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With Roof, Rinse & Run, it's two days and you're done!
With Roof, Rinse & Run, it's two days and you're done!

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Here's a great resource for slate roofing! 

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Welding a TPO Outside Corner

Excellent demo by a TPO master! This guy has decades of experience, and writes GAF TPO spec books, if I understood aright!

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Welding a TPO Inside Corner

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New video on:

Troubleshooting Leaks on a Sunroom Aluminum Flat Roof

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Nice looking home/roof IMO! Uses GAF Camelot Designer shingles (or equivalent). 

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Thought this was a very cool website design! Icons that draw themselves while the canvas is moving around! The designer, Icaro Lavrador, teaches using "Firebase" to store data securely in the cloud for mobile apps. 

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Throwback Thursday! Playing around with the torch in the shop. High heat can bring out all sorts of colors from copper. If you love it, you may be able to convince the boss man to custom finish one of our Home and Garden copper products for you - ;-)

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These are the goals I set December of 2014, to try to achieve in 2015:

--> Ramp up work volume to a point where we can transition from a contractor/subcontractor business model to an employee model.
STATUS: Not achieved.

--> Company shirts (and dress code) for the guys.
STATUS: Achieved.

--> Learn standing-seam metal installation.
STATUS: Achieved. (Installed one large standing seam roof, and helped on installation of another large standing seam roof).

--> Create and implement a full safety manual, as per +Bill Hubbell​​​​. We have a short one, but we need to increase it.
STATUS: Not achieved.

--> Increase our bottom line two-fold or more.
STATUS: Partially achieved. Net revenue was better in 2015 than in 2014, but it was not the two-fold increase hoped for.

--> Improved quality-control education and safety education for our workers.
STATUS: Not achieved. The subs being used don't like safety rules. I suppose at some point I can't control what they want to do, although quality control is certainly within my purview.

--> Begin offering financing through Wells Fargo/GAF program.
STATUS: Not achieved. I did not try to reapply to Wells Fargo, but I did manage to increase my personal and business credit score to some degree, and increase my personal credit limit by a lot.

--> Open business trade lines and a business credit card tied to the business name/EIN.
STATUS: Not achieved.

--> Vehicle wraps (advertising) for company truck and Prius.
STATUS: Not achieved.

Other items achieved in 2015 that were not listed as goals:
--> Creation of a Roof Bid Helper App (

--> Made a little progress on a Shingle Color Match App, which will allow a roofer to take a picture of a shingle in the field, and it will advice him what the closest color match is, using many different shingle brands and makes.

--> Made HUGE progress towards finished completion of a "Bizzy Books" App, which will be somewhat similar to QuickBooks, but more geared towards the business owner, and having many options and tools unavailable on QuickBooks.

--> Recovered from a back injury in April that I had by the base of a ladder slipping out and making me break my back.

--> Installed many small TPO roofs on residential properties on low-slope porch roofs.

--> Did some major commercial/industrial roof repairs, using GAF TopCoat.

--> Definitely want to increase the bottom line, and ensure safety to the best of my ability. Once again, I would like to see a two-fold increase in net profit.

--> Would like to get enough volume of residential asphalt shingle reroofs that I'm able to lower the price, be more competitive, secure a reasonable net profit, and provide more than the GAF required 12 enhanced warranty roofs in a year.

--> Would like to complete my two unfinished apps, and hopefully make some money off of them. I will need to set up websites describing the apps, and try to get traffic to those sites.

--> Keep track of every penny (business and personal) with my Bizzy Books app, and be able to analyze data a whole lot better.

--> Increase personal credit score to Good or Excellent, and increase business credit score to 50 or better.

--> Try to meet folks at events in town to increase word-of-mouth advertising. This kind of advertising converts very well (80%+) and is free.

--> If I can make sufficient money off of app creation (Android, and, I plan to learn the language for Apple app creation), I would like to either entirely or partially get out of roofing, since it is a dangerous trade regardless of how careful you are! :)

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Wow - this beautiful calendar app (I guess it's a web-based app) uses only CSS! 
#CSS -Only Calendar App

Another beautiful app concept by David Piano with incredibly smooth transitions and slick #CSS3 and #Sass.
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