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I don't know about you, but I hold Video Meetings every day using Google Plus Events and Hangouts. These are not live broadcast HOA (Hangouts on Air) meetings, but they are Regular Hangout Video Calls that take place inside an Event. What I like to call my Virtual Meeting Room.

It's all free from Google and it works quite well.

Check out the parts and pieces annotated in this busy looking graphic below. The event tool coordinates quite well with Google Calendar as we discovered via the 3-part series I did last week: 

That focused on the Calendar side of things. This post looks at what happens on the Event side. The big right sidebar shows the meeting notification (in red) automatically sent by the Event... as well as what the Hangout Sidebar looked like after the video call was finished (blue box).

When you are looking at the Google Plus Event Page, and you are there 'early' (before the start time of the Event) you will not see the pretty blue button shown below, but once the start time happens, then the Blue "Join Hangout" button appears and all invited into the Hangout can join into the call (assuming there is room left for up to 10 people to enter).

Do you hold personal or business meetings inside Hangouts?
Do you use the Event Tool to help people know when and where to meet?
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