How to setup accounts for Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA)
Google Plus Basics, Hangout Tips & HOA tips

Do you know people that could benefit from using Google Plus Hangouts? 

Share this video with them to help them get started. It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for setting up all the accounts needed as well as all the required verification steps to not only Participate in hangouts but to be able to Create their first Hangout on Air (HOA) Live Broadcast.

The most common request once people start to see the real value of the hangout tool, is: How can I get my co-workers or friends signed up to use this great tool? Answer: Point them to this video. 

I hope you share it with all those you know who could benefit from using Google Plus Hangouts or Hangouts on Air, commonly referred to as HOA.

Here are some click-able time codes that will help you jump to certain areas in the video... great for review:
0:00 - Introduction
0:17 - What are Hangouts?
0:41 - Two Main types, Regular and HOA
1:36 - Getting started with Account Setup (setting up Gmail)
2:53 - Starting with a Gmail Account, moving forward
3:40 - Adding a Profile Picture (no more 'Blue Heads')
5:19 - 'Upgrade' to Google+
6:24 - Inside Google+ and the 'Home Stream'
7:18 - Start A Hangout (the first time - install stuff)
8:19 - Invite other people into a Hangout
8:41 - Hangout Interface Basics
10:07 - Getting Ready for HOA - Hangouts on Air
11:24 - Verify/Setup your YouTube account (required for HOA)
13:26 - Verified YouTube, Moving into the HOA Interface
15:04 - What comes next...
15:28 - What Hangouts can do for you

Feel free to leave comments or questions if you have them. Be sure to turn on the YouTube Annotations to see if there are any special notes or links to visit.

Learn more about the account setup process & hangouts at my website: or look for Hangout Training Options at

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