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#ingress   #sitrep  
SITREP: 7 layers over Den Bosch, Zaltbommel, Tiel and Leerdam
Mindcontrol: 181kMU/layer
Planning: DeRoLa (me)
Ops: Raponsje
Fielding: DeRoLa, FirmatDriveNow, LynX1983
Clearing: KYGooner, PascalRoose, Corvusluminus, Lovelas

Yesterday we did our first fielding operation, which started as a 3 man OP. After identifying the possible field we set the date for 5 days later because of the busy life of one of the agents with his newborn. This gave additional time for keyfarming and planning. But this was also stressful, because the initial almost open paths had to be kept clean until the OP. 

At the day of the OP I did some key-management according to the plan. While I checked very well which keys went to my team-mates I assumed I had the right ones. In the end I missed 2 keys which costed us 2 of the 9 planned layers. 

3 agents were already clearing when we started to drive to the anchors. At that same moment a blue multi-layer field started to cross our plan. This needed some additional clearing. Agent Lovelas who shot a blocker from the north helped out to clear his own and other friendly links. 

Agent Raponsje offered at the very last minute to do OPS. This made us very happy, because we realized that coordinating this additional clearing could not be done while driving. I will never do a big OP without OPS again. She coordinated very well, making this OP a success. 

Shooting went according to plan, except for the missing two keys. All three fielding agents made their golden illuminator badges, well on their way to platinum. 

For a first fielding operation we were very happy. This tastes like more. Of course we had some learning points, which did not break the success. In the end we had a very strong team from which you will hear more. 

Special thanks to agent PascalRooose who did all his clearing and building a corridor by bike. KYGooner for additional clearing and support at the anchorpoint. Lovelas for coming back to clean his own mess. And of course Raponsje for last-minute OPS.
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Great combo! #persopolis datingfair

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#enlightened have captured the Jaarbeurs #persopolis

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#persepolis #NL Of course on wooden shoes!

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Traveling to Utrecht for the #enlightened #persepolis bike-team. 

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The +Bestuur Nluug conference at 28 May is packed with interesting talks. Now also with workshops and talks about Docker, security and an open source case study.

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Sinterklaasjournaal: Iedereen in Nederland wordt voortdurend afgeluisterd!

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Very cool full-scale X-wing starfighter. The coolest thing is that it is build with normal blocks. 

Android is such a mess. The only way to upgrade to a new OS-version is to buy a new phone? A 2 year old phone running Gingerbread with no available update. Unbelievable.

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My new Boldking razor blades arrived today. Amazed by the service and quality compared to the price. Definitely an endorsement.
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