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⚠ Hangouts & Google Plus Events... a BAD Combination! ⚠

Don't get me wrong, I Love Google Plus Events! And in my mind, there isn't a more powerful method to Alert people to the fact that you will be having a HOA at a certain date and time.

But Alerting is very different than Inviting and that is where most people are making a big mistake when using the Powerful Events Tool. It is causing Mass Confusion and Late or Failed Starts to Hangouts On Air.

If your Goal is to Alert the Public that you will be having a Hangout On Air (HOA) at a certain time using Google Plus Events, that's a great Idea, just don't use the Event Type called Hangouts to do it! Use the one called Event on Air or anything BUT Hangouts!

If you do make your Event a Hangout-type event - at the scheduled time - the Google+ Event will automatically Create a Hangout. And people will try to join it because it tells them to... (this is not what you want!)

If your Goal is to invite a few friends to join a Hangout at a scheduled time, then you can ignore this post, everything should be working fine for you, right?

Confused? Read the scenario here and you won't be confused any longer...

For other Event Tips:
• Easily Invite Others:
• Quickly Check Your Schedule... can you go?:
• Use Events to Publicly Share your HOA:
• Turn Off Event Spam:
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Awesome post, bud. Just put your advice to use for the first ever You Served HOA. :D
+Ronnie Bincer I do not agree with this post. My advice, see all sides and be careful not to drop war time propaganda from passing planes. There are many cases to use the LIVE Hangout Link, best of all as a green room for informal debate, before during and after the Official Event.

The other issue is the beauty and simplicity of what Google puts out there .. a tool, like a crayon for people to use as they see fit. My best advice is to look at what we have now and just spark to the future a tiny amount and tell Google what you would like. Second guessing what we have now is a dangerous game. If you want to invest serious energy, look at what Google have not touched.. like Calendar, Maps or News {news is albeit a toe in the water in terms of g+} .. 
+Mike Downes, I think you might have missed the point. Using your green room example, you really wouldn't want the public to be in on that. You would issue invites to a green room discussion individually instead of making it a public even. Honestly, +Ronnie Bincer is spot on for HOA's open to the public, but with limited access to the actual Hangout.
Thanks +Mike Downes for your thoughtful feedback... I make note that there are reasons for using this combination in my post here as well as in the linked article.

I alerted the Google team that I would be posting something with a 'shock'-type headline and received a reply saying that informing the user base out there would be a good thing. Plus that they were aware of the issue and that there is a 'lot of discussions' going on about it.

I have seen this issue noted cause BIG problems with the start of some HOAs, so as a service to the community, I have issued this warning. I believe I do see all sides, but I could be wrong... if you would care to enlighten us further, feel free to do so. Thanks for your comments and engagement ㋡
Can you create two events for the same Hangout on Air? One for those who can participate among the 10 slots and others to watch?

This may resolve or work around the issue.
Great post and thanks for the heads up. I read the situation that you posted about on your site (some people might not have) and saw the chaos that ensued by choosing the wrong thing.

100% agree with the reasoning behind making this post. :)

Events are one thing, email lists are how money is made and you don't get spam complaints since you run double opt in on Aweber. Best deal for the small marketer, I have been using that for my list since 1999.

Social and email lists are two different things.

Also I would not send invites to anyone unless they are in my opt in Circles.

Making an event public is a whole different issue. - Chris
+Marcus Penn I've missed no points at all. I've understood what the post reads as and have worked with Ronnie in the past. I would like to see a post.. maybe saying.. Google Events, 10 Ways to use them effectively. Then we would have this post as maybe 1-2 points. I believe the best uses of G Events are to be discovered.. 

For example, brainstorming, collating info on a missing child leveraging the wisdom of the crowd. I'm already working with local government in the UK, where we can have 12 green room Hangouts and then one HOA Plenary later in the Event..

