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Have you cried or seen a man cry because of a film?
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Didn't cry at Top Gun or Stand by Me - but I saw it when I was much younger so maybe didn't affect me then! Might now!

Haven't seen Million Dollar Baby and Old Yeller.

The rest I'll admit too. (Notebook just got me, actually think it was the wife who tipped me over the edge! - She cried 50 minutes in and was still crying 30 minutes after the film!)

ET - I can watch now no problem now.

I can't even hear the music for Marley without it getting to me, having been there with my pets - it's horrible!

Up is a crusher, that first 20 minutes is one of the best pieces of Cinema ever resulting in all the adults crying when I was at the cinema!! And then later they do it all again!

Toy Story 3 I have to agree but it's not the ending even though I did tear up but more out of happiness than sadness. The scene that kills me is the furnace, because it's just a stunning piece of cinema. I couldn't see how they were getting out of it, and when they all hold hands in silence it is heartbreaking! Another film I depart if the kids have it on.

Extras - Grave of the Fireflies, war animation that leaves me emotionally drained!

Phar Lap is a film which utterly destroyed me when I was 16, never watched it again.

A.I - this film tore me up, even after his callous "mother" dumps him in the woods! (Which is bad enough) all he wants is to spend one day with her at the end, to be loved! Killed me!

Pay it Forward - never watched it again!

Bridge to Terabithia - you can't do that! this is a kids film, so out of the blue it was horrible! Plus the ending (on a happier note)

Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door - I didn't cry at the time, but there is no way in hell I'll ever be watching this film again, utterly heartbreaking true story!

With 3 kids anything with Kids in it or animals and there is a good chance it will get to me!

Well tonight I am watching Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas!!!! Wonder how this will end for me - my daughter who has seen it said to me - "Can you handle it?" ........ I doubt it!
It sounds like you have had films pull your heart strings on numerous occasions. Does that mean that if a film makes you cry, more often than not you choose not to watch them again?
No - I'll still watch some of them. Just others like Pay it forward, or even something like We need to talk about Kevin, the subject matter can just put me off watching it again. Like JK The Girl Next Door, just don't think they warrant multiple viewings, maybe once every 10 years!!!
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