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Fun with Custom Event Themes (Graphics)...

Google Plus has made plenty of cool graphics for you to choose from when creating an Event. In fact they have recently added a bunch of Seasonal images for Halloween for Our Super busy little Ghost Town ㋡

The Animated ones are very cool, but for now, we can't make our own and have them work.. maybe sometime? Please let me know if you discover that you can upload your own Animated GIFs as event themes (and they work)!

When you are creating a Google Plus Event, you can Upload your own Graphic as a 'Theme'.

I invite people every day for private hangouts so I decided to make a few of my own custom graphics as seasonal themes. The size is 940 x 280 px. The Center area is what is visible when you are on the Events page and can see a bunch of events you are invited to... that is why I moved my Avatar image towards the center.

Have you made any custom graphics to use as Event Themes?
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Not sure I understand you +Constantech I've never done an animated gif. Haven't a clue how. Probably time to play with photoshop again. 
+Constantech I've tried using photoshop to build the animated GIF and it did not work... wanna sent me a test image, I'll try it out (940x280)?
+Steve Marquis not likely... Tuesday (today) is my off-line day for the 1st half of the day... please let me know what you find out. ;-)
So +Constantech or +Steve Marquis, have you tried it? My GIF building technique uses Photoshop to do the 'timing' of each layer and doesn't give me the 'control' +Constantech speaks of that I can see outside of my normal methods of assigning each 'frame' its own time/duration... waiting on your tests (or for you to send me a sample GIF which uses that method). Thanks!
Just woke up +Ronnie Bincer I'll have a look too a bit later. I've got photoshop too but I'm a very basic user. Tues is my day off work too. On my pc (I'm on my phone) I've a link to some animated gif software I've yet to explore. I'll share the link as soon as I've fired things up. I think it was a review of freebies via mashable or similar. Can't remember. 
+Constantech & +Ronnie Bincer  I did a little web search to see if there were any general coding clues to animate a Google event and I think we might be barking up the wrong tree. I Just had a little swan around in the source code (which I don't really understand) after finding this article too...
I might be putting two and two together and making three, but I think it's jQuery!
Ho hum, end of tea, now back to the bar.
That looks promising +Constantech but I've not the resources (software /time) for that either. It sounds much more likely than my suggestion. What do you think +Ronnie Bincer ? 
+Steve Marquis I'll have to look at this later... I've been using photoshop to make my GIFs and they work fine everywhere (including Banner pics for Profile pages) EXCEPT the Event Theme pics. I think Google has the monopoly on that for now.
Yes, agreed. Best sit awhile and wait a bit. It was an entertaining journey and I've picked up some more good tips between you +Ronnie Bincer and +Constantech cheers guys! 
+Steve Marquis but the bottom line is they are still not working for the Event header, like the specialize ones from Google do, right?
Hooray, it worked! The post, that is ;-) 
How do you edit a theme after you send the invitation? I made a mistake and I want to change the banner, but I see no option for editing the them after it is sent! :\
Nvm. I figured it out. There is a little bit of text that says "edit details" found it...
+Tymn Urban glad you ground that edit button... it deems harder to find since the redesign mid May 2013.
Hi all- I need some help changing the theme on a google plus event. It won't let me upload a photo unless it's 1200 x 300 pix - so I found some images that fit that bill, but still keep getting the message that the picture is too small! What gives?
+Brian Plankey when I upload pics that are 1200 x 300 I don't get any error messages. Are you sure that they are that size or larger?
+Ronnie Bincer I figured it out. You were right some of the photos were very close but not quite the required size. It was hard to find them until I discovered that I could browse other sizes for the images I was looking for. Thanks for the response.
How do I use my own picture in the events invitation? I cannot even figure that out.
Hello +Ronnie Bincer just checking up on G+ Event themes. 
Any word if animated gifs can be uploaded? 

Also - I've noticed that most of the available theme images are not animated gifs but they are looping mp4 videos.
Unfortunately I was unable to upload an .mp4 video. 
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