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Google Plus Events - Making a Hangout Invitation

The Event Tool we now have inside Google Plus does so much more than simply make invitations, but it does a great job doing just that. Learn the steps needed to use this new tool to help you in getting your G+ Hangouts to be all they can be.

In the past, being sure that people knew where to be and when to be there in order to participate in your hangout out was quite the chore. Now it is very simple once you learn how to use Events. Watch the video here, then read the website post for more details. You will get more people participating and watching your Hangouts when you use Events to get them there!
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Great video +Ronnie Bincer and after watching it, I can now easily use it to invite people to my HOA shows. Thanks again.
Scheduling seems just half the battle - I can't figure out how to actually start an event I've scheduled.  Anyone has video or tips for that?
+Maria Dykstra I am on mobile right now so I cannot give you all the links you need but if you click this hashtag here #eventstips you should see plenty of tips including video that show you how to Start an event. Let me know if you still have questions and I will try to respond when I get back to my desktop machine!
+Ronnie Bincer - Thank you for your quick response!  I found a recommendation to start a hangout and then post a link to it on my scheduled event.   This is a bit clunky, but will work for me for tomorrow.   Do you have any recommendations on a more elegant way to do it?  Thank you again - Appreciate your advice!
+Maria Dykstra  what ever you do don't start an event clicking on the hangout button......   Just create the Event saying your going to have an hangout on air if that is what your doing.     and those that are really interested will let you know and you can then put them in an invite circle :)   and when your event is over you can delete the circle :)
+Sheila B. DuBois - Thanks!  My issue is that I cannot figure out how to start an event that I've already scheduled (it is all set for hangout and I have folks from my circles invited, but the only way I was able to start a hangout is through the hangout button)... Not sure what I am missing
+Maria Dykstra  did you create the event using the hangout feature?      I tried that once... and People would be joining that hangout when I am in an another one      
What you can do is  copy the hangout URL  that you have going and paste the link into your event  so they can tune in to watch it.
+Maria Dykstra  That's what you do............. now  go to EVENTS on the  left hand side and you will see your event......   and You can even see it in your Calendar :)
And on the day of the event it will show up in your White space in the middle with the events that are happening that you said your attending.
+Maria Dykstra If you like we can chat (or Hangout) about what you have setup and what you want/wanted... let me know.
What is the max number of people you can invite at one time....I have 500 + people in a circle and when I go to invite that circle it says that is too many to invite. Any way around this? 
+Dean R Black My experience shows be that I can Invite up to 100 people at a time inside the Event tool, using the Invite Option.
Thanks Ronnie, So how can I invite 100 people at a time from that circle? 
+Ronnie Bincer quick question: when I invited people to an event, one of the contacts complained that it showed up on her Google Calendar, even though she didn't intend to attend. Is there a setting for this? So it doesn't automatically add an event to everyone's calendar?
Tell people to search in Google plus for "event spam" and find my post on how to change your calendar settings to stop getting event alerts you don't want... if you can't find it and still need that info, ping me again and I'll get you the link.
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