.
It would be cool if you could use your web cam to interpret how you're feeling based on facial expressions and display an appropriate emoticon. 
bish s
The problem with these emoticons is that it is very hard to convey precisely what you are feeling because not everyone makes the same face for a feeling nor everyone can read expressions that accurately. I, for example, can not deduce anything but broad emotional category from these pics. You need to be very familiar with the person to read into their expressions that precisely.
+Courtney Heard that would be great but too many tin-foiled hat wearing people will go up-roaring that it's invasion of privacy.
Facebook is still around??? Who the hell uses that??? 
And half there user base doesn't even understand what affirmation, maternal love, contemplation and such words mean.......... 
I don't really use emoticons , I never found them to be expressive enough
Happiness and high spirits must be combined together))) that is base and foundation ... Love must be expanded by many many faces... I like your proposal and let it be.
They should have asked me I could easily draw practically the same thing...
Now animating may take a bit longer.
Some of the "contemplation" ones look more like "constipation."
Emoticons are for lazy people. If someone can't find real words to express themselves, they probably don't really need to send that email.
someone has too much time on their hands
emo collection! wow which one to post
Now, from the creators of Pixar and Facebook,
A new adventure in expressing yourself!
"Finding Emo"
Evan W
The family-friendly rage faces.
...notice the artist doesn't touch upon frustration or anger...tell tale signs of a patient, successful designer...
Maybe G+ emoticons should look like that!
+Rosa Golijan

FB ? What's that? Some sort of baby mama drama...Maury show?!


I am so glad I don't possess an a count w them

G+ baby! We run this !
I've always thought emoticons were meant to be whimsical. And to be used to support a written thought, not necessarily meant to convey an emotion strictly on their own 
Oddly enough I'm really.. really excited to see things like this. Especially since so many people use them and so many people can have the entirety of their posts be seen incorrectly almost purely based on the emoticon.

"Is that smiley a sarcastic smiley or a sincere smiley? ... Not sure if suddenly annoyed.."
Google+ needs to buy out someone from Disney Animation Studios to one up the competition.
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