Hangouts On Air Discovery - You can start, Before you START...

+Meilani MacDonald & +Ronnie Bincer were testing out a particular question/issue with using HOA... here was the question we had: Can we start the HOA and get everyone ready Before the Broadcast goes live?

Or asked another way... are we OK getting everyone in the On-Screen team of the HOA ready and tested (i.e. the Green Room) without the 'world' watching at that time? And the answer is...YES!

The HOA is not 'on air' for those that are not invited... for those that ARE INVITED, then they can view/see the live activity in their G+ stream, but the 'World' can not (at least that is what it looks like from our test here).

Only after we hit the Red 'Start Broadcast' Button does the rest of the world get to 'see' the HOA... and that is when the recording starts.

The recorded video will end up in a YouTube Channel. I have made a visual guide and a post with visual or written instructions as to how to properly connect your YouTube and Google+ locations... check that out here:

We offer some other basic tips near the very end of this recorded HOA on how to manage who is seen during your HOA and who can control that visual focus, so if that is of interest to you keep watching!

Thanks for watching, see you around!
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