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Are you f—ing kidding me?
Currently a bunch of Google+ users are setting out to show a tech writer that, despite what she suggests in a blog post, Google+ is not some sort of ghost town. Odds are that most of these folks will endeavor to get their message across in the form of level-headed comments and emails. That's fine and dandy! Unfortunately there's also a very good chance that there'll be a handful of individuals who'll view the writer's tongue-in-cheek remarks as a declaration of war — and act with the aggression they feel this necessitates. 

Sure, this course of events might sound silly to some of you, but most of those who have been in that writer's shoes — I certainly have — will cringe. The type of aggression writers (especially female writers) are subjected to when they offend the wrong fanboys and fangirls — I use that term while considering myself a Google+ fangirl, mind you — can be terrifying. 

Of course, as disheartening as that reality may be, it is unfortunately incredibly difficult to avoid. What is avoidable is the fanning of these flames.

You see, at the root of much — if not nearly all — of the rage directed toward the writer in question is a post by a prominent Google+ user. Despite acknowledging that the young woman was likely merely joking, he deems it acceptable (and necessary) to turn several million followers into a personal army against her. He even includes a photo — which he appears to have taken from her personal Google+ profile — along with his strongly worded call for action.

This is absolutely shameful. But I guess writing a post which merely reminds people about the glowing user numbers Google+ is hitting without promoting aggression against a young woman wouldn't have earned a sufficient number of shares and +1s.

Well, screw that. Here's what matters: The last time official numbers were shared, in late December 2012, Google+ had 135 million active users. I'll eat my favorite hat — a knitted red beanie, in case you're curious — if this number has not doubled by the time Google I/O comes around in May.

Image by Eldeeem/Flickr.
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I think there is a difference between leaving a comment to "prove" that G+ is active and attacking her personally. I did leave one such comment on her article to show that she was wrong and that's it, I didn't add her on my hitman to-do list or anything. Just because she's a woman, we're going to blame us and make us seem like a "private army", get over yourself, I would have done the same with a man or a Marsian (hell I did the same for many stupid article I read about G+ and most of them were men). So before pulling the big horse, let the girl defend herself and let her check her facts before posting anything. In any case +Gizmodo is full of crappy content and I didn't expect anything more from any of their writers. 
This is why we can't have nice things, I was just saying this. 
+Rosa Golijan Yeah, this is getting a little nuts. I reshared his original post after I'd come across it in my stream but kept it friendly...the fact that people are getting whipped up into a rabid froth so easily over this kind of disturbs me a bit.
+Rosa Golijan, that is exactly my opinion about Google+. As I said in one of my previous posts, I don't know why but people tends to ruin everything. 
+Adrien Pierret: I agree that there is a difference between simply commenting, in a level-headed manner, and attacking the writer personally. (Heck, half the first paragraph of my post explains this point.)
Sorry, this post is above my third grade reading level.

"The type of aggression female writers are subjected to..."

bloody neanderthals :/
+Rosa Golijan Perhaps a topic for another day, but I'm curious: how does "the type of aggression female writers are subjected to" differ from the type that inept or unthinking male writers are subjected to?  I can guess the stereotypes, but I don't know how well they (still?) apply.  Is it worse, or more prevalent, or just different?
+Adam Liss: Take any stereotype that comes to mind and multiple it by a factor of ten.
Agree with some but as a journalist/blogger and if you are in the public eye, you must have thick skin. And you must be able to back up what you wrote. Like with actual research data. Just sayin'.
+Rosa Golijan  I actually posted this same thing up before +Mike Elgan  did this morning after reading the article.

You can call me out on it if you like but, I think Mike's post is feeding right into what Giz wants to happen. Flame-bait seems to be posted so often on Giz, that it appears to be intentional. I in now way believe she did not know she was stirring the pot, with that headline. 

