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What if your clothing became transparent when you're turned on?
This concept design tends to go around the Internet every few months. It's a dress made of "opaque smart e-foils" and it becomes more or less transparent in response to its wearer's heartbeat.

Normal heartbeat? Everything's covered.
Rapid heartbeat? You can see right through the dress.

More details:

Photo via Studio Roosegaarde.
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Welcome to the reality of being a man :D
We already have this "technology" (sort of) :P
(edit: tongue-in-cheek, very much so)
What if someone is running or is angry??? Please tell me they thought of that!
Sounds like something from a nightmare. "I have to give a big important presentation, I'm so anxious..." and suddenly it's the naked-in-public dream.
I can't help thinking this is a bad idea. You know what also makes the heart beat more quickly? Feeling that you are in danger.
So say you are running away from a mugger... EM BARASSING!
I can't be the only one to see the bad implications of this (not that it's a serious thing anyways)... faster heartbeat doesn't always mean "turned on"... what if you are truly scared? Then you are naked to boot and now you're TRULY scared.  

TL;DR fashion is silly.
This used to happen in High School, and right when the bell rang. Then I was shy, now I'd just let it stand out.
1. Shout BANG on a full plane just as it's taking off...
2. Take pics
3. ???????
4. Profit's probably more of a clubbing outfit than a flying outfit, thinking about it.
Would make a great workout outfit!
The concept will be more interestng for on lookers.
Maybe if it were linked to breathing and pupil dilation monitors? Or a pheromone sensor?
straightforward communication, but hold your hourses men, itś still not an yes.
Oh! That pheromone sensor could be interesting.. link it to your cell phone and if two people have the same app and their pheromone emission rises then you are "alerted" about your chemistry. Of course it would suck if you were with a friend and he really likes a girl and it turns out she's churning out the pheromones for me!
Luis i have no trouble turning her on at all
+Jacob Mayes I'm just bustin your pelotas by the way! All in good fun! If the comment offended you let me know and I'll delete it! Cheers!
Rosa, I think you got something started this time, and what would your clothes be like? I already see your smile? Steve Mayer
Ha! I like that the majority of the comments so far are from men. Where are the women on G+? I'd like to hear their pov
What if you got this for your gf and it stayed opaque... even during?
Wouldn't it also mean that should you feel insecure walking down the street wearing such a design, the elevated heart rate due to the insecurity would betray/reveal you? 
Let's see how many MEN would green-light this techno-design to be stitched into the fabric of their suits, pants, drawers, n shirts.  
interesting idea. It would sure increase the open and honest communication of what's really going on, something our world is not accustomed to and perhaps not yet ready for.
There is so much shit out there that get's marketed to us that we are not ready for, or even, and it's arguable, whether or not we should be ready or willingly and uncritically make space for such inventions.  
This is equivalent to Krispy Kreme's "Hot Donuts Now" sign.  I don't need a sign to tell me I want what's inside.  I already know it will be delicious, and why I avoid driving by Krispy Kreme.
This will work great when I have panic attacks before getting on an airplane. No more body scanners. :-)
Let's just all walk around naked. It's not weird if everyone's doing it, right?
The Woman Who Fell To Earth? 
I would t wear it in public personally however I can think of a few fun venues it would have value if you incorporate "I love you" in it somewhere.
Hey Mac. You got the right idea and your most likly ahead of the masses! However I dont beleive the masses or the intellects have a clue of what's happening TODAY! Forget where its heading cuz you or I cannot fathom what's really gonna be the ultimate means to the end. I hope none of us has to take that last word literally, The End!!! Your cool bUt im not taking my eye off the ball for any reason! .......PERIOD
Interesting concept insofar as it could be used for biofeedback exercise. The implementation, however, seems a bit toward the "style over substance" end of the scale...
Assuming this is for both sexes; that's going to make scary movies and gyms really interesting. May be inappropriate for paramedics to have to see. 
I would enjoy seeing or touching this persons skin as she appears to have that rarest of rare skin types. She doesnt need any kind of product to conceal or hide any flaws for she most likly has non. Very pretty lady.
This post has no hidden message and is just my true and my own observations if it is an un photo chopped or edited pic. Just sayin.
Hellooooo. Is this thing on? :)
It wouldn't be long before someone tries to hack it and send a "Turned On" command to a crowd of people wearing this clothing. Maybe it's a better concept as "Bedroom" wear. Neat idea regardless.
I definitely would not wear it cuz I would be walking naked instead.. 
Ruben M
Not good idea wearing in public, I guess!!
I covered this already.
Being in a position of public speaking in front of 1000's of people I was taught to picture the most aweful looking person in the room naked and my insecurities disappeared instantly.
I would still wear transparent cloths
I wouldn't wear that at my local shopping centre, always a lot of nice young ladies there ;)
Picture this: a room of gorgeous ladies wearing those dresses, holding smartphones and screening all the men with Predicktor. "The survival of the fittest" 
So cool... But, the catholic church will fight against this concept.... :-[
Could be a lot more interesting, without necessarily being revealing, with some of the other ideas for triggers.  What if it had an interesting pattern that pulsed with your heartbeat?  How about sensors that look at light levels around you and then matched the fabric on the opposite side of you to that... kind of a chameleon effect?  They are asking for designers to get involved.  Maybe someone will actually do something interesting with it.
Why didn't I think of this ......????
...or how about a Superman style of x~ray vision instead?
U are v, beautiful God ceat u so nice give glory to God
Well that would have saved us a lot  we guys from mistakenly getting a sexual harassment allegation!
Will be funny for women to see the flattened "snake" under my pants :) 
You are different in a strange kind of way I can see it and you're being
kamaal karete hoo bayhaya rosa ji:)
you are different girl and I like it
I would try to scare the heck out of all the hotties so I could see some skin! LOLOL
I would be walking around with a constant hardon ;))
interesting idea :)
I'd say that'd be somewhat embarrassing
Addam G
omg! lady GaGa style!
My young son was wondering why she is covered in saran wrap.  Oh what he will think of this imagine when he starts to understand this picture.
Dont know if I would like for myself.(i dont look good in dresses)on a nother. Hand it could posabely save some time and help a couple get togather??

It's the fashion industry. 95% of what we see on the runways will never end up in your or my closet.
I think that this technology is better for men
So if you were to go for a walk in this you shouldn't run, you'd end up doing a nudie run :P
if they could really make a turn on dress then its good that its a dress.
the common male gets turned on and of quite allot, so we men would be quite naked most of the time. 
If it's based on heartbeat, then wouldn't being scared also make you naked?
I like it..ask her to open some more..haa..haa..beautiful pic
hi rosa golijan how r u. i like bbc news very much
Wulllllll would be interesting;))
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