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Branded YouTube - Meet Branded Google Plus Page.
Let the Awesomeness begin for Business on Google Plus!
Totally Branded Hangouts on Air are now possible!
Google Plus PAGE and YouTube Channel Connection!

If you have a Brand Page on Google Plus, you have been waiting for this day to arrive! We now see that a Google Plus Page (brand page) can be connected to its own YouTube Channel (branded channel).

This feature is currently 'rolling out' to users... slowly!
Here are some live screen shots I took from someone that kindly shared this breakthrough news with me.

Once you have this choice (check your YouTube Channel's Advanced area: ) will finally have the ability to Run a Hangout on Air from your Google Plus PAGE and have it Stream Live onto your Branded YouTube Channel... no more games are needed. No more hidden profiles are needed. Halleluja!

Of course you will also need to properly set up new ID settings for your +Page so it can properly use things like the Hangout Toolbox and other Hangout Apps... learn how here: &

More details to follow once more of us get this fantastic option! GooTubePlus... Here we go!

This change, IMO, makes Every Business online NEED to use Google Plus and Hangouts on Air... no more excuses! If it gets too crazy for you, visit
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Great news for those that have a Google+ page.
+Craig Long It certainly is... this brings awesome branded communication capabilities to Google Plus Pages using Hangouts on Air (HOA).
Thanks for sharing. Can't wait to get the option to enable this. 
+Craig Long Yes, in fact many small business people have multiple businesses and multiple YouTube channels. One person can have 3 Pages and 4 youtube channels. 1 personal one (connects to the profile) and 3 more business ones (connected to each Page)... etc.
+Frank Schulz yes sir... these are real screen shots of someone that was able to connect their accounts this evening. I don't have that connection, else I would not have blurred out the channel details like I did here. But I do know that it is for real.
+Ronnie Bincer yes, it is true. I'm just testing and there are new functions to connect to YouTube channels... Game Changer;)
+Frank Schulz indeed... we have been waiting for this connection for quite some time! The adjustments to Pages recently (more circling capabilities, etc.), the addition of a Page ID - connection to Hangout Apps, and now this... one can see the progression if one looks carefully (like I do).
+Ronnie Bincer Now the concept of pages makes sense and this will increase the usage of pages and trademark strategies...
I figured something was up...every time I went to one of my brand YouTube page it was insisting that I make my channel my G+ username. I would decline and it would just come back.

Has driven me nuts today.
So we have an interesting quadrifecta.

G+ page, community, youtube channel and dont forget blogger blogs links to a profile page too.

Poor mans website or enriched communication channels?
+Ronnie Bincer this is great news for people who want to connect an established YouTube channel to a Google+ page. 
There seems to still be some hic-ups with pages where there is not an established YT channel though. 

Info on the help page for "usernames and passwords" for pages indicates that YouTube can be added once the "Page account" has been established, but that isn't the case. At least not for the page I am testing with. 

I cannot sign in to YouTube (as the page), so currently would need to set up another (person) account and link the page to that YT channel, which seems a little weird.
+Paul Simbeck-Hampson on the "username & password" help page it indicates you can add YT to the "page account" but that isn't the case. 

I have Gmail and other services added but YT throws an error. 
Will add a screen grab later.
+Robert Wallis I've already prepared all the steps required and am about to see whether it will connect. I'll update this after testing too :)  Appreciate the additional tips.
I can't unlink my google page from Youtube... :(
I didn't move to real name because I prefered my blog name, this will let me hook up without abandoning a name I have some brand equity in.
What about existing channels +Ronnie Bincer, have you seen the ability to connect existing channels that we built prior on existing Google accounts?

I would be way more interested in connecting and old channel with juice that we built previously for brands that starting brand new.
That's not what I see +Robert Wallis, I don't want to link my +Email Delivery Jedi page to my existing YouTube account linked to my personal profile.

I want to take over the Email Delivery Jedi Google account that already exists. Same thing for +Gadget MVP which has a YouTube account from 2010 and a Google Account that is already branded for that startup.

I could be wrong, but I don't see that option here, seems more directed at taking over the personal or a new account for the page, adding YouTube anew.

In the past year and a half, even I have jumped at new G+ features, then seen better roll out later. So I would hate to add a new channel to my page, then find later we can take over existing accounts.
Connecting various channels to various accounts on G+ has been a tricky area... so I'd hate to get too involved with conjecture at the moment... this is still rolling out and I'm sure that the various use cases will surface and the issues will be addressed (we can hope).

