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How to Share Photos & Photo Albums in the new Google Plus
Here is a short explainer video on how you can share photos on Google Plus. Basics here:

And for the deep dive into the details click here:
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Thank you so much for this information. I just figured it all out a few minutes before seeing this video :) Good info.
I just noticed there is a 'share highlights' option. I really like the highlights feature and didn't realise that it can be done on an album basis either. Organising photos is a PITA, I might use G+ even more now this chore is easier.
Nice presentation +Ronnie Bincer 
Where do you get your background music from?
It's and nice and fitting background music 
Thanx for the share , shared again to my stream...
+Morten Madsen Thanks for the thought, but this is a video created by Google, I simply found it and reshared it here for all to find/view.
how to send posts with photos on Google plus
what's aggravating is that you can't "save" (and I don't mean download) the albums that have been shared WITH you (like you could with Picasa). If you had a great album shares WITH you a year ago, it's very inconvenient to find again. Why not have a "favorites" or "shared with you" tab? Seems so obvious I can't figure out why they haven't done it! It's been requested numerous times. Am I missing something?
How do I use individual photo on my own website via a link? I used to do this, now I can't find the "link" button for each image?
+Elizabeth Howard I'm not sure I understand your question... is it a Google plus photo question or a how do I use my website question?
Nobody is forcing you to stay.
Have they added the "favorite this album" feature yet for albvums shared with you yet? 
+Erik Ruben where did you see that announced or that 'favorite this album' was a feature? Or are you simply stating that you'd like to be able to 'favorite' an album?
Is there any way to share all photos with another person or circle? I'd like to always share all photos with my wife, but I don't see how to share a collection of photos not in an album. 
I was just saying I would like it. .mi was hoping it's possible after recent upgrades to photos and I've missed it.
I second that with Andrew - Is there any way to share all photos with another person or circle? I'd like to always share all photos with my wife, but I don't see how to share a collection of photos not in an album.
+Google+ Help there seems to be some renewed interest in sharing photos with certain people, can you please comment re. the above comments please?
The key thing is for them to be available in albums, not just the conversation scream wherein you can't easily find or see all in one place
Not a great option since this would have to be done each time photos were added in the future, and it would be hard to figure out if anything was missing.  It would be the same situation on her side. 

Consider implementing a shared photo space where people could upload and organize shared photos. This would simply things greatly for families. 
I'd vote for that! At the moment my wife and I are both travelling in different parts of the world and it would be great to see all of each others photos!
Can I share an album with someone who doesn't use Google plus? Will they get an easy link to click on?
With Picasa, I could send an album link to anyone I chose, and they could access the link without having to set up an account on Picasa. I cannot figure out this feature on Google Plus. How can I share an album with someone who doesn't use Google Plus?
Putting photos in a Google Drive folder and sharing that solves your problem.... Sharing on Google Drive much more powerful and feature rich than with Google+
How can I change my album privacy? ..(after upload my pictures :P)
greetings from Peru :)
I too would like to share all my photos with my wife, maybe have an album called All Photos like on gmail.
The google+ fiefdom does not provide a link to share or embed or (horrors) allow posting to facebook... only shares WITHIN the google+ environment.   Tried in vain to find a way.  After many hears of use paid google storage service, I am sorely tempted to cancel it and move over to a "plays nice with others" service
+Steven Brown if you use Chrome, there are extensions like "Replies and more" which allow you to share items from G+ to Twitter and Facebook if you like... just need to find the right tools.
I agree. It's tough sharing photos between spouses or family members if you only share links to albums each time. Would suggest a shared album where you give access to one of your circles/or person that way both parties can see everything in that shared albums instantly. That would be gold Google+. Issue becomes which party stores the photo permanently and how is the space allocated.
Would love to see a way for family members to all be able to use the same account for storage and viewing without the hassle of individual sharing. Would be a major differentiator for G+.
google+ is taking the "my way or the highway" approach.    Only allowing a "share" within google+ and no links available to hyperlink other apps or email in to google+ album.  That's just wrong.  Or if its there, I can't find it. 
Why when I click share they don't go the the emails I share them with???  I'm so frustrated, sometimes it works other times it doesn't.  It says it shared but people don't get them email and I know this because I copy myself and I don't get it
Have the same problem. My email shares wont show up in mine or other people's inboxes. Thats coz most of them are not added in my circles, though they may have a google account. Really frustrating. I'd rather use Google Drive !
After I have created an album, can I add additional photos to it later?
It is July 28, 2013.  Has something happened to the sharing feature for goggle+ photo albums?  Some of those to whom I send the post to share the link have received it and some have not.  I sent it to my business gmail address as a test and I did not get it either.  HELP!  Goggle+ is the only way I have found to share photos and iPhone videos with distant relatives.  
I am having this same share issue.  I type in the e-mails of those I would like to share with, and no one has gotten the notifications or is able to see the images.  Any solutions?
I'm also having the same problem sharing photo albums, used to work fine.
What about Picasa - don't know anything about it but those who use it appear to be able to share photo albums without restriction. Can anyone comment?

