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AR Motion Blur | Tango Device

#AR #Tango  
So a few months ago I made a long post about Tango timestamps and motion blur. At the time it appeared that the color camera timestamps came from the start of the camera’s exposure. But if the color camera had a long exposure (in low light about 30ms) the pose would appear to lag slightly and “wobble”.

I hadn’t followed up on this for a while, but it no longer seems to be the case! The timestamps from the color camera come from the middle of the camera’s exposure.

My initial tests were fairly un-scientific, so it’s entirely possible that I was wrong and this has always been how Tango works. Either way this is great news for 99% of Tango developers. Objects in augmented reality will appear to “stick” better and feel a lot more solid in low light.

In the video below there are two computer generated lights overlaid on Tango footage. The green light uses the camera pose taken directly from the camera’s timestamp. The red light is shifted half a frame and shows what a pose taken from the start of the exposure would look like.

However, this does mean that the difference between color timestamps may vary. If the exposure time of each frame is the same, then the difference between the timestamps will be consistent. However if exposure time increases or decreases, the timestamps between frames will change.

This only happens during the transition and is only a few milliseconds. I did a test with logcat and during exposure changes the time between frames would vary between 28 and 36 milliseconds (I forced the exposure to change with the extremely professional technique of sticking a flashlight right in front of the camera).

Again this will not affect 99% of developers. But if someone is doing work that is relies on a constant timestamp between color frames, this is something to be aware of.

Also! If I am right and the timestamps are being changed depending on camera exposure, someone could use the difference in timestamps to find the relative change in exposure time between frames. It wouldn’t be the absolute exposure time, and wouldn’t account for ISO changes, but it could be helpful to those trying to get consistent exposure values.

TL;DR color timestamps are not always constant and it’s a good thing for AR
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Rory O Connor (rocits)

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Bee Hotel #3DThursday #3DPrinting

Beautiful idea with a beautiful design from mitrasmit on Thingiverse:

The bees are in trouble. Toxic chemicals, diseases, and a decrease in suitable habitat threaten their existence more and more. There are many types of bees, of which the honey bee is the most well-known. But did you know there are many other species that live in solitary? They don’t have a beehive and live in their own little hole in a piece of wood, stone, or earth. Depending on their size, they want tunnels between 3 and 10mm in diameter, with a length up to 150mm. They use it throughout the seasons: hibernation in winter, shelter in autumn, nursery in summer and spring.

See more
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Rory O Connor (rocits)

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"TEMPORARY, I HOPE HOPE HOPE" is not something you want to see in the lunar landing guidance equations!
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Rory O Connor (rocits)

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I just read a fantastic article on LinkedIn Pulse by my friend Meredith Bell called 'Astonish People with Radical Generosity'. It is no surprise to me that she could write this kind of article because I am often the grateful recipient of her generosity. She once sent me a book by Steve Chandler titled 'Crazy Good' because she thought it would really resonate with me. It did, and it does! In fact, it is on my desk now.

In this article she is referencing a book called 'Giftology' by John Ruhlin who will be a guest on my podcast on August 26th. And guess who introduced us? Yep! Meredith. John sent me a copy of the book and OMG! It is one of the best books I have read in a while and that is saying something.

As Meredith notes, if you’re committed to building strong relationships that lead to referrals and raving fans, grab a copy of Giftology, devour John’s powerful message, then implement his ideas with the most important people in your life.

Read her article here and be sure to let her know that I sent you!
On rare occasions I read a book that blows the lid off my thinking about a specific topic. Giftology is that kind of book. It’s forever changed the way I approach gift-giving. I’ve known for a long
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Rory O Connor (rocits)

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Blender Tutorial | Surface Modeling

#Blender #3Dgraphics  
Tutorial on #blender  and the addon #hardops  for hardsurface modeling.
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Rory O Connor (rocits)

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Animated HTML5 Morphing Button

#HTML5 #SVG   #Animation  
Interesting article about how path animation is used for morph effects
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Rory O Connor (rocits)

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Conan Suits Up For Comic-Con

+Team Coco on G+
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