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My trip to Anchorage last year didn't work out, and it DEFINITELY won't happen this year, either. But I PROMISE, I'm going out there as soon as it's possible.

Mark those words. ;)

I've found that, at some point within the last few years, I began to feel a genuine sympathy for others that I'm sure didn't exist before. This feeling has amplified, slowly but steadily, as the years have passed. Is this some subset of wisdom that comes with age? Odd... I certainly don't feel any wiser. No, it can't be that.

Growing up, I was told that life can get pretty difficult from time to time. But I never expected to see so much suffering and pain in the world. I've seen lives dwindle before me. Human lives, with rich histories and deep personal stories to tell. Those once strong and important, now withering and nearly meaningless. I guess I've become concerned about the world.

Despite my own past misfortunes, I know that I am truly blessed. My psyche remains intact, I have several good friends, and as a person, I'm generally happy.

Don't misunderstand... I realize that, over the years, I've lost much. But my basic needs are met. I certainly don't have all of the things that I want. But these days, I spend my time wanting the things that I already have. I thank my lucky stars, every single day.

Now, if only I could see a little bit of that in everyone else. Bliss.


"Three things cannot be long hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth." -Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha

Truth first. Always.

Time is fleeting, good fortune is temporary, and people are transient. Appreciate what's real while you can. It won't be around forever.

And so begins a new journey. With a small, seemingly insignificant step.

Lots to love today! :)

"Leave her better than you found her." A cardinal rule.

I've learned so much from "the community." I've been spending a significant amount of time paying it forward - teaching whatever I can to those who approach me for information. I'm only too happy to share. Despite my distinct lack of experience (comparatively speaking), I've been able to help guide a few people toward exceptional results.

While I've surprised myself with the things we've been able to accomplish, I have to admit that I don't believe there is anything particularly amazing about what we do. I think we've simply stumbled upon an efficient, highly engaging way to unlock dormant potential, using our shared interest as a catalyst.

We all know, first hand, that this stuff works. Our performance has been greatly enhanced by the basics we've learned. In my case, I've adapted them to suit me, personally. I've deviated somewhat extensively from the basics. A prime difference is that I no longer see a reason to neg in order to DHV. It's just unnecessary for me at this point. I think negging can be directly counter to the above-mentioned cardinal rule.

I've opted to use a few social techniques I picked up from a communications expert, who actually advises the opposite of negging. After an extended field trial I performed, I've begun to agree, to some very real extent. I've found that making someone feel GOOD about themselves makes you more desirable within a social circle.

The problem is that the AFC can set himself up for a SERIOUS DLV, if he isn't careful. And most AFC's simply aren't careful about this. Above all, you must ALWAYS DHV. Always. Without failure or exception. And I don't think the see-saw technique (neg, DHV, neg, DHV) is as effective once the rest of your game is tight.

Anyway, I think that's more in keeping with the cardinal rule.

DISCLAIMER: This is extremely situational. Negging still has its uses, depending upon the circumstances. I just find it less useful for the types of sets I tend to open. And it's definitely unnecessary for some artists.

I was a broken man when you found me. Although I'm still imperfect, and will always be, you took the time to teach me that it's ok to be.

I love you for that. :)

How is it that the later I get up, the earlier I get to work?

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Got myself a Maschine some time ago. Finally hooked it up to my computer and fell in love. I missed my MPC 2500 until that moment. I have to say, the Maschine is QUITE capable. Her and I are going to make beautiful music together. ;)

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely”
-Carl Gustav Jung
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