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Gee. I wonder what that "blue pill" represents...
Try the red pill

With today's launch of Google+ Sign-In, you've now got another choice when signing in to your favorite apps (like OpenTable, Flixster, Fancy, and many more). Now you can sign in with Google.

Check out the announcement (, let us know your thoughts, then #TryTheRedPill  when it feels right. I've also assembled some artwork, if that's more your thing :-) h/t +Timothy Mehlhorn for the pre-mixed image (
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Maybe... Just maybe... I wil post this on FB. lol
Blue pill represents viagra, because users over there can't get their [insert insult here:ie game-on].
They need to photoshop that image as I see a green and a red pill. (I am colour blind so that could explain a lot)
Are they sure there is no social spam?
The What's Hot stream seems to be full of it these days.
Well, women do see colors much differently than men.
can't be facebook, must be friendster?
+Alfred Heflander You can turn the volume on What's Hot down to zero. I did. As a result, I see no social spam ... The point being that the G+ platform, the user is in far more control of what is in their stream than in...other places.
In about 10 years I would prefer the blue pill :)))) for now my choice is the red. 
Aleve gelcaps. All day strong, all day long
The blue pill's looking a little green...
Sounds interesting... will keep an eye out for apps like these.
"...And I'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes..."
+William Brine +Fredrik Mellström
Good point! :)

I've got it set to the lowest so I still get something fresh in my feed, but find myself muting so much crap just to find a gem! I hit 'post' before I added that.

You're right though, at least you can switch it off. Unlike the blue team...
Hey rosa twitter is my guess please keep us up to date with your posts as i enjoy reading them 
And how long will it take until they force you to take the red pill even if you dont want it?
Google sounds more and more like a Bond villain ever day!
If Google is a villain than it is most CERTAINLY Garland from 8-bit theater. 

... I will be impressed if any commenters here get the reference without aid.
Vipul B
+Sabre Blade : I believe this is what you meant for Google becoming a villain - "You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain"
If you take the Blue pill you are in the Facebook Matrix and the Red pill releases you from the Matrix.  Take the Red pill Neo,  LOL
That's great advertisement. I hope that Google is really working to push that idea. I like it. I think many will too.
are you sure they are not tracing us?
think about the billions info they collect for their business, everyone and everything..
I aspire to meet you in the flesh someday. 
Matrix reference?
"Then you see how deep the social network goes."
Red pill or chill
Green pill like a green chily
Check new from g*
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