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The Google Drive Hangout App is NOT for Presentations
Discover the proper way to use the Hangout App for Google Drive

Using Google Drive Documents inside a Hangout has a lot of value, but it is not very useful if you are trying to do a presentation to a group within the hangout or to a group watching it from the outside.

The main problem is everyone in the hangout can open up their own version of the document and may be at a different place than the ‘leader’ or ‘presenter’ is. We have some great ideas on how to utilize Google Drive docs as a presentation method which will be shown in our example HOA/video.

We are doing 3 videos on this topic, this is the first. The second will be focused on the Google Drive Presentation App and some tricks we have learned for presentations... and the third will be a live HOA as part of an Event where we do Q & A and cover a few more ideas... join +Ronnie Bincer & +Trevor Beck at the Event by clicking here:

What the Hangout App called Google Drive is really quite useful for is online collaboration inside the hangout. Inside a hangout, you can have a virtual meeting where each party involved can brainstorm, discuss, etc. and get those thoughts into a shared document all at the same time in the same meeting.

If you're any kind of a power user of Google Docs (i.e. Google Drive), you know about the power of collaboration. Your document lives in "the cloud" (i.e. Google Drive) and is only available to you. However, by "sharing" your document, you can assign specific rights (view, comment or edit) to individuals. Now a group of people can work on a document together - either at the same time or at a time convenient for the individual (how to set up document sharing:

If you understand this, then it's easy to see the purpose of the Google Drive tool within Hangouts - it allows you to edit collaboratively within a Hangout. You basically see the same window, except it’s within the Hangout. With Google Drive for Hangouts (GDH), you choose from the files you have access to that you want to work on with the participants of your Hangout. Just like working on a document together from Google Drive (web app) you can see changes being made in real time if you're both looking at the same page. This is where the confusion comes in.

Let's assume we're both working on a Google word processing document in a Hangout. By default, it opens on the first page and as I make changes, you see it happen in real time. Same thing goes for a spreadsheet or presentation. However, we can actually work on different parts of the document at the same time. With word processing, I could be editing on page 2 while you’re adding new text on page 5. However, because the default view for both of us is page 1, we can’t see the edits happening.

This is why many people are confused about using the presentation tool. When GDH is loaded, we both see slide 1. Here again, we could both be working on different slides. However, you’ll also notice there’s no way to actually view it as a presentation within the Hangout - the purpose of GDH is to edit the document collaboratively.

So, is there a way to present a presentation? Yes there is and we’re working on instructions on how to do that and will be presenting that very soon. Check for details in this Google+ Event:
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Introducing a new Google Docs (Google Docs overview video by Google)
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Rey Ley
Looking forward to watch the videos
+Philip Spalding what is it that SlideSpeech is doing?
This is part of a series where we show our solution soon for good quality presentations using the Google Drive tools and Hangouts or HOAs. {coming soon to a screen near you!}
Slide Speech converts a presentation that may be stored in to Google Drive to a standalone read presentation converted from the presentation notes, when viewed separately in another window can be of, use Google Hangouts then to discuss, (as I say short fix) we have mentioned this when we have been using Google Hangouts and Google + Communities tools as part of Online Learning Collective from Bank Street College.  Also gets around some of the time difference problems when meeting from different places the world and not able to then see the presentation live!   
And also have to say Google Drive is a brilliant tool we use the Drive to share and collaborate extensively!
+Philip Spalding you may want to watch the next video we do here and our ideas re. efficient presentations using Hangouts or HOAs.
i'm experimenting with Cacoo (diagramming) (has google apps login) it appears as an App choice in Hangout.
+Jacquelyn Gill I've asked elsewhere if anyone is still using slideshare and have not heard a peep. I've tried and it didn't work, others have said it worked before, but not now... so I'm not sure what to say there.

Video #2 will focus on the GDrive Presentation tool and what we like & don't like about it and how we found it works quite well for Guided Presentations (can't spill the beans yet, part of the suspense ya know!)
Oh, good call - I haven't actually tried it yet! I definitely look forward to learning about Presentation. I did a publicly broadcast PhD defense (a little bit revolutionary!) using a video camera and uStream, but a Hangout On Air with Presentation would have been fantastic! 
+Ronnie Bincer, you can accomplish what you're trying to do using the Zoho Show  ( web app.  It allows you to fully control the presentation as Presenter and everyone else just gets to see whatever it is you're doing.  I've used it for some of my clients and it works well.  I wish Google would stick the same option into Drive... but until they do - Zoho is a viable alternative.
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