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Confession time!

I have a lot of profiles on all sorts of dating sites. A lot.

Every time I write a story — or consider writing a story — about a site, I sign up for it and give it a quick trial run.

This habit can lead to awkward situations on occasion — like the time a photo of me hugging my iPad wound up on the front page of +Yahoo!, attached to a story about a dating site for Apple-obsessed people.
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you made me delete my post.
Wow! Did they ask you permission before putting that on?
+Jason Wong: Yeah, they asked. I didn't think much of it initially — mostly because I didn't realize that it was for a front page story.
it was a post of a show. impractical jokers. it had their picture and something saying you should watch it.
Haha, always assume the worst... anyway, I've always liked that picture.  I guess it's good you left Gizmodo, otherwise you'd be even more bombarded with come-ons... ;)
On the plus side, I'm sure you got a lot more hits on your profile!
+Jason Wong: This happened while I was still at Gizmodo, so my inbox was a bit ... uh ... scary for a while.
Oh! I didn't see the date... :p
hahaha obsession gone too far
You are definitely not on my + list with intent on trying to get with you

I just like tech stuff
You're very welcome. Women in the industry need more respect. You have to deal with a lot of crap from idiots.
This is one of the greatest things ever. So sad that I don't use Yahoo, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would have seen this :P
+Jason Walker: I totally wouldn't have noticed it back then if some folks hadn't emailed me about it.
So which dating sites are you on exactly? lol, I kid, I kid... I actually like following you because you're the only Apple fan person I know that actually backs up their obsession with facts and isn't just a slave to the corporate logo.
+Jason Walker: That's kind of you to say. I mainly just try to be transparent about my personal preferences.
Which is what all great writers should do :D Rewinding a bit, there's actually a dating website specifically for people who like apple products?
+Jason Walker, there is such a thing. There's something out there for everybody. I believe there's even a Freecycle division for sexually accessible household items. 
What's this? A romantically-themed post filled with respectful comments and thoughtful discussion?

Man, Google+ is awesome.
+Rosa Golijan, I don't think so. There are probably more fringes than there are people on the planet. "Taboo" on Nat Geo Channel is great evidence of that. I watched a man grope and make out with his car, which he's deemed a male, earlier. 
+Nick Scholl oh I saw that too! Then there was the... Well I think it was a woman... who was in love with a ferris wheel and she was getting all freaky with the gears and grease
+Rosa Golijan Did you end up writing a review about Cupidtino? There is an app for that as well I see! LOL
+Justin Lacy: Shhh! Don't jinx it!

(I'm actually very pleasantly surprised. I didn't dare post this same image on Facebook for fear of what some of my subscribers would say.)
+Thomas Schmid: I wrote two or three stories about it, back when it was in its early days. At that time, it was pretty barebones as far as dating sites go.
Hilarious and weird.
And this discussion reminded me of the woman who married the Berlin Wall.
+Rosa Golijan Yeah, I can only IMAGINE what wading through that mess would be like. Of course, ever since you started using G+ again I've been exclusively commenting here- I like to think of it as the secret little Nook where the saner people mingle.
I see rules #34, 35 and 46 pertain to the same thing. And I'm kinda disturbed by #46 ...
+Thomas Schmid Rule #63 is disturbing... For any given male character, there is a female version of that character. and vice versa. I'm NOT doing a picture for this one, but I'm sure most are familiar with the male Faye Valentine...
First person to find a bearded lady on a dating website wins a Buffalo Nickel!!! 
+Jason Walker I assume you mean the infamous male cosplayer? Yeah, I think he haunts everyone's dreams. 
I think it's better I stay uninformed about that one. 
+Jason Wong But I'm so respectable! lol. +Thomas Schmid Well it usually ends up being cartoon characters and photos soo I think Rule 30 can still apply here. +Justin Lacy Yes.. that hair haunts my dreams...
Heh...does the Syfy press/park thing count as a date? Although I don't think my wife would like it called that...maybe it was just "hanging out" :)
Yeah, Google Hangout sounds better.
Mind you, my wife wouldn't know what that is either. :$
+Brian O'Neill: Woah! Hey! Way to make a professional group gathering sound intimate!

(Though the way we all commiserated at the dinner was quite a bonding experience...)
My girlfriend sometimes dresses in an umbreon cosplay.
+Brian O'Neill: I don't know about that! I still get queasy thinking about the rollercoasters and I'm certain that the suit from our table ran off to a therapy session.
He let you run off with his phone?  I thought the consensus was everyone guards their phones with their lives!
I remember that picture from when I used to read Gizmodo regularly.

Which brings me to a realization that I had the other day, you've come a long way, Rosa!
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