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Basic Etiquette & Some Tips for Google+ users

How to Interact Well on Google+ I'm 'old enough' on Google+ to know what to do, but I can still remember being 'New Here' and my concerns about doing it 'right'.

Here are my basic suggestions for getting good at using Google+, mainly in how you interact with others. There are plenty of other posts on how to set things up for yourself... this one is about How to Interact Well on Google+.

The Dos - what is Good to do on Google+
1) When you like something, i.e. a comment someone made: +1 it.
Hitting the +1 on someone's comment is a good way of saying, "I Agree", "Got It", or "Good Job", etc. (BTW, it is OK to +1 your own stuff)

2) After you +1'ed something, if you want to engage more, then add a comment. This is how the conversation with others gets started... you may find a friend, and then you can add them to your circles.

3) Share Other People's Posts
When you share someone's post you are telling them that what they posted was good stuff. We all like to know that others like our work... so share (it's one of those early lessons you likely learned in life).

Think of how what you are about to share impacted you and make a short comment to personalize it while you share it - realize your comment during sharing will be removed if someone else shares your share of it. I like to +1 the post I'm about to share, maybe make a comment thanking them and Then I Share it.

4) When Someone Shares Your Stuff - Thank Them
When you find that your post has been shared by someone (you'll get an alert), it's a good idea to thank them for sharing it. +1 their share of it, make a comment on the share ("thanks for sharing"), etc.

5) Post to 'Public' (when you can)
Circles are a way to group people. Sending posts to people that are just in your Circle is fine when the conversation is limited to just them, but if you send your posts to the 'Public' more people will see the content and then you may end up getting some new friends.

If you post to the 'public', the people in your Circles will still see the posts. When you post 'public' others can join in the conversation (see #1 & #2 above).

6) Mention People by name in your posts: +them
This helps us when we are busy, know that we were 'mentioned' - we get an 'alert'. This is a Social Place, people like to know that they are being referenced, so doing that is a good social practice. It is done by simply typing a + just before you type their name.

7) Bold and Italicize with care
You Bold text by adding the * character just before and after the words. You make text italic by doing the same with the _ character. Please don't overdo either!

8) Edit your post when needed
You are given the possibility of making edits to your posts (or comments) after you have posted them... use that great feature to clean up those typos! If someone shares your post right away, they may be sharing the un-edited version, so try to clean up quickly.

9) Add Hash Tags (#googleplustips)
Adding a hash tag will help people find more of your stuff if you use them consistently. It also helps people search out a topic more easily as they can simply click that hashtag and get similar posts listed. Make them by typing the # symbol followed immediately by a word or words (no spaces allowed).

[ A new post on hashtags is here: ]

The Don'ts - what is not good to do on Google+
1) Don't SPAM people... you'll get Blocked [or Removed] by them and others won't like you either.

2) Don't Alert or Notify people on All your postings
When you send a Notification for each of your posts, people will get tired of your activity. Save the Notifications for the most important postings you do. You Notify or alert people when you + their name (mentions) or when you hover over the 'non-public' circle name you are sending to and then check the box that reads 'Notify about this post'.

These are just some of my thoughts about Interacting on Google+. Please share yours here and feel free to 'Share' the post!
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FYI, there is a minor update to this post here:
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thanks too !! There are many things i dunno since i entered on PLus
Ah, its not too bad +Sarah Westwood , just a few little tips to help out. Some of the other posts of a similar nature go overboard a wee bit, this ones short, sweet and effective.
+Sarah Westwood Just take the top ones (a few at a time) and before you know it, You'll be a natural. Most of it is common sense, it's just remembering how to do it.
hmm. I never knew hashtags worked on G+. I thought that was a twitter thing only. Good to know! Thanks!
Forgive my ignorance +Ronnie Bincer re: #5 of the Dos: "If you post to the 'public', the people in your Circles will still see the posts."

Does that mean that if I share with Public, it shows up in the stream of those who I've circled? Or do you mean they can still see my posts if they come to my profile or find it by search?

For example I make a post and share it with Public and my Flying circle, does that post shown only in the stream of my Flying circle or the streams of everyone in all of my circles?
+Michael J. Gibbs No problem... I'll try to explain.

If you post 'public' the world can see what you post. If those in your Flying Circle (Flying O) happen to see you post then great they will... if they have a lot of posts flying by, then they may miss it.

Posting 'Public' & to 'Flying' is no different than just posting Public as far as visibility is concern... Unless you hover over the Flying O button and choose to 'Notify' them. Then they will be alerted that you have posted.

The best way to encourage Flying O folks to see your posts is to have each of them also circle you back into a similar circle 'Flying'. Then when they want to, they can use the Stream Filters on the left side [now up Top] and select to see the posts sent out by folks in their Flying O.

