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How to Start Playing a YouTube Video at a Chosen Time - in Google+?

Many of you know that it is possible to send your friends a link to a YouTube video and have that video start playing at a certain spot in the video (if you didn't know that before... now you do; you can!).

For example I may want to start playing a video at the 1 minute 19 second mark to point out a certain area of the video I want someone to focus on.

Adding a Time Code
You can do that by adding in some time codes at the end of the video's URL like this: &t=1m19s - I'd show you the entire link, but Google+ likes to turn these YouTube links into Blue Text as many have noticed me post about lately.

In case you don't want to remember how to type in the code properly, I have found a website that makes it 'stupid easy' to get the code added to your YouTube URL... go visit it here:

But that wasn't my goal! It was just a nifty discovery to help me and you add the time code to the end of a YouTube Video URL... But here was my real goal:

Can I find a way to add in a link that someone can click on inside a Google+ post that would let me guide the viewer to a certain spot in the video... kind of like a TOC (Table of Contents) for the video. I wanted to be able to say, learn about X by clicking here, and learn about Y by clicking here.

Sorry Charlie! no can do.
But wait, you say, "I thought you just showed us how to do exactly that?"
Well I did, sort of.

The question I asked though was can I do this Inside a Google Plus Post... and to that the answer is No.

I can add the modified URL into the body of a G+ post, and when you click it, you will end up watching the video from the specified starting location, BUT it will jump you out to the YouTube website to watch the video. It will not skip to the video's special starting point Inside the Google+ Post.

I've even tried pasting in the modified YouTube URL using the 'Add Link' icon and it totally ignores the special starting point and displays the video as part of the post, but when you click to watch inside Google+, it starts from the beginning of the video.

Here is an example of the video I want you to watch Starting at 1 min 19 sec into the video: How Google Plus Has Changed Search Forever! - See how it looks like a regular Blue Text YouTube video link? But it isn't, it has the special start time in it. Click the link to see what happens.

So for now we just can't guide you any better unless you don't mind a jump to YouTube to watch the video beginning at custom starting points.

Bummer, but at least you now know... and hey, we now can find that super easy place to help us get our custom starting point YouTube URLs set up - that was a Bonus, eh? Here's that link again:

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This is so usefull, I did an hour video and this has allowed me to make a table of contents for it on ny blog.
Yeah, +Jack Durst the helpful little website i mention in the post helped me remember how to add the time start code to the URL of the video... Just wish we could do it while showing video inside G+ as well...Maybe someday.
Glad you find it helpful +John Pierce, feel free to share it with others you think may be helped by it as well.
Very helpful +Ronnie Bincer! Unfortunate it can't be done in G+ yet, but I often send people "examples" of things I find on Youtube. And you guessed it, it's usually a part of the video. Very useful, thanks!
+Jay Ruggieri I have found it to be very helpful when I send someone a link to a video that starts in the place I want them to see.

That way they can get right to the point of interest.

BTW when you are inside YouTube making comments... you can add a time code, i.e. 1:19 - and if a person clicks on that number ( which is turned into a link) in your YouTube comment, they go right to that moment in the video.

That is what I am hoping Google plus will eventually work in to the g+ commenting ares but it probably will be very complex for them to do.
Awesome! Google owns YouTube, so it's already in their programming so to speak. G+ is beautifully complicated in itself, no doubt we'll get there soon enough. Thanks for this share!
Too many tips to stick in one post so here is another related one in the comments: If you Right-click (PC)/Ctrl-Click(Mac) on the video when it is playing (on YouTube or Google+) and choose Copy Video URL at current time you can get the same special start code for a video.
Great tip, thanks for sharing.
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