With that said, I did take a slightly different approach in my post, by asking users to add her to their circles to see if we cant get her to see the benefit of using Google+, once you start using it the correct way (IE not using it like Facebook)
I then proceeded to share several of my technology and science circles with her. 
Heh, yes, I've seen some snarky comments directed her way.  Arrrgh.  I left her a note, but it was just reminding her that us not-tech-writer folks use G+ in a different way than tech writers would.  I don't do "content creation", I do "drunken hangouts with friends and blithering about what I'm doing in the kitchen" with people in just my circles.
ugh, the drama lama goes mad for linkbait. I'm not going to pay attention to her opinion on G+, not because she's a woman, but because I don't listen to sex advice from catholic priests. The same goes for journalists reaching for the bottom vine and tossing linkbait into the stream, complete with glaringly obvious shallow knowledge of the subject matter.
+Bill Surowiecki: The way you and +Maggie Brazeau approached this is fine and dandy in my eyes. My issue is with the handful of individuals who are less level-headed about the matter — and with those who incite them.
+Scott Wilson Getting riled up and showing your temper is a great way for them to get page clicks and more money. If you really were upset, you'd do so by boycott and ignoring it.
+Rosa Golijan I'm glad you are trying to run a little interference for her and calm the waters, but hopefully she will get enough of a splash that she learns to report and not to make baiting comments...
Sounds more like Gizmodo baiting people to visit the site and leaving comments.
From what I've seen most comments have been respectful.  I don't think I've seen any that are misogynistic but I could have just missed them.  As far as troll baiting goes she could have gotten it x1000 worse.
My objection is that an irresponsible piece of adolescent snarkiness without any basis is given credence as journalism.  Knee-jerk sarcasm that comes off sounding like a clueless mean girl will not take her places, no matter the increasing demand for news as infotainment.  
I like the spirit +Rosa Golijan, I just wish the internet was a more civil place sometimes, Seeing posts like yours gives me hope :)
Oh also, just be warned that I found my way to this post from one of the other posts on her page so it's possible you might get some backlash from the people you're bashing on here.

Just a heads up.
Meh, why does this have to be some misogynistic thing? What does gender have to do with it, at all? I am all about equality but many females seem pretty quick to play that card. I have seen many male writers get flamed just as hard  she knew exactly what she was doing when she wrote the article. Total link bait, flaming the wars is what drives traffic, and honestly makes this place fun. Reading Mike's post, then reading the Article he sent people too, then reading all the comments, and now this has been the most entertained i have been on a Friday in a long time. Well played  +Mike Elgan 
+Shar Banning: I'm not "bashing" people. I am expressing disdain for how someone turned a large follower base against a writer for what he acknowledges is a joke.
+Mikey Clark: I would've written this very same post if the writer had been a male, albeit with the sex-specific pronouns changed.
I don't consider myself some sort of hyper-sensitive fanboy, but I doubt seriously that her comment was just a joke.  It might have been a throw-away line to be clever, but I think it does, indeed, reflect her personal sentiment: that Google+ is a failing social platform with very few active users.  And, this is a sentiment shared by a lot of tech journalists, mostly those who don't use the service sensibly.  Joking or not, this type of perpetuation of a very real misconception is annoying.
+Barret Mason Elder  And that is the problem, people seem to think that Google+ is some sort of alternative to Facebook when it is something entirely different.  It has more in common with Twitter than with Facebook.  It seems that around 140 Million monthly users have figured it out.
+Barret Mason Elder Your sarcasm doesn't become you.  My point is that Facebook is a social network with a strong emphasis on family, friends and real life acquaintances.  Twitter and Google+ are more about following interesting people who share similar interests.  Google+ adds the ability to interact in a much richer manner, of course, as you say.  Personally, I fled to Google+ to get AWAY from family and friends who have very little interesting to say!  :0) 
+Barret Mason Elder I can't get most of my friends to jump in to G+ either, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy using G+. G+ is like having all the social noise controlled to a level you want, so you can explore your interests more. Join a local community or something that interests you, I am sure you'll make a lot of new friends. I most certainly did, and we do hangout in real life too. 
+Barret Mason Elder  I will point you again to the sheer numbers: 140 million people active in the stream every month.  That is not the bogus "total users" number (around 300 million?).  Yes, that may be just a fraction of Facebook, but it is the RIGHT 140 million!  :0)   
That certain prominent user seems to me as no more than Google fanboy number 1. This really would have been a non-issue if not for his prodding. It's not like it's a foreign concept that people have misconceptions as to Google+ and its user base. Are we to single out every journalist with any misconception and inform them of their wrongdoing? 
+Barret Mason Elder true, I guess it'll take time for other interests' communities to grow.

for the local G+ communities in my country, the most active communities are photography, a general malaysia community, travel community and food. We Malaysians do love our food, and we are seeing more of non locals joining the malaysian food community and exchange the recipes that the users share.

