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Google+ SEO Tip: How to get extra SEO Value from within Google+

One can only guess at this time But Me Thinks this is a Valuable Google+ SEO Tip to get the most SEO value from a Google+ post:
Post from within a Keyword Loaded Stream / Search Result.

My goal here is to get as much traction in the area of this keyword Phrase: Google+ SEO

1) Start with a Google Plus Search
So I start out doing a Google Plus Search for the target Keyword Phrase (KWP), i.e. I search within G+ for Google+ SEO, as shown in the screen shot below.

2) Continue by Posting from within the 'Discussion'
Next you compose your Post using the KWP in your post... SEO logic suggests that you would Bold it at times and have it be part of the Title of the Post, Hashtags, etc.

3) You get 'Extra Juice' with the Google+ appended text
Look at the bottom of this post... Do you see the text that reads: Shared from the Google+ Google+ SEO stream? Do you see how the KWP is Blue Text ? That means it is a Link and me thinks that matters! How about you?

[Update] I just published an update to this technique... it guides you step by step through the process. Find it here:

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I think this is genius how you uncovered this.
I just modified the Title to follow my own Advice!!!
Sometimes I think to much, sometimes I Don't think enough!
But at lease G+ let's me EDIT... Yea!
My brain works better in the morning but I will definitely have a look at it tomorrow and will come back at you, +Ronnie Bincer.
Great find my friend.
+John Daddow I think it might IF I had posted this as +Video Leads Online But since I posted it as +Ronnie Bincer I think the juice comes to me. I don't post things as often as the G+ Page as those posts do not get as much traction... But at times I do post 1st as the Page and then 'Share' my Page's post as the 'person'.

I dislike needing to do that, but I see no other way to get the Page any action!
I changed it now to your modified version
+John Daddow Thanks for the plug... my 'man' has some good thoughts at times, but he is not a Video SEO Hound like me, he is only the 'guy behind the scenes' - I'm the pretty face that everyone likes! ;-)
+Ronnie Bincer, I understand about the Google+ SEO juice going to you, it's just that I thought it was such a great tip in general, and in particular about Google+ SEO, that I was trying to pass some to +Video Leads Online as well.

Probably +Ronnie Bincer, I should have said, that is great stuff, here's some Google+ SEO juice for +Video Leads Online as well. :-)
I tried this out, let's see what happens.
This is nice and I've tried it a few times. With me the problem is, I have to create many of the keywords in Finnish first... :-) I've done this with my Pages.
+Jaana Nyström I would think a good tactic is to save the searches for your primary KWP in the various languages you care about, then 'do the KWP loaded search' before you start writing up your posts.

Does that make sense? I'm still formulating the ideas as we speak! Pretty exciting to an SEO and Video SEO nerd like myself!
+Johan Horak & +Shira Gal are you watching this? I think You'll like it. I mainly mention you guys 'cause it is morning time in your world right now (I think) - and I know you care about Google Plus SEO!
+Ronnie Bincer oh yes, but sometimes it's embarrassing to post from an otherwise 'empty stream', I mean there are only web results to be seen in the search. I have many searches saved and I'm contributing by using certain hashtags of the keywords in Finnish, to 'fill it up' so to say.
+Ronnie Bincer Excellent idea. I would not underestimate Google's interest in this. Why would they invite you to join the discussion if there's no benefit to them and to you. I will use it. Thanks.
+Johan Horak I just finished writing up a step-by-step blog post about how to do this... going to publish it soon. I seem to be on your time schedule instead of mine... by the time I get this stuff done!

I might try publishing via the Do Share tool, but I'm a bit scared as the last time I did that it did not work out too well for me.
+Ronnie Bincer try doshare. I had problems with it due to my out of dat Chrome but +Tzafrir Rehan is doing great work and supports you all the way.

Looking forward. Ping me.
+Johan Horak & +Jaana Nyström If I publish my Blog post about this technique now, will you guys help promote it within the next few hours or should I just wait about 4 or 5 hours and publish it when more of the USA is 'awake'?
Use doshare. If not publish it later as the USA is huge.
+Jaana Nyström I see them... I'm not so sure I'd do this technique via a hashtag KWP unless that word (without spaces) also matched well with the common search... I'd likely use it with KWP that include spaces and let the hashtag without spaces 'try to figure it out' since I don't know how many people on Google+ know how to do a hashtag search yet. Does that make sense?
For example I might use "Sometime 2012" as the KWP instead of "Sometime2012" - if that was a valuable KWP to get search results for. My efforts here and now will be aimed at "Google Plus SEO Tips". A valuable KWP (though full of competition!)
+Ronnie Bincer we have the same hashtag also in Twitter, that's why I use it. Besides, it seems to work both ways: Sometime 2012 finds those posts too, and also the Page.
+Rahul Roy I see you've joined in my friend! If I publish the follow up article in the next 15 min or so will you also help out and share it to your stream... if so then I've got 3 power house folks ( +Johan Horak, +Jaana Nyström & yourself ) ready to help it move along now, and I can go to bed knowing that the tip/technique will be in good hands... let me know. Thanks
Here is the proper posting of my step by step guide to this technique (where I actually follow my own advice and Search Before I Write):
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