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Chrome i18n is hot -
But it replaces _MSG_name_ only in the manifest and *.css.
I use *.less, so it doesn't work. 

Would be lovely if that's fixed, and in the meantime any suggestions for workarounds and tolerable hacks would be appreciated.

+Addy Osmani , +Ido Green+Google Chrome Developers 

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Join us to chat about web development stuff

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Added photos to FEDs Hangout #1 - CSS Workflow.

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בואו נדבר קצת על פרונט אנד. טיפים, רעיונות, כלים, דעות, הכל הולך.
הערב נדבר על CSS Worflow - דברים כמו PSD to HTML, עבודה עם ספרייטים, live reload, פיתוח בתוך הדפדפן, Compass ועוד.

לצערי המקום מוגבל ללא יותר מעשרה אנשים בו זמנית.

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Check this out

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A quick experiment I created a while ago - The beloved "Etch A Sketch", now on html5 canvas. Back to the drawing board :-)

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I'm not clear about circles privacy. Do they must be public?
And another thing - Can I add someone to more than one circle?
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