Sent from my iPhone
Im new to google plus and am so frustrated. I have been trying, too, to send an email and/or albums and I copy to myself and I or no one else gets the albums or emails. pls help!
+Google+ Help can you point to a help page/guide to help some of these people out when it comes to sharing pictures and albums from Google+ please?
If +Google+ Help could sort out the email sharing issue that would be most useful.
The support page indicates you can share with non-Google+ emails by copying the album link and emailing separately. Tried it. Did not work - it prompts recipient to log in.

Has anyone tried this successfully?

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Insanely frustrating to share one picture.  
My husband's father called us today. "We have been concerned because we have not heard anything from you" he told us,  "How was your summer?" - "What do you mean you have not heard anything from us? We have shared pictures and sent messages to your Gmail address from Google+ service throughout the summer."  (they are not registered to Google+)  - "We have not received any message from you!"

So... Thanks Google :(
Can't believe google+ haven't sorted this out yet, sharing to people's email addresses, not rocket science is it!!
Pan Ng
I am having a bit of a problem sharing photos of a certain time range.

Here is the situation:
1) I have taken hundreds of photos on my phone,  and they are now all autobackup in google+
2) Google+ automatically creates highlights based on a subset of these photos
3) Google+ automatically creates albums based on a subset of these photos
4) There is no way to merge or delete these albums or highlights
5) Albums doesn't include all the photos either

So the only way to share a whole bunch of photo between a certain time range is to click on each photo one by one???
+Pan Ng I'm not a photo expert on G+, just posted the video info here, BUT I'm pretty sure that the autouploaded videos are stored in an album (all of them, not just the highlights).
I have an additional problem that has just cropped up. As of just these past few weeks, when I try tp upload videos from iPhoto on my MAC, the image is a black screen with a white circe arrow and an X. My process is to export the videos from iPhoto, together with photos, to a file on my MAC. I then go to Google+ photos, click on albums tab, then click on upload photos, click on find file on my computer, select the photos and videos files and click OK or open - forget the button name. The photos load, but instead of the videos, I have the black squares withe the white circle and X.

Can you advise what the problem may be?

Thank you.
hoping that +Google+ Help stops by here on occasion to help out with the photo questions... if they don't or some Photo Guru from the G+ world doesn't I my delete the post... as I am not the one to ask about the Photo area of G+... it often times does not make sense to me!
+Pan Ng You can move all of them to a newly created album then share that album.

+Mary Winston Hanson This is a known issue withing Google and is being worked on.
I'm having trouble sharing my albums.  When I Share them, some people get an email with a link to them and others don't.  I can't figure out why this is happening.  Some have gmail accounts and some don't.  It seems random to me.  Any advice? 
+Susan Matthews  How are you sharing and where? On Google+?
Public shares or to your Circles?

Some people may have in their settings the email unchecked:


Do you have non-Google+ users in circles (as email addresses)?
Click on this: The people you have in your circles.

