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Ronnie Tucker

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Tinkering with +Fritzing Org for #arduino  wiring diagrams. You can download Fritzing from: (free or with donation).

If you think this wiring looks bad, you should see the real thing...  :D
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Ronnie Tucker

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Thank God I don't need to walk through woodland very often   O_O
I'm not going through the woods again...
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That is exactly what I thought +Paul Scollon
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Ronnie Tucker

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Avoidance sensor + buzzer = noise!

Although, I've no idea what the fourth pin on the avoidance sensor does. It's cryptically labeled with EN beside it. :/
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Double check first. It's been some time since I got my hands dirty with electronics.
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Ronnie Tucker

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I'm not keen on all the love story crap in the new trailer, but the big G is lookin' good!  :)
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I just wish they'd used a guy in a suit rather than CGI. I'm sure it would have saved them a fortune and looked truer to the originals.

Oh, and less of that lovey dovey crap. More 'zilla.  :D
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Ronnie Tucker

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This is easily the most awesomest thing I've seen today. A ten in one retro console.

I am officially interested. Be nice if it took ROMs though.

Hint hint +Hyperkin Inc  :)
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Ronnie Tucker

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Combined the #Arduino LCD code, and the code for the humidity sensor to create a little temperature gauge thingy.
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V nice mate :)
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Ronnie Tucker

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The Easter Bunny has something for you...  :D
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Ronnie Tucker

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Dear customer,
We do apologise if you have not yet received your Easter eggs from our bunny. Please be assured that he is on his way.
Many thanks,
The management.
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Ronnie Tucker

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Me, most mornings. :D
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Having said that... I'm on the Orange Lucozade this morning.  :D
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Ronnie Tucker

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A panoramic photo I took this afternoon of 'The Pond' in Glasgow.
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IPhone can't do photospheres anyway. Nice one mate.
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Artist in Pastel, Watercolour ink and even comic books!
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Ooh look, a pencil! *grabs*
I'm a self-taught artist doing pet, wildlife and people portraits in pastel/pencil/charcoal, with comic and illustrative work using ink and/or watercolour.

Hell, I've even got one of those 'website' things at: where I take commissions.
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