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Sorry, iPhone users! While the "Predicktor" app will supposedly estimate the size of a man's —  ahem — naughty bits, it's only available on Android devices right now.

(Yes, this app seriously exists. And yes, a doctor actually helped create it.)

More details:
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Hilarious. It sounds like if you had enough information to use the app you would already know the size of the specimen in question.
Its apps like this where I wonder if they only exist to record statistics for a study. Sure the program does something  but the interesting numbers are on why it was downloaded, when/where it was used and for how long. Personally I would love to read the submitted bug reports from users complaining about found flaws or perceived inaccuracies.
One of the most useless app on the Play Store...
From Prince's Batman soundtrack: A woman asked her lover, "Why is your organ so small?" He replied, "I didn't know I was playing in a cathedral."
Dan Lee
Is that cos iPhones are for vagina owners ?
See? They talk about Instagram, Vine etc. But the actually important apps come to Android first.
I think users of the app might be trying to compensate for something ;)
I got that horse size! Android certified!
Oh, no! Whatever will I do with my afternoons now?  =P

This is one instance I'm very happy that an app isn't available on the Apple App Store. 
I would not take this seriously except that the app includes "digit ratio" (index and ring finger), as a factor.  Digit ratio is coincidentally what I used to make some assumptions about Rosa in one of her earlier posts (Intel nail polish, I believe).  
Wow...there's an App for everything...can't imagine this App being used somewhere like a
Oh gosh, hope it does not have the ability to share results on social networks.........=\ 
It will automatically post the result on G+.
Does it see right by the sock?
This is hilarious. I can't think of a single reason why a man would need this information. Except perhaps on a Porn Star job application. 
Ha!  Well, the most useful part of this would be the information and the "relax" part at the end of the ad.  Getting past hang-ups and on to being relaxed is... well, huge.
Why would he do that?  Because he watches too much porn. HA!
There's a free app on your phone that will tell you this info with greater accuracy. It's called "camera". It too has a share to facebook and twitter function but I wouldn't recommend it.
Does it take temperature into account, especially if it's cold.
Huh, this could be a good selling point for android devices's all about the size of nose...
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