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Really, this is the most irresponsible, frustrating company.

People will at some point lose their zealous devotion and have some minimal criticism of this nonsense. I can't wait to see the decline of Apple, nice hardware, dangerous business!
Could it really be so important to keep every cent that Apple has sent a team of lawyers to fight against refunding a few misleading in-app purchases
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Totally disagree. An iphone is not a toy for small children! If your child buy in-app content, it's your responsibility to teach them to ask you before. It's easier to blame big bad corporation than to take responsibility...
The business model is set up for this, no other corporation demands a valid credit card (or some convoluted way around) it to download any updates. Need firmware for any device, you can freely download it, not for Apple devices.

Buy any Apple device, the first thing you must do is enter your credit card to check if there are any updates, Absolute nonsense, this very model is designed ensures consumers will spend money.

Apple is strict on making sure every-thing is is protected. They make it easy for kids to use, no worries about adult content. You can't have it both ways.
Not sure about that. I removed my credit card and now I use itunes cards to have better control over my spending. When the card is empty, I can't buy anything, so I don't have nasty surprises.
I think that shows it can be used responsibly, however you felt the need to take deliberate action to ensure purchases are limited.

I am a notorious cheapskate, so i like to have to take action to spend my money :)
I'm a big spender so I like when it's easy to spend! :)
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