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Powering the Stem Cell Revolution
Powering the Stem Cell Revolution

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Good Manufacturing Practice for Cell and Cell-Based Therapies: Facilities & Quality Control
Novel cell and cell-based therapies require
stringent manufacturing, testing and oversight to ensure integrity, function,
and above all else, patient safety upon administration.  Tissue-derived cellular products are
considered to be manufactured products an...

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Demystifying Clinical Translation of Stem Cell-Based Therapies
As our company matures and we continue to execute to our
mission of accelerating Regenerative Medicine , we find ourselves increasingly
involved in conversations around scalable cGMP cell manufacturing, qualification
of cell and cell-based therapies, and re...

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Opportunities for BioManufacturing Sciences to Accelerate Upscaled Mesenchymal Stem Cell Manufacturing Technologies
Contributed by:  Timothy R. Olsen, PhD - Sr.  Scientist, Process
and Product Development at RoosterBio Inc. After the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) identified upcoming challenges in the U.S. biopharmaceutical
manufacturing landscape...

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Orthopaedic Research Spotlight: ORS 2017 Annual Meeting
A guest blog post by RoosterBio Travel Award winner, Poonam Sharma . The annual
Orthopaedic Research Society meeting was an energetic and collaborative
conference attended by clinicians, industry professionals, and researchers. While
the attendees brought d...

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Guest Blog Post: The Ambitious Future of Tissue Engineering
Bagrat Grigoryan and Jordan Miller ,  Physiologic Systems Engineering & Advanced Materials Lab  at Rice University. Over the last
several decades, various advances in tissue engineering have allowed for the
not so distant possibility of replacing, repairing...

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At the Cutting Edge of 3D Bioprinting: WBC 2016 Round Up Part II
A guest blog post by RoosterBio Travel Award winner, Ian Kinstlinger . Presenting
on Open-source Selective Laser  Sintering  at WBC2016! Since 1980, the
international community of biomaterials scientists and engineers has convened
every four years to discus...

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World Biomaterials Congress 2016 Meeting Round Up Part I: Guest Blog Post
A guest blog post by RoosterBio Travel Award winner, Gisele Calderon . The World
Biomaterials Congress (WBC) takes place every four years with an
energy rivaling the Olympics. This Congress is the largest gathering of biomaterials-focused
researchers with o...

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Comparability of hMSC Economic and Quality Attributes after Expansion in Bovine Serum Containing vs Xeno-Free Bioprocessing Media Formulations
Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cells (hMSCs) , from bone marrow or other tissues, are
poised to have the most significant impact on Regenerative Medicine compared to
any other single cell type.  This
is due to their ability to be utilized across multiple th...

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ORS 2016 Annual Meeting Round-Up
A guest post by RoosterBio Travel Award winner, Katherine Hudson .  Rocking some RoosterBio swag! The Orthopaedic Research
Society (ORS) Annual Meeting brings together clinicians, scientists, and
engineers dedicated to addressing the current challenges faci...

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Towards a Cell Therapy Manufacturing Technology Roadmap -- Resources
RoosterBio was founded to accelerate the development of the Regenerative Medicine field by utilizing advancements in Manufacturing Sciences.  As such, we have long been involved in laying the groundwork for a Technology Roadmap for sustainable Cell Therapy ...
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