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Homewares and Furnitures to Buy Online
Homewares and Furnitures to Buy Online

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Product focus: Our premium modular office range and one of our most popular ranges: 

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The Multiplying Circle: Share 9

Taking this from 499 in the circle to ???!!! Let's do it!

This is the 9th Share of this circle, you can read up on what this is about here: 

Those that are part of The Multiplying Circle have agreed to:
1. Share this circle
- You need to share the circle to be in the circle, sharing in vital for us to continue to grow!!!
2. Invite someone to this circle
- When invited, share the circle. Easy way for me to know you want in.

#multiplyingcircle #circleshare #sharedcircles #circleoftheday

We will multiply when we have 400+ total shares.

** Share 8 had some serious engagement... over 335+ total shares, close to 1,000 comments and countless connections.  You want to be IN this circle... Another amazing share!*

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Beautiful. A lot to be said for the old worldly charm

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For our first product focus post, we wanted to share with you our favourite home office range. The 2400. Stunningly designed home office furniture. A european style that's not mega bucks:

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Checkout our shinny new site at
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