It might be a small progress, but I can really see it taking off with other non tech users to, at a slower pace maybe. 
Ghost town? I don't have a lot of people circled (less that 100) and I have not enough time to check most of the posts.

The G+ secret is circling interesting people and not sticking only to your friends and family (they usually don't post a thing).
Completely agree!  Facebook is all about getting the most friends!  I get bombarded by reams of useless nonsense.  Just got on goggle+ this week, and I am being  choosier this time 'round.  
You are a very good writer Rosa and Google+ is really a very good community that have many good people to know such like you and many things useful to know. It's just opinions no more else. 
I was wondering why I never read anything about this. I'm guessing Mike Elgan was the prominent G+ user. So happy I blocked that guy.
Ok, out of the way, my turn to kiss booty.  Rosa you are indeed a gifted writer and very beautiful as well.  Have you considered winning the Pulitzer?  I know I am a day late but will you be my Valentine?
+Kelly Orlando: You can't just show up here and flatter me right away! Get in line and wait your turn. ;)
All hail the + !!! Its great and a far more grown up social network : ) 
+Rosa Golijan Yes Ma'am.  Waiting excitedly.  In fact that will give me time to read your post ;)
What is funny is that, in response, Leslie posted more than 20 posts in less than 10 minutes, the first in a year and a half, calling for people to add her to their circles!  :0)
Sadly this is not uncommon mob mentality, and she knew this going into it. I tend to hold people responsible for their own words, both spoken and written, so this is as much on her as it is on all those who would unjustifiably bash her for no good reason.

Light fire to a bee hive and you will get strung.

To all those bashing her. Stop being dicks.
To +Leslie Horn you could not have expected anything other than the reaction you received. If this was troubling for you I would suggest you be more mindful of your public statements and articles. Your words lit fire to the hive. Without them none of this would have happened. 
+Rosa Golijan Indoor kids getting all worked up and being jerks. Someone should tell their mother's to yell at them through the basement door.
+Ryan Denby you kid yourself if you think there are a bunch of children around here, responsible for these comments. 
+Jacob Chappell Naw, these guys are just what spergy indoor kids grow into, spergy indoor men. Kings of the internet, masters of condescension, wearers of socks with sandals.
I still think we should tell their mothers. °~°
+Rosa Golijan What is the right course of action? I'm not saying there needs to be one, but it is a serious question. Tech blogs like the one in question throw out inflammatory pieces every day because that's what they do. I think the corollary to your piece here is a call for more responsible reporting of news. If a person yells "fire" in a crowded theatre and gets trampled on the way out, it's hard to feel sorry for that person. 
+Rosa Golijan I have nothing vested in you eating your hat.  If you will entertain a more legitimate wager on your prediction.  If by the end of I/O G+ active users have not reached double your quoted active users, I get to move to the front of the line.  Do you stand by your prediction?
+John Barwick: In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with addressing the issue in a level-headed way. Reach for a bucket of water instead of fighting fire with fire. (Or something like that.) Leave the anger at the door and don't encourage others to bring theirs to the table.
+Barry Wallace Truth be told G+ only became relevant to me once I started playing +Ingress . Before that it really wasn't even on my radar, it was just a thing that was there because I had a gmail account. :/
+Barry Wallace   Most of who I personally know are not on here as well.  In fact, almost NO ONE I personally know is on Google+, which is fairly perfect.  I am free to use G+ for interesting and useful information and discussion rather than the type of stuff I used to get on Facebook.  In fact, the few real life friends I have on here I put into a specific circle and then EXCLUDE that circle from my "Share to Circles" group.  I share with them directly if I have to.  :0)
The internet is concrete mix of personality types, opinions and positions; keep it moving or it hardens.  Anything anyone writes can be expected to manifest as a grenade in the perception of others, therefore, accept it for what it is.  Internetting - did I just create a new verb - itself is fuel for the fire because of its anonymity and distance.  Analogy: aggressive driving.  People would not behave as they do in a car (because of the anonymity) as they would pushing a cart in the grocery store.  The exception being NY or a mosh pit.  
I often wonder if anyone has ever eaten a hat and whether it involves cooking, side dishes and condiments. 
+Paul Murley depends on the hat.  Cooly hat needs plum sauce.  Baseball cap needs diced hot dogs.  Beret needs pastry cream.  A beanie needs a beautiful head to wrap itself around.  "winky winky"
I never could understand why people have the need to over react this way. Also a big "NO" +Rosa Golijan no hat eating for you, don't want to see you get sick.
Addam G
* Gasp! * GHOST TOWN??? AWW! THEY ARE GOIN DOOOOWN. (now it's personal)
Addam G
P.s.: I like the chick in the pic with the frying pan...
She came back on and is posting, so far most people are being nice
Why is this still a topic of discussion...who cares?

