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Google Plus Page Email setup... See the steps before you try it!

Since Feb. 6 or 8th 2013 we have been able to add some Extra Mojo to our Google Plus Pages by assigning them their own username and password.

If you assign a new Username & Password for your Google Plus Page it can do more things for you... like use Hangout Apps (aka Lower Third Banner, etc.) and be ready for YouTube and other third party connections. Read up if you like here:

Follow the screen shot journey I took while setting up one of my G+ Pages to have its own username and password. I also decided I wanted a 'better' email (username) for my Page so I did some extra stuff here... if you just want the basics you can jump from image no. 6 to image no. 15 and save some time (and possible confusion).

I'm not claiming that this is the only way to go, but it seemed to work for me and I hope you can get something useful out of all my effort in documenting the process.

BTW, because I am so into Hangouts, I tested this new setup to see if the new Page setup allowed for the Page to connect directly to a YouTube account yet... check out the last slide to see the results of that test!
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h/t: +Rajesh Narayanan for the initial alert!
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Great work, I'll have to do this tomorrow for my work's page that I manage.
+Ronnie Bincer "and be ready for YouTube " < any ideas when this will go live...? :)  .... thanks for the last slide... I'm also at the waiting stage, hope it'll be soon.
+Ronnie Bincer I've asked previously on another thread but haven't got a response yet. If you don't mind me asking here, could you please check if the Google+ Page now has access to Messenger from the Google+ app?

Tapping on Messenger currently redirects you directly to the main app, but I haven't enabled this feature on a page that I manage. I'd like to know if this has changed, or if an app update is necessary.
+Ronnie Bincer if you have other managers on your page. Can they still access the page with their profile? Or they need to know the new login/password?
+Raphael Ndem I'm swamped this morning, and not working on Mobile... perhaps +Google+ Help can address your question re. mobile, Pages & Messenger which you asked above.
Remember this isn't a good idea for all pages!...
... will sit on edge of seat until you can connect this new username/password to YouTube... until then you can't host HoA with extensions ;)
can you add a different email address at a later date or do you think it has to be done immediately? +Ronnie Bincer Really loving your photo directions. Are you using snagit?
I had a better gmail account for each of my pages and now I cannot add them.
+Rebecca Happy yes I'm using snagit (mac)... I don't really know if you can add a different email address at a later date for the G+ Page 'email' address (aka username)... maybe +Google+ Help can share some wisdom for us with that valid question.
thanks Ronnie. as at the moment it says it is already taken of course
+Ronnie Bincer Thanks, Ronnie. Was getting frustrated then by following your very clear slides, realized I was tripping up at the "upgrade to gmail" part.
+NewRayCom honestly I may have gone through a few extra steps that many don't care about (I actually have 2x the sides saved from my journey as I tested out other options along the way!)... hopefully what I ended up posting here is not too confusing, but I could see how it might be. In the post I mention that you can jump from step 6 to step 15 if you wanted to.
+Ronne Bonnie Your slides were a huge help. I actually wanted to get to the email part as I wanted to be able to access the Toolbox. It would have taken me another day and a lot do frustration without your guidance. thanks. 
+Rebecca Happy make the other email addresses as managers of the page, I did that and it helps quite a bit. that way you can get others to help when you need to.
+Ronnie Bincer Great tutorial.  Like others I'm curious to know if you had other managers to your page/s and if so, once you gave the page its own login did those manager still have access through their own individual logins or did the managers all have to use the login/password combo you set up for the page?
+Adreana Langston my understanding is that managers to Pages are not effected by the page's new capability to have a different login method by the owner. i.e. they can continue to log into and manage the G+ Page the same way they had in the past.
+Ronnie Bincer  It seems that only the owner of the page is able to install the tool box. None of the managers in our page was able since they don't see all the item on the menu as I do. Any thoughts?
+CraftBeerNation N that makes sense... i.e. whomever is using the Page's ID Account would have access to the needed 'stuff' so that the permissions of the Page make it possible to use HO Apps... +Moritz Tolxdorff am I anywhere near close on that?
+CraftBeerNation N current solution: share that new email info with the needed managers for now... soon (hoping very soon) the 50 Page managers will have access to the G+ Page/YouTube connection and all this #@& %$&@ will be behind us!
Look's like it is not available in Poland yet ;/
+Ronnie Bincer - the main thing is to integrate existing youtube channels with +pages. That would be a blast!
I have also talked with one og g+ engeneers about the idea of tagging people as g+ profiles in youtube videos. That would be even stronger for G+ development! Hopefully they roll it out one day ;)
I am awaiting mainly the full integration of yt channels with brandpages but using the +Hangout Lower Third for HoA would be also nice :)
We are planning with +Michał Bedyński next HoA of our +Salsa Libre event in 2 weeks - hopefully the changes you mentioned arrive to Poland by that time :)
+Marek Domański just a reminder, the Hangout toolbox's version of the Lower Third app is the only one you should be using now.
+Ronnie Bincer my page settings doesn't show the third-party tools for nothing. Above the "My Circles" section is all about notifications. Any clue why? Thanks!
Thanks +Ronnie Bincer I get everything, but I still don't understand why my pages has no third-party tools options :'( 
+Ronnie Bincer after so many trials and errors I was able to figure out why. Hopefully what I've discovered can help more people:

In my case, the Google mail who had the ownership of my page was a Google App a It seems that only has the third-party tools options capability.

I had nothing else to try, so I transferred the ownership of my page from myself to a account. 

Then the third-party tools options magically appeared.

I made it too confusing? Anyways, it's now fixed from may side.
+Luca Atalla Thanks for that!!! I've been sitting here wondering why I didn't have that option, guess it must be because I'm also using a Goggle Apps (not account as the page owner. 

Guess I'll have to make a normal Gmail account to temporarily 'own' the page so I can get it set up. 
+Bobby Gooding when you say temporarily have the Page use a different email (i.e. non-GoogleApps gmail) then I have concerns...

Once you 'disconnect' that Gmail email, you will likely loose all that added function for the Page's hangouts... the Page needs a 'place' to hold "permissions' for 3rd party apps, once you remove that place (changing the Page's email) you will most likely loose that 3rd party integration/function - am I correct +Google+ Help or +Moritz Tolxdorff?
Agree +Ronnie Bincer, you most certainly will lose the functionalities. In my case I transferred my page for good. The gmail account I chose now owns +GRACIEMAG page. You don't necessarily need to have your page owned by a account.
+Ronnie Bincer +Luca Atalla Thanks for the heads up! Didn't realise it would lose it again afterwards! I was thinking that if I created a new Gmail account, that I'd then have the owner set as an unused Google+ profile -- but I guess that doesn't display to anybody publicly anyhow, right? 

Thanks again for the help! Have our first Hangout On Air from a page scheduled for Thursday, so glad I found all this out now and not on the day! :)
There's another tricky aspect that may prevent you to do it before Thu, +Bobby Gooding. You only are able to transfer the ownership of a Page if the e-mail is manager of it for at least two weeks, or at least these were the rules last time I checked.
+Bobby Gooding good luck with the Branded Page HOA...
Did you see how it can also now be broadcast inside a GPC (community)?
Community Hangouts on Air setup guide - step-by-step
Is there a way I can be taken off this thread so that I don't get all new updates? Thanks!
+Ronnie Bincer Thanks for the well wishes. Have seen your post about the community hangouts, been following your activities very closely, and you're content has been a huge help on almost a daily basis! :)
+Lauren Fox yes...
Choose the drop-down arrow in the post's upper right, select "Mute Post"
+Luca Atalla I didn't realise that either! I think I may just leave it how it is for now, and just live without a lower third for me (as guests can still use lower thirds, I assume) this time around. 
I also didn't think about how switching permanent ownership would affect the YouTube channel that's linked to the Page. Although I think as a manager I'd still be able to access it without switching accounts. I'm sure as brand pages are becoming equal to profiles, though, that it will soon only make sense for me to separate the two. 
+Luca Atalla hello friend, i did not get how to fix it ,, i have auto generated page user name and and i have created a pasword for it..
but i want to change user name and wanna hangout option on page.. 
will anyone please help me to fix it out... 
+Ronnie Bincer is there an updated version of this. I set up the username and password. Is there a way to return to set up that unique email address. Now that the user/password is set up 3rd party does not show up in settings.  Thanks!
+Zara Altair I've not made an updated post on this topic (I don't think I have). I'm not positive, but I can go back to my Page account and still see the 'third party tools' area which is how to get started with the Page's unique email address.
Fabulous tutorial, thanks so much for this!
I am going absolutely spare now, tho... if I use the page on google+, there doesn't seem to be a link to the new gamil account I have set up ANYWHERE...
+shteev m I think you'll find that gmail account via the Page's settings area.
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