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Testing out Unified Chat
Ronnie Bincer and 2 others participated
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I have put a comment on the YouTube side after the event is over and I am asking why can't we simply use a G+ Public Share and request everyone to Engage in conversations there.
What do you think of that idea +Ronnie Bincer and +Andrew Hatchett ?
Another place where I found one could Engage in conversation.
YouTube side and this one is Public G+ Share.
So it should be possible to have an Engaging conversation here is it not +Ronnie Bincer and +Andrew Hatchett ?
Do we really need an Event Page?
If this Engagement happens on a Public G+ Community page it will all be in one place would it not?
+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao,
The video in a public post (what we call the CCHOA[Community Centered HOA]) is one of the four methods I mentioned. The problem is that it doesn't work well for those embedding the event on their website as you loose the comments made in the community when on the website.
thanks for sharing that with us. I watched and I'm still unclear exactly what new function you were trying to test. I am glad to see you posting things again. Hope all is good.
+Andrew Hatchett but even with the good old Event Page the comments were not visible on our own websites. We were NOT able to Embed the Event Page at all.So as far as websites go, I don't think lack of Event Page makes any difference to our own websites.
In fact one can put a link to our G+ Community on our website and people who click would be taken to the Community Page.
+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao 
True, but some were promoting the event page itself as a way to draw people to their website and now that can't be done and the website itself must be promoted.
+Vivekananda Baindoor Rao we can certainly interact with a post of the hoa. And pointing people to a post as a "landing page" is also an option, but it feels lacking a bit in how we can make it "pretty"/branded.
+Henry Booth Can you give me a link to the posting you made? We've been very busy over there but I'd like to look in to it.
Ele não é estranho não ,acho gue já ho,vir no yotube,prazer amigaõ :rickmattosamusico,tudo de bom...
I really hate that you can't change the thumbnail of the individual YouTube LIVE events BEFORE they air. Really hate it!
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