Branded YouTube - Meet Branded Google Plus Page.
Let the Awesomeness begin for Business on Google Plus!
Totally Branded Hangouts on Air are now possible!
Google Plus PAGE and YouTube Channel Connection!

If you have a Brand Page on Google Plus, you have been waiting for this day to arrive! We now see that a Google Plus Page (brand page) can be connected to its own YouTube Channel (branded channel).

This feature is currently 'rolling out' to users... slowly!
Here are some live screen shots I took from someone that kindly shared this breakthrough news with me.

Once you have this choice (check your YouTube Channel's Advanced area: ) will finally have the ability to Run a Hangout on Air from your Google Plus PAGE and have it Stream Live onto your Branded YouTube Channel... no more games are needed. No more hidden profiles are needed. Halleluja!

Of course you will also need to properly set up new ID settings for your +Page so it can properly use things like the Hangout Toolbox and other Hangout Apps... learn how here: &

More details to follow once more of us get this fantastic option! GooTubePlus... Here we go!

This change, IMO, makes Every Business online NEED to use Google Plus and Hangouts on Air... no more excuses! If it gets too crazy for you, visit
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