Now the top left hand side has "Relevance". Click on that and choose "Not yet using Google+".
Are those having problems?
I love the Google+ and I am coming from iCloud, but if I just want to email only a group of pics or album, how do I complete that?
+Dave Wilmore  just select the photos you want to share and instead of sharing it public or to a specific circle you can type an email into the share area.
Michael, thank you. I tried that and it created a post, I was looking just to send in email format only.
Pan Ng
Thanks all
+Michael Banks Thank you!  I did that and it created a post, I was looking to just send in an email format.  Is the post just a record of what I sent and not visible to anyone?
It is just a record for you... To test it to see how it will look for you +Dave Wilmore just put in another email you have and it will show you how it looks...
is backup photos in google plus is public or it can be viewed by only me?
Well... and here i am hoping i could automatically share my photos with my wife like i share my Google Calendar... but no candu :(
this is a terrible way of sharing. you cant share with anyone who's n o t in your circles. why can't you just make a simple "send by mail" botton?
why? stupid stupid interface. 
I have shared photos via email to my wife who does not have a google account and she is unable to open the photos, she is prompted to log in to a Google account. Really?? iCloud is so much easier, regretting switching phones. Instead of circles I am entering the email address, am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.
+Dave Wilmore you didn't publicly share the albums. Where you typed the email. Under it was an option to get a public link and that link is how you access the album publicly without a google account.
+Michael Banks I am attempting to share from my Android phone or iPad, after entering email the options below are Public, Your Circles, Extended Circles, Acquaintances, Family etc. There is no option to create a public link. If I select public then don't the pics post to my Google page?
+Dave Wilmore That would work, but there still would be an auto post out there in the stream. If you don't mind that then yeh that will work.
+Michael Banks Thanks again for responding. So basically you are unable to generate the link to the pictires in an App only on a PC or Mac because like you stated, the pic will now be public. This just seems more difficult then it needs to be just to email pics or albums to contacts outside Google+
So frustrated cant share with non Google+users grrrr 
My issue is that I shared multiple albums privately.  When I send a non-google user a link to one album, they can access all albums that are shared privately, not just the one album that I sent a link for.
I need to know why when I do a google search for a particular person and their images come of the pics is me...why is that?
How do I share ALL of my albums via 1 Link?
It is defenitly the first time I see that google simply take a good product (like picasa album share) and simply destroy it. They must fix it!
Help please?! I can't change my profile picture! But I can change my cover. (I'm trying to change it with albums since my computer won't upload the pictures.) Because. It is showing a message saying 'error from website' and how I should try again. Is it the picture or what? I've tried more then one. Please help if you can or tell me what I am doing wrong? And I've tried more then once on all of the pictures I have tried.
+Maria Kuroi Open Google+ on the web, click the drop down (Home) in the left corner and select Profile and you should be able to change cover and profile pic.
+Mark Neibel How are you trying to sort them? I have spent the last two weeks learning to work with photos.
+Dave Wilmore Thanks! But the main problem is the message. Is it my computer or? I have 2. And it did the same thing on both. I went to the album picture I want for my icon. and a message pops up saying: 'There was a error with this website: There was a problem preparing the picture you have selected please try again.' Or something around those lines. Sorry to bother you! (It is not the cover. Sorry again if I confused you, but the profile picture. If you get what I mean. It works perfectly fine for the cover and it never shows that message and lets me change it.)
+Maria Kuroi Not sure about that error.  Have you tried a different picture to see if it a continuous problem?  Also, maybe move the desired pic to a different location on your computer like the desktop and attempt to upload from there?
+Dave Wilmore I never really thought about another picture. I guess I can try that thanks! And I've tried moving it to the desktop on my other computer but I can try it on my other. Thanks again! Then again it might be some kind of virus on my computer.
It is utter insanity that you have to make your photos public (i.e. viewable to everyone!) just because you want to send them to someone who doesn't have a google+ account.  I don't want to make all of my photos public to all and sundry, I want them private but I still want to be able to email them to friends or family who may, or may not, have a google account. I can't believe this issue has gone on this long and not been fixed. The ability to email photos to people is absolutely fundamental to photo sharing and it is quite simplya bug not to have this functionality.  The fact it wasn't even in the software design, let alone fixed, has really shown up google as a poor quality software design and poor customer service - sort it out google before you lose your client base!!!
+Google+ Help. There is really no way how can I share all my albums with everyone? In Picasa web albums you could have generated a URL to all your album (whole profile with pictures). In G+ I can only share single albums, which is a pity...
I have already uploaded an album and I have shared it.
1. How do the people get notified, if I have not sent them the link?
2. Suppose I add more people to the same album, how do they get notified?
3. If I share an album, without the "Share via Link " option, how are people who are allowed to see the album, notified about it?
Back to a previously discussed subject: I want to share all my photos, regardless of where they are, and all my albums, with my wife. I don't want to have to share new photos as they become available; I want them to be shared instantly as they are uploaded. Does Google have a plan to do this? I think many people above have unequivocally requested this.
Picasa was much beter. When I hit Share I expect the person will get an email but it doesn't. So how does this share work, I don't understand.
Is there a way to share ALL of the albums that have been automaticly  backed up?
I can't find the share album with link on my google +page
My question is the same as Calin's.  I am sharing with an email address and it never arrives.  The recipient is not on Google+.  I much preferred the old web albums where I hit "send an email"  I have been sending the link to myself and then forward the email to my friends.  A very long winded way of doing it.
The sharing of the entire library with one or more person is a must feature :  I need to share my lib with my wife and with my grandparents, do I need to create and share every time an Album? This is a nonsense. 
+Jo Keynes I just tried this on my iPhone. Went to photos, selected a bunch and shared with an email address not on Gplus . I was able to access from that email.
+Andrew Tuplin I second that, spent an hour trying to figure this very function out. I can't believe they don't have this yet
I can't echo more what others have said - G+ get a grip, we upload photos to share. My friends aren't on G+ and are not able to see my photos. Best bet, bin G+ altogether, and use the URL on facebook. For auto back up bin G+ and use drop box. I am most disappointed, thought G+ might have been a nice idea, but no, definitely not user friendly.G+Help steadfastly does not mention how to share photos with non-G+ people via email, nor does Max Barnard's 23 page picture manual.  grrrr
Ok, in process of trying that. There just seemed to be lots of posts about this not working..... so I started getting a bit bemused! Fingers crossed it does without having to publicly post the photos too. 
Ok, in process of trying that. There just seemed to be lots of posts about this not working..... so I started getting a bit bemused! Fingers crossed it does work without having to publicly post the photos too. 
Doesn't work. Still can't find the "send by email". Doesn't come up in my screen. Absolutely hate G+ and I simply use gmail only. If I find a better way to share albums I will dump G+

