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+Melina M That's what they call themselves. I've always found that curious too.
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Looking for online backup. But definitely not any of that cloud storage. 😵


Can anyone recommend me an online Android device backup service like iDrive (I don't want iDrive) for Android?

(No cloud storage like Google Drive etc.)
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Synology or Qnap would work. Or a WD WiFi HDD
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Your taxes have to go somewhere. Either to people who'll spend it in their local economy or to people who'll send it to China and the Cayman islands.
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Best alarm app. Period.
Started using this last night. Using with my Moto 360. Pretty cool. Seemed to work well. Interested in what it shows me after several days.
Smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. Wakes you gently in optimal mo...
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An accelerated Moore's law applies to The Bern's popularity. It doubles every few months
Bernie Sanders Is Gaining Ground Fast In Iowa. His Support Has Doubled Since May.

The survey of 761 likely Democratic Caucus attendees, finds Bernie Sanders’ support has risen from 15 percent in the May poll to 33 percent in the July survey. Sanders was at just 5 percent in February.

Sanders has closed the gap In Iowa. In May, he trailed Hillary Clinton 60-15. Now he is down just 52-33.
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It's Time to Bern!
Top 10 Things You Can Do To Help Bernie Sanders
A TO-DO list for newcomers to the political process

So you love what +Bernie Sanders has to say, and want to help out. That rocks. Thank you for committing yourself to fixing what ails our country. Below is a checklist of concrete things you can do to help out with starting today. Remember, the only thing required for villains to win is for ordinary folks to do nothing.

1. Like/Follow/Share Bernie’s official pages on every social media site you are on
2. Sign up to volunteer, donate, and buy some merchandise
3. Get to know the issues
4. Register to vote
5. Start attending your local Democratic Party meetings
6. Train how to campaign effectively
7. Host events
8. Recruit volunteers
9. Talk to everyone about Bernie
10. Have fun!

1. Like/Follow/Share Bernie’s official pages on every social media site you are on


Make sure to check on his posts daily. Like each one, consider leaving a well thought out comment, and share it using the hashtags: #Bernie2016 and/or #FeelTheBern 

2. Sign up to volunteer, donate, and buy some merchandise


This grassroots movement is going to take a while to get organized, so don't expect them to give you events to volunteer for right away. Much of this will you figuring out yourself how best to help out. Sign up to volunteer anyways, and get on the mailing list to stay up to date on what's going on.  Bernie is not going to be selling himself out to the billionaires who are pillaging our country, so it is important to donate anything you can afford. Even $5 seriously helps. If you can afford it, but some merchandise from the store to wear proudly in public to spread the word. Be cautious of unofficial merch sites though unless they specifically promise to donate most of the proceeds to Bernie's campaign. 

3. Get to know the issues 

We are not going to win over people unless we actually understand WHY Bernie's message is so compelling and why he actually has the solutions to what ails our country.  This means actually reading up on the issues so you not only understand them, but can explain them to people who don't pay attention, and also to counter the common counter-arguments by the shock troops of the oligarchy. Start with the big 3: Wealth Inequality, Getting Big Money Out of Politics, and Stopping Climate Change.

4. Register to vote as a Democrat

Registering to vote can be easy or tedious depending on whether your state's political structure is designed to encourage or discourage people from exercising their democratic right to vote. Even if you identify more as an Independent, Green Party, etc., make sure you register as a Democrat since Bernie is running in the Democratic Party. Once you're registered, make sure you stay registered next year, because a certain party has a habit of purging people from the voter rolls so they show up and suddenly are ineligible to vote. 

5. Start attending your local Democratic Party meetings

Nearly every part of America has some type of local Democratic Party unit that meets regularly. Some local units are highly organized, have regular functions, and good attendance. Others may just have a few people meet a few times each year, but have more regular meetings at the state capitol or large metropolitan areas. Whatever the case, start attending these meetings and take an active role. 
While most Democrats that attend meetings will likely agree with most of what you do too, understand that unlike the Republican Party that has a very strictly enforced ideological conformity, the Democratic Party is a “big tent.”  There are progressive, centrist, and even some conservative Democrats, and we have a wide variety of views on a wide variety of issues. Many Democrats support Hillary. That's OK. You can point out some differences, but don't go negative. Stay positive. 

