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Brand Pages can have their own YouTube Channel... so what?
Entrepreneurs - Solo-preneurs - Business start-ups Rejoice!

The How and the Why - Why it Matters
I try to post things that help you with the Why and the How... I just posted about How Brand +Pages can have their own YouTube Channels and their own Branded HOA streams (, now let's talk about WHY you might want to do so.

For many of us this was something we've been waiting for - I've heard some even say Longing For - so many already have great ideas on how to use this new gift from Google+, for others this post will help you see WHY this is a very important feature and why so many of us are now giddy with excitement about how we will be using it! If you are in the former group, pass this on to those you know in the latter… and vice versa!

Branding Matters - Now Brand Pages can Talk!
If you've got multiple business ideas, then you know each one needs to stand on its own to see if it can make it. Now Entrepreneurs & Solo-preneurs can have 1 Profile and Multiple Business Pages that can talk!

Branding is very important for business and we now can have a Branded Page tell its Branded Story via its own Branded YouTube Channel and Branded Hangouts on Air… Brilliant!

One person; multiple biz ideas… let the test marketing begin! Is there enough buzz around each biz idea to invest. G+ is full of opinions, let's find out! Build a Page & a YouTube Channel around the biz idea… start telling the world that story and see what happens, gain followers, build a GPC (owned by the Page) and see what happens.

Google Plus Evolution - the quick version
First we had +Profiles (for people), then we had +Pages (for things) and then we got Topic Based Communities (for people and things to talk together about certain topics).

But, even though the GPC (G+ Community) concept is great it still can't have its own Broadcast show (aka HOA). It can have a limited voice by having its own Regular Hangouts, but still can't have a Live Broadcast show called a Hangout on Air (HOA).

Pages Have Evolved …So now the +Page gets some major love from GooTubePlus-type integration. The Page can now have it's say via live streaming video!

Here is an example:
I, the profile +Ronnie Bincer can have 2 business Pages; one for Video SEO and one for Tasty Dog Bones (ref. How Google Plus Has Changed Search Forever! ).

Each +Page can now have its own YouTube Channel so when I do shows about Tasty Dog Bones, my Video SEO people don't need to be bothered since that can all take place on the Tasty Dog Bone +Page and stream live to the Tasty Dog Bone YouTube Channel.

If Tasty Dog Bones become a hit sensation, then I can build a GPC (community) around it and all the dog lovers that love Tasty Dog Bones can talk it up! - All without slobbering all over my Video SEO Business which has its own Branded Page, Branded Live HOAs & Branded GPC if it needs one.

Want more? Here is another way to digest this change.

One Man's Story - A Man and a Dog
Here is just one story to help you follow along… A story about a Man and a Talking Dog (and food).

When Google Plus and I first met, I was making videos about Video SEO (Video Search Engine Optimization). Many people knew of my talking dog, Victor the Video SEO Hound, but nobody really knew about me.

I made a Profile because I had to, and promptly made a +Page for my business (which had the talking dog). Then I had another business idea, and another so each one got its own +Page.

The problem was that in the early days, a Google Plus Page could not interact as well as a Profile could… no way, no how! So I left most of my +Page efforts and came out from behind the Talking Dog (sorry Victor)… and started working more on my +Profile.

At times I longed to have the single focus of the Page but alas it still seemed too limited. I tried (trust me) to make things work, but all the tricks of having a separate 'unknown' profile that 'owned' a YouTube channel so the Page could have it's own branded video place just did not work very smoothly.

When the Page tried to 'talk' (via HOA) it was difficult at best to keep the branding thing going.

Lately we've seen the +Page go through quite a bit of evolution. It now can circle others just like a Profile can, it now has its own email (aka Page ID) if you set it up so it can do things like use Hangout Apps, and now it can have it's own HOA shows… this is GREAT!

Summary - Take Aways
So I think this new change has certainly brought the +Page back into favor… Business Managers and Owners, you should be jumping all over this thing! The Branded Business Page can now use Branded YouTube Channels - Pages can Talk!