As I mentioned in the post above, more details will come out soon I'm sure, just wanted to share the good news and encourage people to start thinking about how to use this... I just wrote up a "Why" post for some to help them understand the implications:
+Ronnie Bincer because nobody from the Google Universum is listen to our help cries you are our only and trustful source of help.
But: on I didn't find any "Connect with a Google+ Page (beta)" link...
Frank Schulz, Germany(the country in the last row if it comes to new functions or updates)
+Frank Schulz it is still rolling out slowly to everyone... I still don't have it for some of my YouTube Channels yet either (here in the US).
So then... Does this mean feature parity for Pages when they host an HOA? Or can we still only do certain things from an HOA hosted by a main profile?
+Brandon Petaccio if you have set up a "username & password" for you page you will be able to use all features that a "person profile" can.
Right, I did set that up... but the video goes to my main profile's YouTube. So I wouldn't quite call that feature parity... but now it looks like we have full parity... a separate YouTube channel being the final piece.
How sad I don't have that option available yet :(
Rookie that I am, I thought you could already do this...where is the remedial class, Mr. Bincer?
Is anyone from Google watching these threads and seeing the confusion? I'm a huge fan of G+, but I have to say, with all this level of UTTER COMPLEXITY, they're not helping their case as the social network of choice for all my friends and peeps I know - it's just too hard. MUCH MUCH TOO HARD to get the average non-tech person to do *ANY* of this. G+ is going to remain the "me too" social network whilst this setup pain the arse is present, I'm afraid. 
Ronnie, I just tested it for myself.
I connected a 2nd YouTube Channel a Page here on Google+ and ran a test hangout on air.

It worked as described.

Connecting the YouTube Channel to the Google+ Page was not as complex of a task as +Nathan Hague is making it out to be.

This should simplify things for those who manage multiple YouTube Accounts.
Glad you got it working +James Worley , it depends if the Ducks are lined up properly in a row then it is easier if not then it can be a bit tricky.

People with their YouTube accounts can get really... really messy, so there are many different situations that can cause this to be more difficult than if you have things properly lined up before you try to connect.
I agree +James Worley I just linked mine which means it's very simple.One issue is that there are two videos showing up that I have not uploaded or put on playlists.
Aaaaa, so I have to make a fake G+ Profile for the brand channel. Wonder what name I should pick? Joe Blow is probably taken already. ;-}

PS. They just told me to break the it must be ok. LOL!
+Sheryl Loch Does the Brand Channel already have a YT Account? If so, can you assign that account login (aka ID/email address) as a Manager of the G+ Page? If so, then perhaps you don't need to make a "Joe Blow" profile (I think) but I could be wrong there as maybe your Branded YT channel needs to be 'upgraded' before you can do this coolness since I'm sensing that it has been around for a while and never started playing the G+ game... am I right?
All of our Branded YT Channels run on their own Email and not associated with ANY G+ profiles.
I run the Branded G+ Pages from my profile, but my profile really has nothing to do with the Brand other than I followed the rules & didn't make fake accounts. LOL!

All of the Branded YT Channels have been around longer than G+.

I log into each YT account separately and do not want any of them connected. So, it looks like each one will now need a fake G+ account.
+Ronnie Bincer I have done 2 additional channels and it works like a CHARM.

Also when I am logged into my Google+ account and pull up YouTube a pop up appears asking me to select what of the connected YouTube Channels I want to log into!

I LOVE that!!

+Sheryl Loch , read this because it will DEFINITELY make administering multiple YouTube Channels MUCH easier!
+James Worley, I must be missing something. I am still not seeing how YouTube Channel Brand XYZ can get their videos on a G+ page when their email has no association with G+.

And the only way that email can be a Page Manager is to make a fake G+ Profile.
+Ronnie Bincer , How long do you think it will be before you have a video produced to make it easier for those such as +Sheryl Loch to learn how to do it.
It was pretty self explanatory for me, but I am more experienced than the average user I guess.
Managed to link mine just now! Thought I didn't have the option at first, but turns out you have to de-link your personal G+ profile first, then click advanced options, then it gives you a blue button to link a page.

Hope that helps anyone who's linked a personal profile and can't find the option to link a page! :)
+James Worley I'm not planning on making a training video on this until it is better understood. Too many options to deal with and I've heard about folks unlinking having difficulty linking again, so I'm not ready to risk mine or my clients accounts.
+Ronnie Bincer I fully understand. That is why I have not done ours yet. It isn't working the way some of my people want, so I would rather wait than screw things up and have double the work (and PO'd people). LOL
Does it work like that: when you upload a video to your yt channel it appears immediately as post on your +page as well?
+Marek Domański when you use HOA (via the Page/YouTube connection) it will show up in your +Page Stream and on your YouTube channel. Uploading video to YouTube is no different (be it a 'profile-connected' or 'page-connected' YT account)... it stays in YT until you choose to share it elsewhere.
Thank you +Mark Traphagen for answering. I have noticed that people that bave their yt channels connected with their g+ private profiles have their videos automaticaly posted to their g+ stream (with the "via youtube" annotation or something like that).
It wojld be nice if it worked like that with the connected +pages. I usually post tyem on g+ anyway.
Robert, any joy on your situation mate? My account here in UK is ask same as how you described in your screencap - but that's ok, as James says it's really simple and this complexity doesn't exist. Clearly.
I'm using google business apps when i click advanced I don't see any link to 'connect with a google+ page'  Not really sure how I can transfer ownership of the youtube videos without downloading and reuploading all the videos. I have setup a google plus page already associated with my google + business account.  

Edited for clarification. 
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