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No more Saturday mail delivery
"The financially struggling U.S. Postal Service plans to stop delivering mail on Saturdays starting August 1 [...] This means that for the first time Americans will receive mail only five days a week."

This makes me sad for some reason.

More details:

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Maybe because it's another example of the hollowing out of the "public," which is already under siege in so many other ways.
I think August is around when the world is scheduled to end anyway so no big whoop. ;-) 
Canadian here: you'll get used to it. We have. We still get the newspaper, which is honestly the only mail I feel like receiveing on saturday mornings anyways. Who wants to start the weekend with bills?
yeah, yeah,....they are one of the few goverment enterprises which actually produces a profit...
They have been losing money at the rate of $8M a day for years, more than $2B a year.  FINALLY they are able to stop some of the bleeding with a common sense solution...
It's true we're indeed nostalgic when it comes to services like the Postal Service from grandfather's time. But things change with time and the old gives way to new concepts . Welcome the change and move on . That's the only way. 
Excluding our parents lol...does anyone really use the postal service anymore??? I can go for weeks without checking it...with bill pay online, e-banking, and emails/texting...was there really a need for Saturday service? 
far out shut up about the postal the postal service there I said it!
I'm actually okay with this. Yes it is sad to see USPS fall the way it is in one respect. In another, it is a sign of the times and an opportunity to learn how to embrace change. I have a grand idea that will probably never be put into place and it is not without flaws but here it goes. USPS should stop delivering mail all together. That should be left to private entities. Like any good government agency they should become policy regulators. What would that look like? It would mean that the USPS would still manage things like zip codes and street addresses and the law regarding tampering with mail, but people would be free to choose private servicers for actually delivery of mail. It would cut down on those stacks of crappy advertisements that we all throw away each week, and improve delivery services overall. The devil may be in the details of this idea, but I think it has potential. 
You guys had Saturday mail deliveries in the north? The southern hemisphere knows of no such luxury...
Phil K
Junk mail on Mondays... Maybe I should put my trash barrel next to the mail box now with a sign, "put junk mail here, it'll be picked up in an hour or two"
+Phil K In my building we actually starting putting the recycling bin in the mail room so as we empty our mailboxes we can dump the unwanted stuff right then and there. 
Poor UPS, they are required to fully back all retirement funds for employees until like 2045. This has tied up billions of dollars they could be using elsewhere! 
Me too. And yet I can't help but notice that with the exception of the occasional important letter or official document, most of the physical mail I receive is junk that's harder to dispose of than email spam.
Probably safe to say no USPS paycheck will go down? 
I would venture to guess that the USPS will not be around in 10 years. Phone numbers will probably disappear in the next 5.
Phil K
I'm sure the operator will still be around for phones. lol
Congress has been making a mess of this agency. We the people are the ones who will suffer. Perhaps the USPS should provide services like emails that are certified and/or registered for a fee for official correspondence and make it a requirement that lawmakers use this service if they wish to correspond with their to their constituents electronically. I might say that local county, city, and township government agencies be exempt from fees or pay reduced fees. That might usher in the end of the Fax Machine for legal correspondence, but I guess you can't have everything. Of course, that would spawn the need for a digital fingerprints or signatures to provide authenticity for an email, but would that be such a bad thing? Digital fingerprints have been around for a long time, but it doesn't seem to be used that much.
It is sad indeed, unfortunately a sign of the times =(
nice picture, dude had a hard day @ work huh? 
Ed R
In the netherlands not on mondays
Un buen sitio donde descansar ;-)
Im fine with them not doing much on saturday.... If it will make them more productive and efficient during the week. I can go to a nice steak house and get my meal before the two people in front of me at the post office are done getting help from the postal worker. 
They pay them so little,they can,t afford take break at Starbucks.
Postal "Service" has been a private enterprise for many years - and not a very efficient one at that. This doesn't surprise me, makes me a little sad, especially for the postal workers who might have less hours and less money.
I wish they'd cut back on the number of days Congress was in session - now THAT would save a LOT of money!
since they can't figure out how not to have their workers work 5 days a week without doing this......or having substitutes show up LOL
Stupid Congress. They wrote a stupid law requiring the postal service to save billions of dollars for pre-funding obligations for retirees and future postal workers  health care benefits. No other agency does this.
They do their job ,everything and anything that they send to you they deliver,rvrn if is S....t in a wraper.
It's not rocket science, just raise the rates and cut spending. Hell, just contract the whole thing out to UPS and Fedex. They could make it work efficiently!
That mail box would rule as a kid! Instant robot or space craft or fort. That mailman is not living the dream in such a sweet space. Of course one kid would ruin the fun for the rest of us by getting locked in. Safety's dumb when sweet play spaces are in reach 
I mean, oh yeah, politics and budgets, I am raging mad about that thing. The founders would put up with this. Rawwr. America.
What should make you mad and not sad is how wallstreet ,big corporations ,and big banks have destroyed a world wide economy, and how this puppet show of presidents makes you feel like you have a choice between left or right wing directions. And no one is talking about the corruption . never mind what I say everyone go back to your football ,silly ass mini series television show and comedy brand central for your news.
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Did George Costanza take over Newman's postal route ??  At least the Fed-ex guys have a truck to snooze in. 
Ime,et ta sinna sisse mahtus ja miks tal vankrit vaja läheb?
I wish the best for postal workers and hope that it will not affect their pay
It will never happen, is a bad business decision... 
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