As a pointer, see where the latest post is about Emergency Response.. then see G Events used in a much wider context.
+Mike Downes You're taking this article as big picture when it's focus on little picture, effectively starting a public HOA with scheduled guest(s) without brainpains. Look at the trees, not the forest, my friend.
Yeah, he's just saying what button to push when the event is created. Not trying to stifle the Hangout potential. :)
+Marcus Penn My view is always more than one forest if not as wide as a continent. What applies to one tiny root, could apply to all roots on the globe.. you'll see. 
+Mike Downes I frequently list tips on how to best use G+ Events...I think you know that. I even listed some of them in this very post. I do what I can to alert people to good things and bad.

And as I mentioned above, I even alerted the Google Team related to this before I posted and received no 'stop, don't do that' replies, if anything I received the go ahead and 'thanks for helping' reply.

You can have different perspectives and even disagree with my findings, no problem... but if you follow the reshare trail here, you will see many comments about people that have experienced the issues noted herein and are thankful I have provided this post (even calling it a PSA - Public Service Announcement).
+Pat Ferdinandi Hangouts created automatically by the Event are not HOAs (using the Hangout-Type Event Choice) ... the Hangout that is created IS NOT the HOA, it is a separate HO link which is not related to your live show... thus the confusion and the warning.
thanks +Aaron Wood for taking the time to read the post on my website for the full details. Glad it made sense to you ㋡
You're welcome! Figured if you took the time to cite an example I might as well read it to get the 411! :)
The way events are communicated in Google+ is extremely confusing. If someone invites me to a limited event and I share the event to someone else, am I inviting them too? Or just letting them know that I'm invited? Is the Share button the same as the Invite one, or do they do different things?
+Zach Yeskel thanks for the comment. I have made a tutorial on how to do your technique (re.using Events to alert others of a HOA publicly) and it is referenced in this post up above (and again here for easy reference: ).

The issue at hand is the choice of 'Event Type' which has been causing problems to many people lately.
Thank you for this post, +Ronnie Bincer Had we known about it, we might not have lost our best HOA ever. The Event hangout overwrote our real one, and left 90 minutes of a wonderful event destroyed. Cest' la vie...
Hey +Ronnie Bincer these are great points, and your post on your web site really explains a lot.  Perhaps we should hold a How to Use Events Hangout  - let's talk :)
+J.C. Kendall Man... I'm very sorry to hear that. I watched your HOA and thought that the discussion was quite valuable. Sorry you lost the video. (If that is truly what happened... [i.e. the real reason for loosing the HOA video] that makes for an even more compelling reason to not choose the 'Hangout' Event Type when you are holding a HOA at the same time, wow that stinks!)
Hey +Meilani MacDonald .. I like that idea, let's discuss soon the idea of doing some hangouts where we show the pros/cons and other tips etc. on using Events and other Google Tools, etc. PM me and we can start working on the details, OK?
The mistake everyone is making here +Ronnie Bincer is making Hangouts your focus. They are really for so many other things. +Shira Gal and I are going to show you how it's done tomorrow. Check my stream for the event, G+ is a tool, making events G+ centric is the mistake +Ronnie Bincer is trying to get that across here.

The G+ is all there is attitude has brought this all about and it is not how Events should be used,  so Ronnie is right here, you have to look at the bigger idea. 
Good morning +Chris Lang - I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather here in Colorado (assuming that is where you currently are on your HIRL Roadtrip)

I plan on 'attending' the Events focused Hangout you and Shira are putting on, but am not sure of the proper time... rumor has it the event is supposed to start today at 7pm ET ( = 5pm MT) but the event itself is showing that it is supposed to start today at 10am MT (aka 12 noon ET).
Yes, it is my weekly show, tonight at 5 Denver time.

We are in Arvada until Monday morning if you want to HIRL let know when you can come up. Right now we are swamped with our affiliate launch. - Chris

Have more time this weekend too.
+Chris Lang Weekend is better, taking friends up the Cog Railroad to the top of Pikes Peak Friday. I thought you might want some compelling video footage of the fire damage in the neighborhoods here but I can come up to Arvada if you like... let's continue via PM.
Right now it seems the main thing that is BAD about Events is the date / time bug.