I hope that helps, let me know if you would like more clarity on this... it does seem to be tricky at times.
+Ronnie Bincer Thanks. This is a meaty post on #googleplustip .

I've intended to create a circle or page or something gathering tips and #netiquette . I wasn't quite sure how.

I started to copy and paste the hash tag #googleplustips . My hand slipped and "Bam" - an entire list of posts on #googleetiquette appears. Now why didn't I think of that. Well, I'm learning. Making progress.

Awfully, nice of you to plus my name so I'd find this thread. I think I'll still keep adding people like you to my tips and etiquette circle. I'm only a month into learning social media (I was on hiatus for four years). Wow. What a difference. Things were less complicated back in 1995 when I started web dev. But with change comes opportunity ... and my motto is: Opportunities multiply when they are seized. ~Sun Tzu.

Hope to connect with you on other networks. Thanks again.

P.S. I'm still going around in circles with #circlemanagement . Is it considered bad form to add people to multiple circles? I'm searching for a thread on that.
+April Lougheed I add people to multiple circles all the time (not bad form at all IMO)... remember they - the circlees - can't see what circle you put them into) - and they don't really know when / if you remove them from your circles directly either.

Just an FYI, adding hashtags in comments looks cool, but you will not be able to 'find that comment' via a hashtag search as they don't work that way. If you want more stuff on hashtags, go back to my profile and look for the hashtag post I mention there.

Glad to see you are learning stuff here in G+, it seems to be a great place for that!
Ah... but that is a 'pound' sign for the UK - I wonder if choosing a keyboard remap / US keyboard would solve that issue?
hey +Ronnie Bincer, just wondering if theres any way to hold on to peoples +1's and comments when you repost a video into the stream.
+Gen Newbreed great question... unfortunately the answer I think is no.

When you repost anything, you lose all of the interaction from the original post.
As More People Continue to Share this Post...
Please be so kind as to leave a comment here as well... it lets me know what you think of the post... (plus FYI) there is a minor update to this post here:
Nice post. Perhaps you could add something to the don'ts: Don't comment when a +1 will do. This is probably debatable but I often see very long lists of comments that are basically just saying 'I agree' etc. And surely that's what +1 is for. Finding the comments in the stream that actually say something more meaty is sometimes just too big a deal and I go away.
...and this is a question: you find a post that has been reposted and you want to comment. So do you comment on the original post or on the shared? Here I'm commenting on the original post though I found it on the shared, so I guess I made a choice there. I'm interested in what others do and how they decide.
+Roger Parkinson has mentioned points I have also wondered about. When I agree, I hit the +1 but I see many people do also add a comment. I don't know if I am being rude if I don't (by not boosting their comment numbers.)

I also often follow the original...but I usually comment on the page I landed on...only because I have wanted to support the person who showed me. 
+Susan O'Dea I guess it is a case by case kind of thing? Thanks for your thoughts. (And I also +1'd your comment, heh)
+Roger Parkinson & +Susan O'Dea good questions and responses. Here is my take on it: Adding comments is a good thing if you have something to add other than a Plus One! Even if it is short, comments are nice, but if all they say is "Yeah, I agree", then a +1 would do.

The original posted should draw out comments with valuable questions in the post.

re. Comments on the Original post... FYI the originator will be likely be alerted no matter where you add your comments. If you want to support the person that brought the post to your attention (Susan's point) that is a good thing to do. If your comment is best part of the 'other comments' shown only on the original post, then click the Time stamp or the originally shared this Post word, find the original post and add your comments there.

I'd personally prefer that people 'share the love' and add comments in more than one place, but that is my opinion. There is something magical about a post with many comments, but for many people the qty of comments makes you just want to move on, so fewer comments in more places may be preferable.

Hope that answers your questions. There are many ways to do G+... thanks for asking!
Nice work - will be sharing this!
+Ronnie Bincer Thanks for the informative post! Here's a question that borders on etiquette: Should you +1 your own posts? Google has made the option to do so very prominent; would it have any impact on visibility, the impression you give people, etc? Any thoughts on the matter?
Thank you very much for this post. I was finding a lot of people were getting emails from me without me realising when I first started using it. I have shared this post too.
Hi +Richard Malone. I thought I'd like to mention you in my post:

Now I have a question. What about etiquette for sending me messages through Hangouts? Someone once greet me with a word "handsome," as that is similar to saying "hello, beautiful." I told them I'm not their handsome and they as if I am mad at them and what I am doing. So I proceeded to talk with my mom and my mom thought that the stranger is a weird person for me to talk to. I had a feeling that someone typing behind the keyboard is weird, so I thought I might ignore her. Is this how I am supposed to end up?
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