It did work. Both friends received working links to the photo albums. Cheers :-) 
It only worked to one email address. My friends x2 just texted me to say that when they click in the emailed link it just says ."email address not valid". So I think I will move over to dropbox unless there is an obvious quick solution to this. 
If I share a photo with friends and family and then decide later that I want to share it with the public, how would I go about doing this?
I'm having trouble sharing via link on Android. If I share via gmail, the recipient has no permission to view the photos.

Without making the photos public, is there any way to make them visible? I tried using Firefox and changing the user agent to pretend to be a desktop browser, but no ability to hover means no route to the relevant photo album :(
But I want to be able to email them, not just be forced to share them on Google plus!
+Andrew Tuplin
same issue for me. I badly need to share all my photos with my wife and kids ! I can't drag thousands of photos, too painful.
This was zero help. I see nowhere to share via email. And I really want to just get them over to my Dropbox so I can download them into a permanent file. Also if I could get them to dropbox I could then share via usual way of sharing. I probably will stop using Google plus if it won't allow this as right now it's just forcing me to "share" them via Google plus circles only....and no one I know is even on there. I added everyone I know, but no one received an email from Google plus or anything. Needs to have a format more like Facebook so we can at least download pics off of there. I just don't get it.
what settings do i do, so that any auto uploaded pic automatikally becomes publicly shared and visible?
Hi All

this video doesn't say neither how to share hundreds of already uploaded photos.