+Trey Collier made this clear today!
+Ronnie Bincer We just posted our next event; with your blog post on this open in another window for guidance. Its good work, dude. Really appreciated. 
+Dan McDermott you may not have the time to read the nightmare scenario in my linked post, but If you'd like to chat about the perils that can happen, let me know.

Thanks for the ping +Linda Lawrey (if you want to chat about it, let me know) - the title is meant to shock.. but if you read the very next few lines you can see that I am a true fan of Events... just not using them wrong!

FYI, this issue is not so obvious when you are Inside the HOAs all the time... Just Sayin' ㋡
+J.C. Kendall glad you found it to be helpful. Send a link here to your event and we can all take a look!
Thanks, important consideration indeed.
+Hakan Gül thanks for the comment but this post originally came out almost a month ago... +Jaana Nyström saw it then... I'm sure. It does however have an evergreen aspect to it especially for new countries just getting HOA capabilities now... +Mark Traphagen just helped give it new life recently via a reshare.
On mobile right now... makes my mojo magic less capable but I'll have a look see soon... thanks +Jaana Nyström !
+Ronnie Bincer  sorry, I didn't notice the date. Thought it was posted due to the new HOA updates. Checked for comments by Jaana and there were none ;)
So I had to ping her as I think it would be good if we share this info through the Help page.
This might be a bit advanced for the Page?  :-)
Don't underestimate people  :D
The page is not named "for noobs" so you can share more advanced things. If it is a concern for you, you can label it with some type of "for advanced users" ;)
Or re-write it in a shorter and more easy to understand way?
+Google+ Help (Unofficial) I would agree that the entire post may be a bit much for the newbee. Not sure how to simplify it without making too many assumptions/generalizations that lead to nasty comments etc.
+Hakan Gül I appreciate you doing so... please don't take my comment above as a 'slam on your efforts' but I just wanted to point out to you the 'age of the post'. But you are right, as many new countries are just now getting access to creating HOAs there is renewed value for them as well.
No worries, I don't get easily offended ;)
+Jaana Nyström +Google+ Help (Unofficial) here is a short write-up you may want to use when/if re-sharing this post elsewhere. Feel free to copy/paste the text! Thanks ㋡

If you find yourself in a Hangout that is part of an Event (on the Events Page)... you may be in the wrong place!

Some people are creating Google Plus Events that are promoting a Hangout On Air and making the Event itself become a Hangout!

Instead they really mean to advertise that a Hangout on Air (HOA) is about to happen and should point you to where you need to go to watch or take part.

Read this post to understand some of the issues you may run into here with Events and Hangouts vs. Events and Hangouts on Air.
+Ronnie Bincer 
I attended your SEO event the other day and was just wondering how you were able to stream the live the hangout in the event's page?
Thank you!
+Sara Akhteh When the HOA is open but not live yet, the originator of the HOA can copy/paste the 'left-most' 'Embed' link I call the YouTube View Link of the HOA into the Event's Advanced: Show More field called: YouTube URL.

Do that just before the show goes live, and when the show starts the Broadcast, the live video feed will be visible inside the Event ㋡

Hope that helps, and thanks for asking! #HangoutHelpers  - to the rescue!
This was really helpful! I have been looking everywhere for more information so I can attempt to do this for my radio show this Saturday. Fingers crossed, I think after reading this post I just might have it! Thanks!
+Debbie Horovitch I've got replies to many of your points, but that may be best done in a Hangout Video call with you sometime.

Depending on the Goal of your HOA you may want people to watch on your Website... some people also find using Events inside Google+ to be a viable option, you just need to know how to do it right.

The public can be invited into to Page or Profile hosted HOAs, I think it is not wise for either though. Viewing or Discoverability for HOAs is still an issue, and many of us have worked out methods to help the show get found both during and after the live event.
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