Fun with Custom Event Themes (Graphics)...

Google Plus has made plenty of cool graphics for you to choose from when creating an Event. In fact they have recently added a bunch of Seasonal images for Halloween for Our Super busy little Ghost Town ㋡

The Animated ones are very cool, but for now, we can't make our own and have them work.. maybe sometime? Please let me know if you discover that you can upload your own Animated GIFs as event themes (and they work)!

When you are creating a Google Plus Event, you can Upload your own Graphic as a 'Theme'.

I invite people every day for private hangouts so I decided to make a few of my own custom graphics as seasonal themes. The size is 940 x 280 px. The Center area is what is visible when you are on the Events page and can see a bunch of events you are invited to... that is why I moved my Avatar image towards the center.

Have you made any custom graphics to use as Event Themes?
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