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Powering the Stem Cell Revolution
Powering the Stem Cell Revolution


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Building Effective Multi-Year Process Development Programs: Evolution of Technology Platform Decisions Based on Lot Size
Authored by Josephine
Lembong, Ph.D., Scientist, Product & Process Development & Jon Rowley,
Ph.D., Founder and Chief Product Officer, RoosterBio Inc. Previously, we published a blog post on estimating
hMSC lot sizes for clinical manufacturing , with the go...
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RoosterBio Products Continue to Expand Presence in Major Mesenchymal Stem/Stromal Cell (MSC)-related Regenerative Medicine Peer Reviewed Publications
Authored by Joseph Candiello, Ph.D., Technical Application Specialist Figure 1. Current
and emerging applications using hMSCs as a critical raw material. Human mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (hMSCs) are a critical
starting material in a growing variety of e...
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ISCT 2018: MSC Biomanufacturing, Bioprocessing, Scale-Up, Analytics and Exosome Production Take Center Stage
Authored by Katrina Adlerz, Ph.D. Scientist, Analytical Development, RoosterBio Inc. RoosterBio attended the International Society for Cell Therapy annual meeting, held
May 2-5, 2018 in Montreal, which brought together leaders in the field including
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Good Manufacturing Practice for Cell and Cell-Based Therapies: Facilities & Quality Control
Novel cell and cell-based therapies require
stringent manufacturing, testing and oversight to ensure integrity, function,
and above all else, patient safety upon administration.  Tissue-derived cellular products are
considered to be manufactured products an...
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Demystifying Clinical Translation of Stem Cell-Based Therapies
As our company matures and we continue to execute to our
mission of accelerating Regenerative Medicine , we find ourselves increasingly
involved in conversations around scalable cGMP cell manufacturing, qualification
of cell and cell-based therapies, and re...
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Opportunities for BioManufacturing Sciences to Accelerate Upscaled Mesenchymal Stem Cell Manufacturing Technologies
Contributed by:  Timothy R. Olsen, PhD - Sr.  Scientist, Process
and Product Development at RoosterBio Inc. After the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) identified upcoming challenges in the U.S. biopharmaceutical
manufacturing landscape...
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Orthopaedic Research Spotlight: ORS 2017 Annual Meeting
A guest blog post by RoosterBio Travel Award winner, Poonam Sharma . The annual
Orthopaedic Research Society meeting was an energetic and collaborative
conference attended by clinicians, industry professionals, and researchers. While
the attendees brought d...
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Guest Blog Post: The Ambitious Future of Tissue Engineering
Bagrat Grigoryan and Jordan Miller ,  Physiologic Systems Engineering & Advanced Materials Lab  at Rice University. Over the last
several decades, various advances in tissue engineering have allowed for the
not so distant possibility of replacing, repairing...
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At the Cutting Edge of 3D Bioprinting: WBC 2016 Round Up Part II
A guest blog post by RoosterBio Travel Award winner, Ian Kinstlinger . Presenting
on Open-source Selective Laser  Sintering  at WBC2016! Since 1980, the
international community of biomaterials scientists and engineers has convened
every four years to discus...
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World Biomaterials Congress 2016 Meeting Round Up Part I: Guest Blog Post
A guest blog post by RoosterBio Travel Award winner, Gisele Calderon . The World
Biomaterials Congress (WBC) takes place every four years with an
energy rivaling the Olympics. This Congress is the largest gathering of biomaterials-focused
researchers with o...
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