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How to setup accounts for Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts on Air (HOA)
Google Plus Basics, Hangout Tips & HOA tips

Do you know people that could benefit from using Google Plus Hangouts? 

Share this video with them to help them get started. It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for setting up all the accounts needed as well as all the required verification steps to not only Participate in hangouts but to be able to Create their first Hangout on Air (HOA) Live Broadcast.

The most common request once people start to see the real value of the hangout tool, is: How can I get my co-workers or friends signed up to use this great tool? Answer: Point them to this video. 

I hope you share it with all those you know who could benefit from using Google Plus Hangouts or Hangouts on Air, commonly referred to as HOA.

Here are some click-able time codes that will help you jump to certain areas in the video... great for review:
0:00 - Introduction
0:17 - What are Hangouts?
0:41 - Two Main types, Regular and HOA
1:36 - Getting started with Account Setup (setting up Gmail)
2:53 - Starting with a Gmail Account, moving forward
3:40 - Adding a Profile Picture (no more 'Blue Heads')
5:19 - 'Upgrade' to Google+
6:24 - Inside Google+ and the 'Home Stream'
7:18 - Start A Hangout (the first time - install stuff)
8:19 - Invite other people into a Hangout
8:41 - Hangout Interface Basics
10:07 - Getting Ready for HOA - Hangouts on Air
11:24 - Verify/Setup your YouTube account (required for HOA)
13:26 - Verified YouTube, Moving into the HOA Interface
15:04 - What comes next...
15:28 - What Hangouts can do for you

Feel free to leave comments or questions if you have them. Be sure to turn on the YouTube Annotations to see if there are any special notes or links to visit.

Learn more about the account setup process & hangouts at my website: or look for Hangout Training Options at

If you find this post from The Hangout Helper useful & would like to continue to see more from me, then add +Ronnie Bincer to you circles by visiting my profile on Google+ here: (and choosing to add me to one or more of your circles). Thanks for the Spanish CC track go to +Paul Gailey Alburquerque 
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FYI, this video has CC tracks for Both English & Spanish ;-) Anyone else want to help for a different language, let me know... Thanks!
+Paul Simbeck-Hampson a bit long, but quite complete for those wondering on how to 'get in on the hangout thing'. Glad you like it! Please share it with the 'outsiders'!
mate. going to post the shit out of this. Thank you so much Ronnie!
Very good ! I Will use this video for my friends and guests on our weekly Running show inn Norway +Forsprang 
+Ronnie Bincer Perhaps long for us, but for those starting, 15 minutes is not long to get the full insight. Shared to 'outsiders' too :)
Thanks to all that share this video to those on the 'outside' right now... here's hoping it helps them Understand what this thing is and then know the steps to take to get setup properly.
+Jim Banks thanks I am doing that for other videos (that are not based so much on screen shots), hopefully if/when people watch this one in full screen mode they can see better... that is one reason for the delay. I needed to wait to be able to upload at HD resolution this time.
Bless you. I belong to a collaborative network of organisations fighting the scourge of wildlife crime and trafficking, particularly that pertaining to Rhino horn and we are going to be undertaking a HOA soon to enable consumers to become aware of the fact that we are battling highly organised syndicated crime that also engages in human trafficking, drugs and other crime so not only are our ecosystems being affected but our people too. However since they are all mostly conservation bodies I was wondering how best to explain HOAs and Hangouts generally. This is perfect. THANK YOU.
+Ronnie Bincer  I feel very fortunate to have experienced first hand your excellent advice with +Carra Riley 's hangout. Thank you great video!!!
+Katie Katz I remember... I hope your hangout experiences are getting better and better (and more fun!).
+Ronnie Bincer yes they are indeed getting better with practice and your advice. Also they are definitely more fun thank you! (PS plus some are rather humorous with sounds from others-appreciate your advice with the mute button)
Ronnie, can I ask what screen recording software you used? I've been using screen cast o matic, for some time, but may be looking to try something new. Thanks in advance. 
Not a Mac user, but was impressed with the outcome, will see what I can find... It's been a year or so since I last explored. Thanks for quick reply.
+Paul Simbeck-Hampson Mac & PC users I know utilize +TechSmith's Camtasia product... the key is getting good audio from the Hangout participants (at least for me as I also want to capture Video from non-HOA hangouts).
You can count my sharing this video with everyone I know +Ronnie Bincer - fabulous info and so easy to understand - thank you!! #MUAH !
Having only ever been involved in one hangout so far I found this video really insightful re the opportunities especially the HOA feature. I skipped past the early detail but found the length of the video just fine - you kept me engaged throughout. What were you using to get the talking head on screen at the same time as the screen capture? Is it all part of the same mac software? 
+Ronnie Bincer I have passed this on to everyone I am trying to get started on G+ .  Also, put it on facebook, hoping people will make the move.  As always thanks.  And if you need any collaboration, let me know!
Also - is there any limit to how many people can join a hangout?
+Lisa Johnson some video editing magic and some working within the Mac Telestream ScreenFlow software pgm. (I'm still learning what I can and can't do with it)... I think this one (done a bit ago) was mainly screen captures and then me filming myself talking about them... I've been doing some more reent videos for private clients, that involve live video inside the Hangout window and live video of me talking, that is quite the trip! When those are published, I'll mention them at times.

