Hangout Lower Third graphic - Add Your Name to your Hangout Screen

This video is an 8 minute walk-through on how to utilize a very important tool for your Google Plus Hangout activity (Hangouts or HOA - Hangouts on Air). It is part of the +Hangout Toolbox app and is very handy for us all. +Ande Lyons & +Dan Forbes are here in the show as we go through the basics on how to 1) set it up and 2) get fancy with it by changing some options.

This is a fantastic tool which is part of a set of hangout tools (known as Hangout Apps) that add functionality to your hangout experience (kind of like a plug-in).

This set of tools which all work well together are gathered into The Hangout Toolbox by +Moritz Tolxdorff ... tip: there is a version 2 coming out sometime soon, but the basics here will still apply for the Hangout Lower Third App.

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