Google Plus Page Email setup... See the steps before you try it!

Since Feb. 6 or 8th 2013 we have been able to add some Extra Mojo to our Google Plus Pages by assigning them their own username and password.

If you assign a new Username & Password for your Google Plus Page it can do more things for you... like use Hangout Apps (aka Lower Third Banner, etc.) and be ready for YouTube and other third party connections. Read up if you like here:

Follow the screen shot journey I took while setting up one of my G+ Pages to have its own username and password. I also decided I wanted a 'better' email (username) for my Page so I did some extra stuff here... if you just want the basics you can jump from image no. 6 to image no. 15 and save some time (and possible confusion).

I'm not claiming that this is the only way to go, but it seemed to work for me and I hope you can get something useful out of all my effort in documenting the process.

BTW, because I am so into Hangouts, I tested this new setup to see if the new Page setup allowed for the Page to connect directly to a YouTube account yet... check out the last slide to see the results of that test!
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h/t: +Rajesh Narayanan for the initial alert!
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