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I just spent an hour trying to get a repair/replacement arranged for my Samsung Gear Live and it led me to one unavoidable conclusion: Samsung can die in a fire.

/* To give context: this morning I removed the charging cradle from my watch and removed a chunk of watch at the same time, so now the cradle no-longer clips to the watch. This means that to charge the watch I need to strap the two things together and usb debugging is now completely impossible (you can't use the watch with a strap across it's face). */

/** UPDATE: I followed +Eric ERK's advice and called Google again and specifically requested an RMA. They agreed and will be getting in contact by email to arrange a replacement. **/ 

/* UPDATE: I just got my replacement Gear Live.
I'm a little nervous of the charging dock now. */

I started my torture by trying to arrange a repair through samsung's website but that ended abruptly because it wants a "model code" which it won't help you find.
Then I tried samsung's phone support which spent 20 minutes listing menu options at me before telling me no-one was home and kicking me out.
 I didn't give up and instead called the number Google provided in the email where they promised "limited support, repairs or replacements within the US (including shipping) for one year" for the Android Wear devices they gave us. 
The operator there was very helpful, knew the device and understood the problem; but because it was a hardware issue he connected me to samsung's hardware support line (it turns out they were home after all).
The samsung operator couldn't understand the problem beyond "watch and charger do not connect" and couldn't understand that I did not have a proof of purchase for the watch (I didn't purchase it! And seeing as it goes on sale tomorrow neither has anyone else!).
Eventually she managed to create a ticket in their system for someone to call me back sometime in the next 48 hours to tell me where to send the watch or something.
She also informed me that I would have to pay a repair cost for the damage done by their design flaw and that the further information that I was going to receive could not be emailed or texted instead.

So yeah... die in a fire Samsung!
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Paul B
What a nightmare. Reinforces my opinion to stay well clear of Samsung. Sounds like they're breaching consumer laws too by asking you to pay for the repair costs. Given its from the US though maybe they don't apply. Sorry to hear this story!

P.s. you should drop this story by +Android Police or similar, I'm sure they'd be interested to let others know what they can expect if they choose the gear live over other options.
So... the good news for me is that you have a spare charging dock then?
Seriously though, I hope you can get something from Samsung. I've seen people with similar issues on G+ so you are not the only one, maybe a Class Action Lawsuit...!
Another one! Can you still make it charge or is it game over now? 
Try working with them on a faulty TV. Their support, if you can call it that is horrible
Glad I went for the G Watch so. Had to get my Galaxy S II repaired under warranty a while back, but thankfully it was just a case of me dropping it into Meteor and they sorted it from there.
Why not go directly through google?
*Face palm* wish I could say what I really wanted say but +Derek Ross messed me up with dem tags lol
Samsung has always made shoddy crap. They use thin, flexible plastic, and bloat everything up so even if the hardware is good, the software works terribly. Personally, I'm waiting for the Moto 360 to come out, so I can find out some more on specs, pricing, etc. there before I get any of the Android Wear watches, but between the two that are available now, LG is most definitely the way to go.
+Wesley Files I know right, he wrote up this huge story bcuz it broke or whatever, welcome to REALITY!!
Shit happens!
That's why I am glad I waited for the Motorola 360 
I followed +Eric ERK 's advice and called Google back and specifically requested an rma. They agreed and will be getting in contact by email to arrange. Thanks for nothing Samsung! 
+Samsung Support USA Looks like you'd earn some serious brownie points with the Android Community here if you'd step in and save the day. Make the extra effort to make this right, please.
Well dumb ass you need to take better care of ur shit!!
I fail to understand how this company reached so high in this business. What amazes me even more, however, is how users actually buy their products, having Motorola, HTC
I love Samsung products & I never had a problem with ANY Samsung products I have purchased.
Ooh yeahh do whop la la la, who cares, Nah Nah Nah Na yeahhh..
+little boy blues..hehe
You got a free pre-production gift and it's broken.  What's the problem?  It's not like you paid for it...
They were cheap when they reused the old body without magnets and rigged this mechanism together. That is one of the main reasons I went with G Watch 
+Sowande Brown-Lawson bottom sure looks recycled to some degree. It takes more than a quick glance to determine if its a Gear or Live. Who used snap connectors in this day in age? The Gear one was cumbersome but at least didn't put stress on any component.
Sean G
Call Google back...
+Sowande Brown-Lawson True. Cumbersome for first model but didn't stress the watch itself. When they describe the unit material as stainless they are usually referring to face not the entire unit. So bottom will be plasticy or rubbery. Live doesn't look like they deviated from this.
If it happened that fast why wouldn't you outright return and wait for 360 or exchange for G Watch?
abel g.
+Rory Glynn I just received my Gear Live today. It came 60% charged. But then I decided to charge it to install the updates that were due. I'm not gonna lie, after I read this it had me pretty nervous about removing the charging dock after I was done.But I'm glad you were able to resolve your issue with Google/Samsung. My GS5's USB charging port door broke off after only 10 days. Samsung tried to charge me $165 to replace it. And my "Premium Handset" insurance through T-Mobile wouldn't cover it. Fuck Samsung! And thank you for sharing your story. 
+abel g. I'm glad I could be of assistance. Good luck with your watch! 
+Rory Glynn yikes! I reached the same conclusion for different reasons a while ago. Seems like Samsung needs to wake up.
abel g.
+Sowande Brown-Lawson Thanks for the info. Will keep that in mind. Although I read an article earlier on Engadget where it seems like this is becoming a common accurance. But never the less. Taking precaution with anything can prevent most disasters. 
Moto 360 might solve this issue of crappy hardware .... Anyways all Samsung products are total BS from phones till watches all are good looking but hollow from inside...
Its true I had an S3 and an S4 both were pain as they would crash abruptly and things were always haywire ... I brought a nexus 5 and since a year nothing has happened ...
We went thru the same horrible customer service with our Samsung HDTV. In our household we call them sam-sux. 
+Warren Park Hhaha +Warren that true... But if they want to improve then they should combine the software and hardware and make it sync for example in phones if you have android on S4 then make sure the battery is of high capacity and has enough ram and clockspeed to work heavy tasking .... it can be applied everywhere ... In apple(Not a fanboy) the OS and Hardware are working together and they dont put in stuff which the hardware cannot hold up thats why they get sold ...
I bought the galaxy gear (first one)...After 2 weeks the white strap was black/brown/grey. I complained. .similar experience to you, back and forth. Ending with me feeling the same ...burn in hell Samsung! They said to return to shop of purchase (bought on holiday) so impossible! They actually sent me to 4 different websites and 6 different customer 'service' (not sure if they know what that is?
Technology must be made by thinking about future and not doing haste to compete with world market
+Rory Glynn This is not a Gear Live. It is a Gear Fit. What gives? It also looks like you ran over it with a truck.
Samsung hates admitting it made a mistake. They are the same company that sent a guy a contract that said they will replace his phone only if he removes a viral video that he posted on YouTube of the phone of it spontaneously combusting.
+Eugene Hui that would be expected. The video was fraudulent in the first place. The guy is lucky they gave him a phone instead of putting the screw's to him.
I love Samsung's SSDs, TVs and a number of other products, but their mobile hardware sucks! They desperately need to kill of Tizen, stop making a new bloatware filled "Android" phone every few months and focus on making quality hardware that runs stock.
Rory, you'll have to run over the new one with a truck to do a fair comparison to the original.
I think this conversation is over.