10 allowed inside a HO or HOA, 15 if you use Google Apps
+Lisa Johnson Yes 10.  Unless you buy the Google Apps business package then I believe the number is 15.
Ooo & one last question - do the people invited have to have a Google+ account to join?
+Lisa Johnson Oooo yes unless it is a 1:1 hangout that is limited in function. But anyone can View/watch the live HOAs via YouTube.
I lied - it wasn't my last question - is there a way to bookmark or favourite posts in Google+ - I'm finding so much useful stuff but not sure how to mark stuff like this that I will want to come back to?
+Ronnie Bincer I will watch this later.  This is entertainment for me. 
That means I enjoy your videos.  I often have a nightly playlist to watch.
Sorry Ronnie, I will take this one. +Lisa Johnson I have created an empty circle called "Favourite Posts". When I find something really useful I share it with that circle. When I want to see them, I just go to home page, pick that circle and there they are.
Also you can create a "Read later" circle or any other ones you need.
+Alex Garcia thanks for jumping in Alex... I was 'otherwise occupied' responding (to one of your recent reshares of a reshare I passed on!).
+Lisa Johnson another idea besides +Alex Garcia's excellent bookmark circle idea is to use #UniqueHashtags  in a comment you leave. Then you can search for that hashtag, delete it from the comment when you have fully digested the post, or simply leave it there for future searching. My post on hashtags:
+Alex Garcia & +Ronnie Bincer Thanks - both ideas work for me. I read your post on hash tags Ronnie & might combine the two - share to a bookmark circle & use hash tags in the comments to categorise within that - something to play with whilst I sit in the hairdressers tomorrow :)
You do a good job as always Ronnie.  You are a good public speaker.  I wish the quality of the picture would be sharper.
+Ronnie Bincer (edit) It's sharp now.
Maybe you need to change whatever you are using to watch it Craig. I see no problem with the video.
+Alex Garcia The first time I watched it was blurry.  But now it's clear.  I wonder why?  I have noticed a terrible amount of blurriness at times on HOAs.
+Craig Long this one was never an HOA, just a straight HD video... it does contain some less than HD screen shots however. But even at full screen it still should pretty clear.
Hey Ronnie, I have learned a lot from you already... basic question, will HOA always be free or are they planning to charge?
I really don't know but this is what I think: that HOA will continue to be free but I hope they come up with a limited broadcast HOA ...and that I would be willing to pay money for.
how do you mean Ronnie? I also hope they come up with a way of integrating with Wallet, so my Hangout Attendees pay to join the Hangout...
I only mentioned the idea of paying for limited broadcast HOAs to give Google some reason to do it ...otherwise there's no reason for them to make a change.

I agree with you that being able to charge for entry to a hangout (handled via Google wallet) would be a phenomenal change and also a money maker for Google.
Pitch that idea to +Dori Storbeck when you get a chance again?! Also - any news mate on a) Ability to join HoA on iOS b) When we can start a HoA on (any) mobile device c) When the HoA are going to be integrated into Events?
+Nathan Hague good points/questions all, Dori has heard those requests from me enough... hearing them from others will have more impact, as then it is not just 1 person's desires, but the desires of many... ;-)
Sorry, can't talk Ronnie - too busy vanquishing the Evil GoToMeeting Overlords..
+Nathan Hague no news on iOS HOAs, initiating HOAs from mobile, nor the integration with Events. Believe me, you'll know about any of those as soon as they're available :)
Thanks Again! to all that have helped share this (post or video) to those outside of Google Plus. It does have value to Plussers, but the goal was to encourage new users to know what is needed technically to become hangout ready.
+Rosie Battista U R Welcome welcome... please share it to the non-G+ers of the world! (OK, ok, I know I've asked that enough)
This is exactly what I need...trying to tell people to join Google+ and Hangouts. Just easier to let the expert +Ronnie Bincer explain!! 
Glad you all are finding this to be helpful... that was the goal ;-)
+Ronnie Bincer is the best google guy I know in more ways than one.  He is every bit as talented a professional as he is wonderful a person and if not for his patience a novice like me would never have learned any of this stuff.
+Lisa Grossmann awww, that's so very kind of you to say. I'm glad to know I helped you learn some of this stuff... It is so very powerful when used properly I find it hard to contain! Thanks again for the kudos!
Wow!  Amazing how things have changed.  This was like a blast from the past +Ronnie Bincer and I enjoyed seeing this again.  Glad it was in my notifications today. :)
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