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请停止从犀角获取药物,粉末状的犀角没有任何药用价值,但来之中国的大量需求却严重导致野生犀牛的锐减。获得更多信息,请联系 Matthew Wilkinson

Want to help in the fight against Rhino poaching? Then give 5 minutes of your time and watch this video of the rangers from Kariega in South Africa where 3 rhinos were poached on March 2nd.

Then what can you do? You can share this post, share this video. You can write to your most local South African Embassy asking what are they doing. (For a full list, click

You can link up with other like minded conservation folk like me here on +Google+ and get updates, stories and share them with your circles.

Hope to speak soon. Matt.
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