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Bearded family man, DNR Medic, Web Design & SEO. Govenor at H2oSocial, Technology Geek, Greek Speaker, East Coast Born & Bred With a Heavy Influence From Athens GR & A Healthy Dose of Seattle

General Overview: I pride myself as a family man. As my passions are many, I have a great passion in my start up company +H2OSocial, a Consulting, SEO, Internet Marketing, Content Creation & Web Design Company. 

Purpose or Why I Am Here:  I'm here to network & connect with individuals that have a passion for the spread of information & desire for success.

My Google+ Philosophy In a Nutshell
I believe that Google+ when used properly is for a seasoned "Social Networker". With this said, Google+ is set up in a way that you never know what could spread and land itself on the What's Hot List.  Ill also mention that work to post content that I feel is worth looking at. Google+ is not Twitter nor is it Facebook, so I work to operate accordingly!

Expected Content 
In efforts to narrow down what content you may see from me I will list the following, although I am not limited to these! 

  • Articles that I published on with topics such as; Search Engine Optmization, Web Design, Social Media & SMM and DIY type of content.
  • The above mentioned subject matter
  • Technology related subject matter
  • Science related subject matter
  • Infographics
  • Intriguing photos that I feel could go viral
  • Various photos of my kids that I feel have a cute factor to them, most likely photoshoped in some way or another! 
Lets connect!
I am Social. Would love to connect with you all further on my other Social Networks that I am active on such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (@ronniekirchner), PinterestReddit !

Would love to take my skills & experience & add value to your company! Look me up on LinkedIn !

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Personal Website:
Company Website:

Bragging rights
On G+ since June 2011, I can rebuild your engine, establish, rank & market your brand, possess the skills to start an IV & provide you life support & still up to tearing it up on anything with a motor or partnering with you in any extreme sport!
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What Bitcoin was like back in 2011

I finally updated my personal blog @ with a short #bitcoin related post.

I object to call myself an early adopter but will venture to say that I was an "early adopter" of bitcoin faucets. I remember back then faucets paying out 0.01BTC - 0.001BTC hourly. 

Sub titles like:
Bitcoin Exchanges & Ease of Purchase
Early Adopter Bitcoin Faucets Produce Long Term Yield <--lulz

Thanks in advanced for checking it out. Cheers...

#bitcoin   #btc   #cryptocurrency   #crypto   #blog   #ronniek  
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yeah, i just got up to speed on where its at today...  wow,
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Temporary Dispoable Email Service

While this is probably nothing new under the sun. I personally have never come across something of its kind & found it intriguing to say the least.  below is a link to my personal blog describing my personal thoughts on the wave of discussion on internet privacy.

The about section is labled as "WTF?" and elaborates on the service stating: There's no signup or passwords. Any random address such as can be used.  It states that a user has the opportunity to edit this address (just like you would with . A user has the ability to choose an alternative domains. All addresses last forever, and anyone can access this address. The "WTF" section elaborates that Email messages are held for one hour before they are purged from their servers, regardless if you check your inbox. This anonymous email service implements basic SSL encryption.I was excited to see that they even offer #api   access!

While researching the topic, I also came across another similiar email service provider that is even more temporary and/or disposable found here:

As always, I furthered this post and elaborated more on the services and my view in general on Internet privacy.

#email   #privacy   #anonymous   #anonymity   #disposable   #wtf   #temporary  
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Vapor Pressure Gradient

#creek   #herford   #maryland   #fog   #foggyfriday  
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Ronnie Kirchner

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Good Morning Sunrise Google+

Thought I would share a  photo from the past.

Pre-Surf Session Sunrise 
Winter of 2003
Bayfront Parkway @ the 1st Bridge Crossing 
Pensacola, Florida 

Original Instagram Post ::
Lets Network, Follow Me On Instagram ::

#pensacola   #florida   #sunrise   #floridasunrise   #skystream   #plusonecollection2012   #winterwednesday   #photooftheday   #morning   #goodmorning   #surfsession   #instagram  
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Ronnie Kirchner

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Question on Cats & Internet Trending
(1# Tuesday)
Its not often a picture of a cat appears on my socials. Its often that cats show up on our feeds. Now please understand I am fond of cats. I am a "Dog Lover" as they say and Animal Planet sits at top 5 basic cable media. But still....

Cats are cute but not cute enough to syndicate. I'm sure I would swoop some followers if I pushed out some "Adorable Cat Posts" but just I can't do it. Imagine, not even on Facebook. (Side Rant: Is Facebook's starting to fizzle out more quickly among some youth?)

Networks,Communities, Circles....they all have different thoughts processes and mentalities.  Online cultures and populations. Everybody is different. Ok, we all know this. 

After 2 Google Search queries, I lost interest & found more interest in composing this post. Why do you think cats trend ? 

Let me know and #happynewyear2013  
Happy New Year's Eve! 

So… was 2012 a good year for you? What do you expect out of 2013?
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Have him in circles
2,638 people
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Ronnie Kirchner

commented on a video on YouTube.
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What an incredible journey!
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I have always said that a #wingsuit  is the closest that humans can get to free flying but never considered it the closest we can get to a Lucid Dream in an awake state. One day....
Until then +Luke Hively shows us how it is done.

#wingsuitflying   #luciddreaming  
Watch Lucid Dreams 3 at:

Thanks for all the amazing times with the greatest people in my life... We sure are having fun.  -with +Brad Perkins, +Charity Dover-Kelly, Eugene Edwards.  #basejumping   #wingsuit   #skydiving   #dallasbasecrew  +DriftInnovation +Laura Seward +Rupert Osborne 
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To: Heavens Gate
Photo taken on a LG VM670. Android 2.2 Froyo ;-)

#rainbow   #instagram  
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Ronnie Kirchner

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Oh Internet 

This photo (originally posted via my instagram feed) was taken behind the scenes, at one of my work-flow environments.  Displaying the network switch and post-switch bundle of a medium size intranet (50+ host on-site, 500-1000 hosts in total on intranet) . The eyes of a non-geeks may view this merely as an entanglement of wires. The eyes of a Geek/Technology enthusiast could view this as a working piece of art. While an Networking IT may view this simply a bundle of work. Next to this Network switch and bundle of LAN cables, sat a simple analog telephony switch. A piece of hardware that looked completely obsolete and resembled something from the dark ages. Non the less the Internet has grown at a tremendous velocity and its mind blowing to imagine a few decades from know this networking setup will be clunky and obsolete piece of hardware. Surely a setup that our children will be snickering at. Oh Internet...

Original Post:
Original Photo Post:

Tags: #ohinternet   #networking   #intranet   #photooftheday   #photo   #instagram   #internet   #workflow   #workspace   #behindthescenes   #networkswitches   #blog  
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+Yongmeng Tian  the main line/feed going in was fiber. I was only able to take a few pictures until the old head maintenance guy got nervous for no reason. I had never seen a fiber optic "junction box" (I might be butchering the terminology here) I wanted to get a photo of this junction box set up but maybe next time. posting via Android browser thus I can't tag you. hope you get this Yongmeng. thanks for commenting.
updated-- tag added!
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Ronnie Kirchner

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(0# Tuesday)
This little guy has made his Internet rounds. You know what I am going to say....

Happy New Year 2013

Nice share by the way +Eli Fennell I like it. 

#happynewyear2013   #cute   #survived2012   #kid   #achievementunlocked  
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+angella ricci Whoo raaa....We knew you would. You go it... 
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