Actually, it doesn't anything about sharing.
Will La
Lame. Unable to have multiple people own an album. Either my wife needs to visit my google+ page or I need to view her Google+ page just to view photos. How do we shared ownership of photos where the albums show up in both of our G+ accounts without double upload? 
If I delete a shared album sent over a year ago, will the recipient lose the album too?
i want to share my album on facebook-please help
or even download it to my personal computer
I, done trying to share photos from Google+.  To darn frustrating.  Going to find me a third party app.
As far as I can tell you cannot share pics from Google to Facebook
Adding on to the MANY requests to allow you ability to share all pictures with another google+account without need to create/individually share albums. The fact that I can't share all pictures with my husband and vice versa is infuriating. This is such a huge google fail. There are pictures of my kids I have never seen because of access--I'll remind him and he tries to share, but there are so many albums and pictures, and no way to remember what was shared before and what wasn't. This just makes my blood boil! 
Here is what I was forced to do....

Move all my albums from Google photos to the Drive.  Once it's in the Drive, I could share with my other half - but only in Drive.  You can still view it yourself in Photos (in a much nicer viewing options).
I have shared an album that now has 1250 photos, with a mom in my daycare. To see todays photos of her kids, she has to scroll through all 1250 photos. Is there a smarter way? I'd still like to keep them "together" in some sort of album, so they can be printed into a book in the end. Organizing them so that the newest photos are shown first doesn't help - because new photos added after that, are shown in the end anyway!
Was really surprised to see G+ has no ability to share an entire photo backup with someone. I love and defend
Google, but this is a big miss. I sincerely hope they solve this! Soon!
Is it just me or it is not possible to share album in a way that receiver also sees it in its own albums? Such a shame that's not possible - will this feature be added in future?
I believe its an evil scheme from Google to make us all buy more storage and have double of everything making more money for Google and more servers eating more energy from the planet... bad bad bad.
Can anyone explain how I could share ALL my albums at ONE TIME? I have 25 albums and don't want to have to share each album, but rather the "root", publicly... any suggestions?
Mark B
+David Plut
agreed - only people with google accounts can view photos stored on google+ - very lame. picasa was better, anyone could view photos.
gene h
Sending photos via Google plus is a major step backwards. Picasa was an intuitive app that you could learn to use quickly and easily. Now I have to refer back to the instruction page every time I want to send some one an album. Boo!!
when I share an album or photos with someone, even if I give them the permission to edit, they can't edit. The tool bar just isn't there. It only shows for me (the owner). Any thoughts?
Why is it so difficult to figure out how to share photos from android app. Still can't figure it out. Come on google. No wonder facebook is blowing you away.
Why can't I send videos or photos to my friends and family by downloading the old video or photo that I synced to my phone for the very purpose of always having that photo or video to reminisce and share with family and friends days weeks or years later ?
I further the notion that it would be nice to share all my photo autouploads with my wife!!
Fear not everyone! We can now abandon this post - The new Google Photos makes this all go away!
I still don't see how we can share all our photos with someone.  Still just the ability to share albums, and we can't have an album with all our photos.
I agree that we need to be able to share all our pictures. Just as good would be a feature that allows you to use rules to create albums.
how could i have my husband's Iphone photos automatically added to my google+ photos. I had a painful time getting his photos to my google + photos to make a picaboo book of a recent trip. 
Has a solution to that been found yet? Really want to share all photos with wife. 
Is there a limit to how many pictures you can post?  It wont let me share any more pictures and I've tried from both my phone and computer and even put it on my drive and tried sharing it that way but it just keeps saying, "Your post was not shared. Please try gin."  It's not the internet because its working on both my phone and computer.  
Google+ just lost me as a subscriber. WTF no pictures in the profiles???
How to share with public, people who is not in your circles ? That should be easy to do..,but it is not .  In facebook there is the option to share stuff with everyone . Not in Google.  So if you dont belong to any circle you see void profiles..,one after another.
Ok, now it's really solved. The Shared Albums works like a champ.
unfortunately, google has changed this again. I no longer can share an album with a specific person. I will just be link share. :(
I just want to load a newly taken pic to Google+album to put on my profile. Can you help
Directions to complicated
And why is not my Google+profile showing here
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