I love +MAKE! Can't wait till I can save my pennies and build my own +MakerBot Industries Thing-O-Matic!
Do It Yourself = DIY
let's build this community on G+

With the holidays coming up I think it'd be neat to find all the folks on G+ who are making, crafting, tinkering, cooking, doing something "by hand", and wanting to share their lessons, learnings, crafts, home decor projects etc.

If that's you or someone you know - give a shout in the comments so we can find each other.

Use the hashtags #handmade #DIY #crafts #upcycle #hack #make to find inspiration.

Suggestions of people and pages I know and love:
+Limor Fried (featured in the pic) and her +Adafruit Industries - Hardware hacking at it's best
+phillip torrone, Senior Editor of +MAKE
+Brookelynn Morris who is heading up the presence of +MAKE and +Craft Magazines on G+
+MakerBot Industries - 3D Printers from NYC
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