Bernie has the edge on the authenticity, a message that resonates, and enthusiasm so our numbers will continue to grow. Show up, be nice, stay respectful, and bring friends, especially those that don't traditionally vote. We need to have enough Bernie supporters going to all tiers of Democratic Party meetings to eventually win the primaries in each state. This is essential. 

6. Train how to campaign effectively

Getting someone elected is way more complicated than it should be since big money has turned it into slick advertising campaigns, so there is a lot to learn. The oligarchy spent 42% of the money in the 2014 election to try to buy the results they want. Understand that it is very difficult to counter this caliber of corruption in our campaign system, but progressive champions like Paul Wellstone have proven throughout history that we can win with grassroots, people-powered politics if we fight hard enough and have a good game plan. To win, we need to FOCUS our energy and enthusiasm, and this requires getting trained on the best ways to campaign.

See if you can attend one of the incredibly informative trainings offered by Camp Wellstone, Democracy For America, Progressive Majority, various unions, or even your state's Democratic Party. Most of these are 2 day seminars of intensive study and interactive exercises, although there are some slightly less effective online courses. There is a cost to these, but if you are poverty stricken, let them or your local Democratic unit know, and there is often assistance to help defray the costs. 

7. Host events

Digital Activism, or Clicktivism is a good start, but real world solutions require real world action. You can start by hosting events. A good way to begin is with a Bernie Party at your house, at a local park, or  at a local coffee shop, restaurant, or bar. Consider putting it on the Progressive Democrats of America and/or People For Bernie calendar. Spread the word locally, let the local media know about it, then have some good conversations!  

8. Recruit volunteers

If we are going to defeat big money in this campaign with our grassroots movement, we are going to need legions of volunteers. This means recruiting others into the fold. Set a goal to get 10 new people involved by the end of the year, and encourage them to bring in 10 more people each. Town by town, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county, and state by state we can win this, but it requires actually doing something, persuading voters, and getting new people involved.

9. Talk to everyone about Bernie

Talk to friends, relatives, neighbors, coworkers, and random strangers that you bump into about Bernie. 

10. Have fun!

While the issues our nation and world are facing can be daunting, fixing them is a joyous endeavor. It's never a question of whether something is possible or not, but HOW we do it. We are lucky to be embarking on an epic quest of this magnitude. We are the tip of the spear of bold reform, and when we are finished, life will be better for all Americans. Have fun in your daily journey to make this happen. 

#FeelTheBern   #Bernie2016   #Politics   #Progressive  
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And it was all run on a machine less powerful than a modern calculator
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An oligarchy is a system run by a few rich people for their own benefit. Usually to the detriment of anyone else.

The USA is now one of those. Use what little voice you have left to get your representation back... Otherwise it's back to taxation without representation and we all know how well that turned out before!

"American democracy is a sham, no matter how much it's pumped by the oligarchs who run the country (and who control the nation's "news" media)," he writes. "The US, in other words, is basically similar to Russia or most other dubious 'electoral' 'democratic' countries. We weren't formerly, but we clearly are now."

From a Princeton university study that looked at what people want vs what the government end up actually doing, they found that the government only do stuff if a small minority of rich people want it to happen, regardless of what the majority wants.
Ya think?
What in the World: A new report finds that an elite few dominate US policy, the human error behind South Korea's ferry tragedy, and Algeria's uneasy status quo election.
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Totally agree
Are you listening, BBC? America Needs You -- 
Why America Needs Question Time:

There's no shortage of Americans available to remind you that elected politicians often forget who put them in office. Once elected, priorities change, constituencies often differ (neighbors and constituents vs. lobbyists, etc.), and relationships change. Elected politicians have an obligation to the government in which they represent, and sometimes -- as unfortunate as it may be -- change is made best from the outside.

That being said, politicians far too often are not held accountable by the people who elected them, and faith and distrust of government will continue to grow as long as politicians remove themselves from the most integral part of the political process: debate.

Now, while the UK has got its own problems to sort -- and believe me, that list is long, just like any other industrialized nation -- a popular UK television program(me) called Question Time finds a brilliant way of holding politicians and political individuals accountable to the public; at the very least, via a public debate.