Soon we hope multiple managers can manage a single YouTube channel, but let's let this recent announcement have its day.

Share the Story
I've left out any of my own website links etc. to make it easier for you to share the story here, please help people and businesses understand the value of the new gift we have received from Google Plus! Sharing is Caring ㋡
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Hey +Ronnie Bincer great post. I have a question for you. Is it possible to add a page as the owner of a community after the community is made. I'll give you some background. I accidently deleted my page that was linked to a community. I created a new page. Is there a way to link it back to the community without making a new community? Please say yes :) lol! 
+Blake Croft you can add a Page to the GPC afterwards (I think), assign it to be a manager and eventually elevate it to be an owner of the GPC (Community)... right +Brian Glick?
+Blake Croft yes you can, when two weeks have passed with the new page being a member of the community you can transfer ownership so the community shows up on the host page
We knew it was coming...  ;)  Glad to see it's public for all.  
About time. Cue subscribed/paid content models for business know that's where this is going right?
+Poorly Donkey still rolling out... eventually you'll have a big Blue Button to click in the Advanced Account area of your youtube channel.
Way to cover this Ronnie!
+Poorly Donkey you likely made the + Page's email ID which is part of the requiements to make all this work fully.. so likely there is not an issue.  You do need to have the user ID used to log into the Branded YT channel be a Manager of the + Page before trying to make the connection from what I understand.

Here is what I've been telling folks:
You'll know if you have it via YouTube side of things, look at the link... see a pretty blue button?... then you can connect.

To prep for this be sure the user ID (email) used to log into the branded YouTube channel is a Manager of the Branded G+ Page, if not yet, make it so, that way when the option to connect comes, you'll be ready to go to make that connection work.
Hi +Ronnie Bincer great news, thankyou for the information! Will G+ release a smartphone GP app for managing your individual pages separately? 
Hi +Ronnie Bincer thanks for sharing this great news. Can i now (finally) connect my band's youtube channel directly to a G+ page the same was personal YT channels connect to personal G+ profiles without being asked to create a personal profile for the band's channel?
Just linked my YouTube channel with my page. That was very easy.
+Des Norman you'll know if you have it via YouTube side of things, look at the link... see a pretty blue button?... then you can connect.

To prep for this be sure the user ID (email) used to log into the branded YouTube channel is a Manager of the Branded G+ Page, if not yet, make it so, that way when the option to connect comes, you'll be ready to go to make that connection work. Hope that helps!
+Brain Freeze don't know what level of mgt. we will have via either the YouTube app or the G+ app... time will tell.
+Ronnie Bincer Now trying to figure things out in relation to Local Pages (listings) too... not that straight forward! See:

If others have tips or suggestions, they'd be appreciated too... big question - should a company setup a Google Account (inc Gmail) to manage it's Page, Communities and Local listing, as opposed to it being owned by an individual who works at the company; is it even possible/recommended?
If I understand this correctly, pages are still owned by profiles. The bogus profile that used to be inbetween the creation of a new gplus pagr/YouTube connection is no longer needed but there still needs to be a profile that backs up the Page.
Yes, but can that Google Profile be a brand profile (or even a GApps profile).

In Essence, the brand needs to own it's channels, not those who work for the brand. ie. The name could be: Social BrandX with an gmail like - this account would then setup/be made the owner of the page, and subsequently the local page and the YT channel.
+Paul Simbeck-Hampson I believe so, but you must remember that some of the functions we use for + Pages re. Hangouts on Air for example, are not yet working for Apps 'Owned' Pages. (example: an Apps Owned Page seems to not have the option to have its own unique ID, which also means it can not use 3rd party tools like the Hangout Toolbox in order to display a Lower Third graphic, etc.)
somehow my youtube channel has it's own unique google + page and I'd like it to be connected to my already set up + page... can this be undone/redone?
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