Use whatever social sites makes you happy.
+Gil Laury , because this is the Internet and its very serious internet business.
+Rosa Golijan Ha, I knew which blog post it was before I saw the link. I made a post earlier today about that Gizmodo post, I didn't even look to see who had written it. Now that I know, I'm surprised it wasn't one of the traditional google-bashers that writes for them. I have long viewed Gizmodo as more like Jay Leno's monologue than real news. It seems most of their topics lately are set-ups for a punchline and some of the posts are horribly underresearched, often corrected in the first 5 comments with a single link.
However Google measures Google + activity is ill defined, but Google + is the only real alternative to Facebook.. And it's doing pretty well..! 
+Rosa Golijan Why are people so intent on determining which social media is best. Personally they all serve a different purpose. Most of it useless content. For example the dreaded caturday. When you actually think about it LinkedIn is the only social media site that truly serves a purpose. All others contain about 95% useless information. But bottom line Google plus is still light years behind. You also can't compare social media sites year over year. Facebook was unique people didn't know what it was or where it was going. For Google plus the groundwork, thanks to Fb, was already laid. Google plus certainly has its loyal users, but right now that's about it.
+Rosa Golijan don't lose your cool Rosa. Unfortunately some G+ users are losers and ignorant
You're right Rosa, and this type of trolling should be left in f***book and titter
Hey +Rosa Golijan , I think +Daniel Cruz has made a perfect point.....You should not lose cool because of some uncontrollable circumstances(users).... I like G+ because this gives us more freedom to express ourselves across world which cannot be done on Fb......
Good perspective, +Rosa Golijan.  For being the world's only lovable technology writer, it would have been nice if +Mike Elgan used a more encouraging approach to welcome her to the G+ community.  Imagine her overwhelming happiness and surprise to find so many comments:  *Welcome to G++Leslie Horn!*  He missed the mark on this one.
Oh, oh I want the pitch fork! Over here me me!
G+ is for people who know how to categorize humans correctly. *LOL*
+Rosa Golijan Way to try to twist this into a case of sexism...

Not sure if your trolling or just normally trying to twist everything...
+Xatolos Wired: Feel free to read the post as if it doesn't mention the writer's sex. I'll still stand by it.
+Rosa Golijan Nothing like a good old-fashioned witch-burning, huh? That thread was ugly. And uglier still is that, having waded in these waters for a little while, it was not st all unexpected.
i hate fanboys in general, not just apple ones
I wish ppl would stop using the term 'tech writer' when refering to fanboy articles and consumer goods. Writing about the latest gadgets and hacks is not 'tech writing'.  Don't know how many Surface articles have made it to google scholar...
Trolling on a widespread tech blog is idiotic no matter the gender. I've been taking the piss at male tech writers so far, as most of us found many repellent articles by MG Siegler when it comes to Google. I'll continue taking the piss at male and female tech writers.

I hope you people are not into gender equality unless there are negative remarks to be made. If you write on Gizmodo, you are expected of some degree of professionalism, no matter your gender. End of story.

cc +Andrea Borgia 
Guy Kowasaki's guide on how to use Google + is a very interesting read. + is about sharing your passions.
I need a writer!   I need someone to write some content for my carpet and flooring sites!  What will you charge me?  Really!
"a knitted red beanie, in case you're curious"
It's all about the details.
Who cares if some news information sources say Google+ is a ghost town.  These are normally editorial pieces, making it often easy to read their bias. 

  Within Google+ I can tailor my circles to the people I want to read, and to the people I want to communicate with.  If I am not happy with Google+ it is because I have done a poor job at managing my interests.

 *This* is what I love so much about Google+!  It gives me the flexibility to create my own Stream(s).  If I get overwhelmed with information I don't care to see...I simply make adjustments.

  So if someone calls Google+ a ghost town, I don't much care.  My Circles, and my Stream, simply Kick A@@.  I, personally, am not attracted to using Facebook, Myspace or any of the other ones...they simply don't give me the information I want.

   just my $0.03 worth

  Have a good weekend all!

Looks like a witch hunt! Impressive
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