In case you've not seen an episode of Question Time, here's a roundup: the program is produced by public broadcaster, BBC, which invites five individuals to participate in a panel debate in front of a live studio audience, who ask questions and deliver comments to the panel. While members of the panel represent different aspects of UK politics: government representatives, authors, pundits, candidates, scholars -- they are each treated fairly and in the same regard. There's a degree of respect amongst the panel without any ridiculous hierarchy and ego-inflating rubbish commonly found in American television. Members of the panel realize that their titles are not as important as the content coming from their mouths.

In American politics, as opposed to productive debate, Americans, unfortunately, witness only the public arguments and nicety that hasn't gotten us anywhere. The real debate happens behind-the-scenes in the so-called "backroom" (see: Albany, NY). Americans are disinterested in public policy, ill-informed in the affairs of government, and have been too excluded from the democratic process to care very much about the issues we face -- a dilemma that will only worsen. When as few as 1 in 10 Americans support the Congress and when as many as 60-70% disagree with the work of the government, there is much to be done. After all, governments only work when they have the consent of the governed, right?

One is not advocating a series of "President's Questions", in which the President would sit on Capitol Hill and answer compromising questions from the opposition. 

But, America, you need Question Time. You deserve it. Americans deserve an opportunity to see our political leaders defend their beliefs. Americans deserve an opportunity to see political leaders challenged in an open and respectful environment. If trust is ever to be resotred between the public and the government, political leaders will need to be held accountable for their beliefs, their political actions, and the affairs of their government. In an era in which petty politics dominates the news coverage, it's time for national media to make a (literally) smart investment and give it a fair shot. 

A daily program on a major broadcast network (like CBS, Fox, NBC, ABC) or perhaps a digital revolutionary like YouTube (are you listening, Google? ;)) would go a long way. Cable networks featuring programs with political pundits are entertaining, but do not challenge the decision makers. Current programs do not create a fair, legitimate platform for putting decisionmakers and pundits on the spotlight. The right kind of spotlight - where stories are generated with substance. 

Programs today have not thus far met this need. Are you listening, networks and platforms? It's time to empower Americans and light the fire anew. America needs a program that empowers viewers, not the political mouthpieces.

Any of you G+ers watch #BBCQT  too? What're your thoughts?
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That's fair. I'd fear that's the very aspect that would be the primary focus on any US version of the show
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The reason you can't get a job with your degree is because you did a shit degree.

There is still a massive skills gap in pretty much all STEM fields. The world is especially lacking engineers. Programming, web development, drone maintenance.

Not all degrees are created equal. Maybe universities should be more transparent about how many employers are actually looking for the skills they're teaching
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Paul Ho
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Yes Greece fucked up. Twice. Maybe three times.

But we're not sadists or in the business of cutting off Europe's nose to spite the Greek face. Letting Greece default is not in anyone's interest and doing it to punish them for past errors is to do the whole EEC a disservice in the long run.

This shines a bright light on how messed up the IMF is. How it is basically designed to keep poor countries in crippling debt. It lends them money, that they never even get to see or touch, then it takes up to 1/3 of their export revenues to pay down the never ending interest payments. Causing them to borrow more to make up the shortfall and perpetuating the cycle again. The IMF essentially transfers money to itself on behalf of poor countries. It also saps up most of the foreign aid you and I donate to these places.

Not only that, the infrastructure loans they provide come with conditions attached that force a poor nation to give up control over their natural resources... Which is how Africa can be the richest continent in terms of natural resources but still be in abject poverty with no end in sight.
As a German (and a German TAX PAYER!), I am ashamed — no: I’m actually ANGRY at those arrogant assholes politicians that reign us. And now they are making fun of Greece for using <gasp> a tool of democracy: asking the people what they want.
Nick Dearden: Sixty years ago, half of German war debts were cancelled to build its economy. Yet today, debt is destroying those creditors
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A whole country never messes up but sometimes the greed of a few can destroy everybody else.  Now is solution time and we need people who are trying to solve the problem and if the home of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle can't be rescued what hope is there for others as the dominos start falling.
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Amazing curry. That old skool taste you're looking for
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Great food. Imagine a kebab but made with real meat that you can identify
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This place is a gem!
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Staff could be better. ATM is a little dodgy
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Love Nando's
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