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This should be good if you want to Schedule 'Hangout Appointments'...

We've been working on the details behind the scenes for this use case for hangouts. Utilizing Appointment Slots on your Google Calendar, combining it with Hangout Appointments.

Join us for the overview this Thursday Dec. 20, 2012 11AM PST/2PM EST more details in the event link

Read up on the entire process via the Post's link below.
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Virtual Office Hours with Google Hangouts and Appointment Slots
Although written primarily with educators in mind, the concept can be used with anyone who wants to have set office hours and have users select specific time slots. Thanks to +Ronnie Bincer for his help.

I'll be presenting this information as part of a Google Hangout titled Engaging Students with Google Hangouts . Come join us at
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I thought I heard these appointment slots were being eliminated from google calendar?  no?  the announcement about the changes to calendar was confusing. 

This sounds fantastic.  I'll definitely look into using this.  Only problem is getting my google calendar to sync with my office calendar, which our university uses.  
+Rob Ferguson let's hope not... we are just starting to use them in some very cool ways! Can you try to find that reference when you have a moment?
+Rob Ferguson Thanks, that does not look like good news at all for this discovery/method... +Trevor Beck did you see this post linked above this comment?
 +Ronnie Bincer   <Heavy sigh>. Well, that's more than a bit inconvenient. Still, I guess we can fall back to doing a meeting request through calendars anyways. I'll have to play with it again to see the best way to do it.  :-)
+Trevor Beck Yeah... I've asked Dori if she can see about stopping that feature combo from getting cut, but it may be too little too late. Shall I assume that the show must go on and we will still talk about it (or alternatives) for this week's scheduled HOA?
I've wanted repeating events to be possible via the G+ Events tool.. for a while but have decided I needed to use the Calendar for that feature... They have added the ability to "Duplicate" a G+ Event (working on one of those right now)... but it doesn't carry over any of the guests (even if they wanted to be).

I like the Events tool best because I can engage in pre-/post-meeting conversations etc. there. We have a couple days for folks to dig in, and I've asked some Googlers to reconsider, but they say to not get our hopes up... Commenting on Trevor's original post might let them know our concern levels.
+Ronnie Bincer Oh, we'll continue on. I'm actually working on a document on the pros and cons of creating an event in Google+ vs. using Google calendar while I try and figure things out (I'll add you as a contributor). I don't want to get too hung up on other calendar solutions, as the idea was to focus more on using Hangouts with the students.
+Trevor Beck I use and setup G+ Events most every day... so we can have a good discussion in the HOA if you like.
If you could just get the URL for a HOA in advance I'd be happy. Make it so only scheduler of the hangout could launch it. 
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