Google+ SEO Tip: How to get extra SEO Value from within Google+

One can only guess at this time But Me Thinks this is a Valuable Google+ SEO Tip to get the most SEO value from a Google+ post:
Post from within a Keyword Loaded Stream / Search Result.

My goal here is to get as much traction in the area of this keyword Phrase: Google+ SEO

1) Start with a Google Plus Search
So I start out doing a Google Plus Search for the target Keyword Phrase (KWP), i.e. I search within G+ for Google+ SEO, as shown in the screen shot below.

2) Continue by Posting from within the 'Discussion'
Next you compose your Post using the KWP in your post... SEO logic suggests that you would Bold it at times and have it be part of the Title of the Post, Hashtags, etc.

3) You get 'Extra Juice' with the Google+ appended text
Look at the bottom of this post... Do you see the text that reads: Shared from the Google+ Google+ SEO stream? Do you see how the KWP is Blue Text ? That means it is a Link and me thinks that matters! How about you?

[Update] I just published an update to this technique... it guides you step by step through the process. Find it here:

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