I just spent an hour trying to get a repair/replacement arranged for my Samsung Gear Live and it led me to one unavoidable conclusion: Samsung can die in a fire.

/* To give context: this morning I removed the charging cradle from my watch and removed a chunk of watch at the same time, so now the cradle no-longer clips to the watch. This means that to charge the watch I need to strap the two things together and usb debugging is now completely impossible (you can't use the watch with a strap across it's face). */

/** UPDATE: I followed +Eric ERK's advice and called Google again and specifically requested an RMA. They agreed and will be getting in contact by email to arrange a replacement. **/ 

/* UPDATE: I just got my replacement Gear Live. http://picpaste.com/yUWFAlJn.jpg
I'm a little nervous of the charging dock now. */

I started my torture by trying to arrange a repair through samsung's website but that ended abruptly because it wants a "model code" which it won't help you find.
Then I tried samsung's phone support which spent 20 minutes listing menu options at me before telling me no-one was home and kicking me out.
 I didn't give up and instead called the number Google provided in the email where they promised "limited support, repairs or replacements within the US (including shipping) for one year" for the Android Wear devices they gave us. 
The operator there was very helpful, knew the device and understood the problem; but because it was a hardware issue he connected me to samsung's hardware support line (it turns out they were home after all).
The samsung operator couldn't understand the problem beyond "watch and charger do not connect" and couldn't understand that I did not have a proof of purchase for the watch (I didn't purchase it! And seeing as it goes on sale tomorrow neither has anyone else!).
Eventually she managed to create a ticket in their system for someone to call me back sometime in the next 48 hours to tell me where to send the watch or something.
She also informed me that I would have to pay a repair cost for the damage done by their design flaw and that the further information that I was going to receive could not be emailed or texted instead.

So yeah... die in a fire Samsung!
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