YouTube Channel Featured Tab - NEW Options...

This post shows screen shots of the various options you will see now inside your YouTube Featured Tab settings. Each one is annotated with notes as to what you can choose and what you will see. 

This is for Your Channel's Featured 'video', not to be confused with the newly released YouTube InVideo Programming 'Featured Video' option...

Bonus TIP: Use the YouTube Channel Layout called Live Broadcaster for best results!

10 Screen Shots:  (h/t: +Robert Redl for the find)
✓ 1 - Where to go to use these options; Edit the Featured Tab

✓ 2 - Your Uploaded Video list; Shows what videos you have uploaded

✓ 3 - After an Uploaded Video has been selected

✓ 4 - NEW A List of Previously Live Events; Shows videos that were Live Streamed (Hangouts on Air - HOA) at one time but are no longer live

✓ 5 - NEW After a Previously Live Event video (HOA) has been selected

✓ 6 - Your various Playlists listed

✓ 7 - After a Playlist is selected; Choose a video from within a Playlist to display in the Featured Tab

✓ 8 - NEW Upcoming Live Events; Your HOA has started but not gone Live Yet... (could be a hint at a future option to schedule HOAs!)

✓ 9 - NEW Active Live Events; After HOA is Live (not sure if you have to choose this or it is chosen automatically when you go live)

✓ 10 - What the Public Sees when your Live Event (HOA) Video is Streaming LIVE

These new options let you control more of what the viewer of your channel gets to see. Many of the options listed here allow you to check a box that will automatically choose the most recent video in that category, or the "Most Recent Video in Featured Set".

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YouTube Channel Featured Tab - new options
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