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DIY Explorer, Fear the Beard
DIY Explorer, Fear the Beard

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Shoot this footage last night. I left late from work and was on my way home. It was quite the scene. Baltimore county fire, Maryland State police everywhere. I was one of the last cars that passed through the wreck site before they shut the highway down. Chills ran down my spine when I passed by and saw the white sheet over the Audi A6 and the emergency crews just standing there with no urgency. I knew exactly what that meant. So my condolences goes out to the driver's family. 

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Jonesy's Adit 2015 Coming soon!

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Jonesy's Adit 2015 Coming Soon!

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What Bitcoin was like back in 2011

I finally updated my personal blog @ with a short #bitcoin related post.

I object to call myself an early adopter but will venture to say that I was an "early adopter" of bitcoin faucets. I remember back then faucets paying out 0.01BTC - 0.001BTC hourly. 

Sub titles like:
Bitcoin Exchanges & Ease of Purchase
Early Adopter Bitcoin Faucets Produce Long Term Yield <--lulz

Thanks in advanced for checking it out. Cheers...

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