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Many times we are part of a great HOA Event... not in the filmstrip but in the comments. A Hangout on Air (HOA) Event is a live show where people are interacting with comments as the live stream moves along. Many of us will pull out of the live conversation some gems as a way of interacting with the show. Or reword what we just heard.

I've decided to feature some of those Crowd Quotes here in a new post. There is a lot that can be done with this concept, but I offer this post as a starting point of isolating certain quotes that the crowd made that are relevant and useful for others to see. It can help those that like to read, get a flavor of what went on.

These came from this event today: Q&A and review of modules 1-3 of Google Semantic Search course from PYB & here is a link to the recorded video:

Thanks for a great show +martin shervington & +David Amerland and all those that watched live and interacted via HOA Event comments.
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Don't do social, be social. ~ +Paul Simbeck-Hampson 

GSS/G+ enables David to take down Goliath
Small entrepreneurs focusing on their niche and dedicated to a G+ strategy can chip away at Big Brands (who do not know how to engage in GSS/G+) until the Big Brands collapse. ~ +Jim Shankle 

This is using our grandmothers' social rules combined with Star Trek tools.  Our grandparents did business with humans. There is NOTHING mass media about all of this. This is a true disruption in marketing ~ +Cynthia K Seymour (emphasis mine)

Companies need to Restructure for Speed & Trust. ~ me quoting +David Amerland 

Love the Briefcase Idea.. If you walk into a crowd with a product to sell you that would not work right... without TRUST ~ +William Rock 

I believe that training and coaching in Digital Communications is going to be increasingly important to businesses and organizations. ~ +Cynthia K Seymour  

Brands DEFINITELY need to be more connected to their human community. They need to start by evolving on becoming more human and not being so caught up in staying "on-Brand" ~ +Cynthia K Seymour 

Google is not going to discount your car review if you usually talk about birds, it just won't weight it as heavily as it would if you regularly talked about cars, or as heavily as your posts about birds. ~ +Craig Fifield 

Google = like an elephant, doesn't forget ;-)
Ties in with "Being Authentic is Difficult to Fake" ~ +Ronnie Bincer 

Authentic and spontaneous is what Google is seeing as interaction. Now, sharing inauthentic content will be a detriment to your personal value. ~ +Jean Layton quoting David Amerland.

"Search is the window we have for managing the information on the web" ~ me Quoting Davide Amerland

Google "moved the cheese" for the SEO industry. Humans use search... and being able to connect to humans is increasingly important. ~ +Cynthia K Seymour 

Answering questions is a great way to build an audience. ~ +Greg Trujillo 

Content writing for people's questions, giving answers is the way connections are made. ~ +Jean Layton 

No link Dumping! YEA ;-)
Engagement with people around the "thing" and not the "string" ~ +Ronnie Bincer 

1st for people, 2nd for search means community building comes first ~ +Jean Layton 
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