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Great list of Wordpress Plugins to help with your SEO

I was poking around +Mark Traphagen's posts lately and saw that I had missed this one from my friend across the pond +Lee Smallwood - sorry I did not catch it until now ;-) --
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Wordpress Plugins

When I set up Wordpress sites for clients or my own sites there are plugins that I install to help me optimise the on-site content and on-page elements - so I thought I'd list them here - hope it helps :)

SEO Ultimate : - all in one on-page SEO

Greg's High Performance SEO : - an alternative to SEO Ultimate

Custom login screen : - removes the wordpress branding

PubSubHubBub : - claims the content you publish – helps prevent other people taking it as there own

Cool Author Box : - needed for Google+ publisher rank and author rank

Site performance and internal architecture
A good vid from +Matt Cutts at Google talking about latency, internal linking and social sharing
If you were an SEO of a large company, what would you include in your 2011 strategy?

Wordpress Plugins I use that address the 3 points Matt discusses in the video are:

SEO Smart Links : - for auto internal linking - NOTE read this post before using the plugin and if unsure DON'T install it and seek advice and don't just use the plugin as is ... Remember that moderation is key limit the number of links being created by the plugin - e.g. I limit it to 1 link per post [h/t +Craig Deakin for sharing the link]

WP Total Cache : - can increase site speed by 10 x

Digg Digg : - fully customisable and adds a floating bar on the side of the blog posts

Other things account needed for each author – same email must be used as the one they use for logging into the VF blog

Zemanta : - for finding external content to link to – (here's my latest blog on it and +Mark Traphagen post on +Zemanta

Social Metrics Pro : - provides a dashboard of all the social activity taking place on the site

Google XML site maps generator
If you have any Qs on the above leave a comment below let me know - happy to help :)

Other Plugins Suggested by G+ Community
Custom Contact Forms : suggested by +Holly Ares Snyder
Media Elements JS : great HTML5 player - suggested by +Holly Ares Snyder

And if you have any plugins that you tried that should be added to the above - leave a comment below and link to the plugin and I'll add it to the post above :)

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Lovin the list +Lee Smallwood and appreciate the Share +Ronnie Bincer . I'm telling myself that its some measure of my progress that I know and use most of these already. Going to check out the ones I'm not familiar with, like PubSubHubBub (GOT to get this one!) and Social Metrics Pro (another must have). Not so excited over the DiggDigg. Am I the only one who gets really annoyed by that floating thing?
+Ronae Jull I like Digg Digg because you can add the buttons that you want by using primary source code - so if say Gplus updates its button then Digg Digg updates as well :) 
PubSubHubBub doesn't seem to me to be a content claimer.   Its more of a content sharer.     It does ping Google when you post, thus alerting Google that the content is published on that date/time by you, thus giving Google a heads up hint as to who the original author might be.    But you should combine that with Authorship tags   ("Wordpress SEO"    does Authorship, as well as the SEO stuff too)   

I may be wrong, but I'm thinking the true advantage of PubSubHubBub is that you can "Push" your Wordpress content out via Atom or RSS to other social media sites like Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter.  I wish G+ would support this too.    This turns your WP Blog into the Hub and the other social media sites as the spokes, instantly.   As the spokes change over time, just change the accounts your content gets pushed to.      
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