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Remember when Steve Jobs prank-called Starbucks?
The attached footage comes from the keynote address at the 2007 Macworld Conference — the event during which the iPhone was first introduced to the world. In it, we see late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dial up a local Starbucks and order 4,000 lattes to go ... before quickly claiming he dialed the wrong number and hanging up.

The mischievous man would've been celebrating his birthday on Feb. 24.  
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I had forgotten about that heheh. :)
Would've been funny if the Starbucks lady called back and gave him a piece of her mind.
And, happy birthday, Steve.
Back to the blue box days… it was so touching to see him behave like a kid, during this keynote.
I do remember that. Too funny. I always felt his presentations were a few levels above the rest. He could connect better than most. 
That was classic :)
I had really hoped that Apple would remain strong after his death. But its not looking good. (MIss you, Steve.) 
You know what would be awesome if he can find that starBucks now with the iPhone map.
This guy was a frickin genius! Love his arrogance and cool-as-ice attitude.
cool, reminds me of my teacher
it would have been really funny, if the starbucks attendent would have replied back saying, "We dont have chinese kids wipping latte's for us sir like that iphone so can't do that, sorry? " !!!
Chinese kids whipping lattes versus Chinese kids assembling iPhones!!
Great stuff, I love it.
Sorry to hear he died though!
How can you choose?! they're both adorable!!!
I always found it interesting that the real genius behind Apple was Steve Wozniak. Steve Jobs was just good at marketing and never really a technical wiz.  His only real fame was just being a super rich prick that treated people badly.
Remember when people still cared about Steve Jobs?
Funny how he wasn't the real genius behind apple but without his marketing prowess people wouldn't be walking around with the tech they do today.

He was a genius at marketing which is still smarter than 90% of apple/android haters on this social network. 
When you say Steve no one will ask you "  which 
Steve was a genius in a lot of things-- the biggest one is esthetics and design in my mind.  The guy had an amazing eye for both beauty and utility that I don't think has been duplicated in the technology sector.  He also had drive and focus that most people can't imagine-- a rare trait for someone that probably is the most artistic CEO of the 20th century.  He wasn't without his flaws, of course, but that guy is was unique talent.  People still care about Steve Jobs because he is the technology industry equivalent of Wayne Gretzky-- always moving to where the puck is going to be instead of where it is.
His presentations were the best! He really sold the device.... Legend 
He's nothing like Wayne Gretzgy... he's dead.
I say that about Steve Jobs because Apple made all its profits off slave labor in foreign countries. Very little profits were made by treating people with respect. That's why i say he is just another super rich prick. Read any book about him other than his own biography and he did not treat his employees well. Maybe he is dead because the Karma finally caught up with him.
Really? Are we gonna celebrate his birthdays in death
Who cares if the guy was a prick to his employees... Apart from those employees! The fact of the matter is this guy knew how to push devices he knew how to sell and market products! He is a perfectionist that is y apple is still at the top because of that ethos! 
Yes, he is dead and Wayne Gretzky isn't playing hockey.  Neither are "in the game" anymore.  Einstein is dead too, but that didn't invalidate relativity.  Anyway, I still care about Steve for his contributions and what working for him taught me personally.

Keep in mind also that a lot of Silicon Valley's culture came from Apple and that came primarily from Steve so a lot of us are working in an environment today that sprung from his example even if we're working for a competitor.
+Tim Beilfuss to the measurement of the tablet market! The smart phone market in the US! And I do believe the make some of the best designed laptops around I.e the retina display MacBook which I own and it's the best 
He was just so awesome honestly! 
Ahh I wonder what happened to that thermonuclear war against android is going
+Jared Persinger's happening, right now. Haven't you seen the iPhone 5? That flat-out de-stroyed Android. Er, wait. I might be confusing the iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4. They're so similar, after all.
are you kidding? in what world are you living in where apple iphone has destroyed android? you are aware that apples share of the smartphone market is diminishing right?
say what you will about the iPhone, but it's stability in a business environment is very welcome.
Verizon has a good selection of stable smartphones that they give away for free if you sign a two-year contract.
Why does this have to turn into bashing? Get a life. 
i technology had its 110th birthday in 2011. 1901 World Trade Fair Chicago, a wireless scaled down version of a submarine, shot several torpedoes in a mock up port, sinking the targeted ships, and left the port without ever surfacing! The wireless device was encrypted with the very first version of i-technology. Not to rain on Mr Jobs, but he was not the 1st. Very thankful for Mr Jobs contribution, and the many forgotten before him.
Fucking shit! They should have called it ISHIT!
Great ideas burst fort like shooting stars but they can only be great if they continue to sustain themselves in the long term.  The point being Steve Jobs was a genius and he made great products, but ultimately these are as good as the people who help create them.  If you miss treat the people your star will ultimately burn out.
+Ardeshir Lashkary, I agree with the general idea of your comment, but I think it's necessary to point out that you and I have very different understandings of the word "genius."
+Ray Darbinyan Apple slows down innovation, just look at their recent patents. Once they are out of the way we will see some really brilliant creations. 
...assuming everyone seated drank latte?
+Jared Persinger...4G, you don't say! They are THE dynamo of the mobile phone industry. Everyone else must be 2G...
They're probably still cranking out that 4,000 latte order! :)
Remember the good old days when one could actually post something that even vaguely mention Apple without another battle in the all-encompassing Apple-Android fanboy war.
Steve jobs was a f_ck stick.
I don't think objective people will ever forget what a dick Jobs was.
Must be an Apple joke I just didn't get. But I get it now. Ha 
it was pretty awesome! also makes you realize how quickly technology is changing - simple features of the 1st iphone sounded so amazing at that time!
As a user of my great (for my needs) SGS3 I find myself wondering why so many people get so excited by fighting over who makes the best smartphone. Who gives a rats ass?? Isn't it just about best for 'your' needs? And why knock Steve Jobs... Pretty sure if we could all be rich for being a visionary, we would... Also pretty sure we don't make sure everything we ever buy is ethically sourced. It's just unrealistic. In conclusion:- would we all draw a dollar a year as salary just because we are good at investing, rather than the millions the job role entitles us to? Yeah, me neither. 
Apple got the crappiest phones I-Pods I have ever used the freeze crash when they do upgrades their IOS on some apps my I-PODS don't work no more after three months just play music and take photos iPhone still works when not freezing or crashing so I went Android plus it got better stuff for taking photos about 8 different things when you want take photo
our great respect to the founder of Apple mobiles, i pad, laptop etc.
+PHILIP CRAWFORD  Whether you love or hate Apple, you really have to give Steve Jobs and Apple the credit they're due for revolutionising the phone industry, the computer industry, the film industry (with Pixar) and the music industry (with iTunes). without Apple, and the visionary that was Steve Jobs you'd still be in the dark ages! Credit where credit is due! 
I still remember when I watched Steve record his Apple rumors podcast. It was hilarious.
Ryan Ng
And I... would have been celebrating my birthday... one day after Jobs celebrated his. True story.
When did that happen? (I might have already wrote that but Idk
He should of seen the lady's reAction before saying wrong nuMber
+Rhys Harris Well said, with a deligntful visual example...only thing that come to my mind is..why don't we have politicians with the focus and the mental fortitude of a 'Steve Jobs'?  
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